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  1. And to play devils advocate, as the cache owner I would be able to remove items I do not want in my cache. I completely 100% agree.
  2. Good gosh! Golly gee! I love each of these ideas, and, hey, while we're at it, why not also create a public service prescription drug trade cache. It would work as follows: People could leave bottles of their unused or expired prescription drugs, and they could then pick and chose from among the prescription drug swag items left by other cachers to get prescription drugs that they cannot afford or that they just wish to try out for a while. Of course, to keep it all fully legal, all the prescription drug bottles would need to bear their original prescription labels and only legal prescription drugs could be left in the cache. Such a cache would be a real public service and would help out many people. And, hey, if you are also into illegal entertainment drugs or street drugs, such as the anabolic steroids which have recently been in the news headlines, well you could also create a separate cache dedicated tor trading street drugs, but just make sure that it is at least 528 feet from the prescription drug cache to keep it all legal with respect to Groundspeak! You may also wish to check out my recent thread about the soul ALR cache, where in order to log a find, a finder must leave their soul -- the general Groundspeak membership on the forums loved the idea, but some silly stick-in-the-mud reviewers nixed the cache listing repeatedly, and it is still not published. You may, however, have better luck in your region, since you have a different reviewer. Wow! Caching is sure fun! Your sarcastically mean
  3. HAHAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH lmao x10!!!!!rofl!!!!
  4. The> ho! part cracks me up,what does that mean anyways is it short for hello?
  5. Hahaha your right though-we need a cache code! Like when we see somebody that could possibly be a cacher we say do you know where the nearest atm is? if your in a shopping center,parking lot,not in the middle of a forest or park. like cash but cache,do you get what i'm saying?If they say yeah did you find it yet or yeah its in that bush over there, there you go! Or if your in a woodsy are say you dropped 10 bucks have you seen it? then they say no or yeah it's over in that bush. Does that make sense?
  6. Say your loooking for your cat,or your pet snake
  7. Say your loooking for your cat,or your pet snake
  8. I have a couple of ideas but im not sure if they're that GREAT. !. Put a heart container on the back of a stop sign and name it "stop in the name of love" 2.Put a container on my trashcan lid-tell people to only come on trashday,or is that to informing of where i live?-of course i would put the trash day 3.Put one behind a bush in a hole>leave a shovel 4.Make a cache with dog treats in it and have people bring their dogs to find it,or could that get a bit pricey? 5.A time capsule,ask people to bring something,put it in the large cache,about a month later or a lot of people have found it bury it and call it the geocachers timecapsule. 6.What about putting one in walmart or something-like on a tredmil and call it a quick run to walmart,with their permission of course. 7.Buy a duck decoy put n a log book,tie a string onto it and put the string on the outskirts of a pond. Thanks
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