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  1. As a wood craftsmen in my spare time (where exact doesn't exist compared to a machinist's version of exact), and as someone who enjoys making up plans before a project, I am really impressed by your creativity and dedication to detail in your plans as well as your build. I think I will recognize my own limitations here and wait for the kit you mentioned to come out! Great job, and thanks for sharing.
  2. Well, I could fit all that on one of my t-shirts but you smaller guys and gals might have a bit of a problem!
  3. The only disadvantage, I would guess, is that the non-premium cacher wouldn't be able to log member only caches, correct?
  4. According to Virginia's Recreational Use statute, the bolded bit is exactly wrong. If you were referring to subsection C: which states C. Any landowner who gives permission, express or implied, to another person to hunt, fish, launch and retrieve boats, swim, ride, foxhunt, trap, camp, hike, rock climb, hang glide, skydive, sightsee, engage in races, to collect, gather, cut or remove forest products upon land or premises for the personal use of such person, or for the use of an easement as set forth in subsection B does not thereby: 1. Impliedly or expressly represent that the premises are safe for such purposes; or 2. Constitute the person to whom such permission has been granted an invitee to whom a duty of care is owed; or 3. Assume responsibility for or incur liability for any intentional or negligent acts of such person or any other person, except as provided in subsection D. I don't see anything there that specifies Geocaching which is likely what the attorney for the injured partyy would argue. I also don't care what the law states when compared to what a jury awards. I have seen more than one jury who awards civil money and reimbursement even when no criminal negligence has been present. Being on the right side of the law doesn't mean you can't lose your house in a civil case. I don't care what state you live in, sometimes the court costs to defend yourself, not to mention the headaches and the time, just aren't worth it. EDITED TO FIX SPELLING + add a thought
  5. I would think that by placing a cache on your own property, that would be considered "inviting" guests onto your property for purposes of the geocache activity. In terms of liability, if someone were to be injured and chose to litigate, I would think that you would likely be held responsible, since they were an "invited" guest, as opposed to a criminal trying to break into your house or poach on your land without permission. I don't know that it would stop me from doing so if I have a plot of land, but it is something to consider.
  6. I carry new waterproof baggies for logs, and some various tapes and things that can sometimes do the trick. I realize that not everyone who participates in this activity can get to their cache right away, and I would rather think that if everyone helps a bit, everyones' jobs will be easier, and more caches will be around for me to hunt.
  7. I like it - of course I am fresh off of spending some time with the New Super Mario game for Wii.... I like themes - make it a little more fun. You could even try to design your cache containers around objects from the game if you chose... like an ammo can painted like a mushroom head, or golden question mark box.... etc....
  8. Sorry Keystone, for the wrong placement. Thanks for the correction.
  9. Background: Used GSAK with a palm Mseries for paperless caching, and a VistaHCX for GPS. Currently: Replaced old Palm with iPod Touch (Whooopie!) and no longer need GSAK to load the zipped PQs into the itouch for the paperless part. Still using the Vista for GPS. Question: Is there a direct way to load the PQs into the VistaHCX without using Gsak, or is that the only way. I don't mind using Gsak and I have already paid for it, but i was just curious if I could eliminate a step. Thanks. EDITED TO ADD: Happy New Year!!
  10. I drove three miles over the speed limit on the way into work today. It won't be long before I'm robbing banks to pay for my heroin addiction, right? I'll pray for your soul - It's never too late to get yourself on the right track!
  11. Simple answer: No it isn't okay. Long Answer: Some, who are selfish, break rules or cheat for their own advantage and to our own disadvantage in life (taxes, welfare, unemployment, etc.). Some choose to follow rules to the best of their ability, but lose when someone who cheats enters the game, due to the un-level playing field. It is all about the standards you choose to hold yourself to, and there is nothing that the rule followers can say to change the mind of the cheaters of the world. To me breaking small rules is the "gateway drug" to breaking bigger rules. Yes, I sometimes do it, but I really try not to, and regret when I do.
  12. I don't know if others do this or not - but My uncle started a tradition in our family of hiding money on the tree (not a geocache I know, more of a geo cash). He is artful about folding up dollar bills and hiding them in and around ornaments, pinecones, etc. It drives the kids crazy looking for them... i know, I used to be one. He usually hides at least one 10 or 20 to make it interesting. It really is great fun...
  13. I don't know about NY, but around here you can find more hiking poles than you can shake a stick at (sorry for the pun) at local apple festivals in the Fall, and heritage day festivals year around. Many of the people who travel around the country to different maple syrup/apple butter/Fall festival type things have all kinds of hiking poles carved for sale.
  14. For me, it is about the "Indiana Jones" of it all. I love the idea that somewhere out there is the headpiece to the staff of Ra, and all I have to do is be smart enough to go find it. Even if the real treasure is just a logbook to sign! PLUS, I am a gadget freak, so anything that requires me (or allows me) to spend a bunch of my hard-earned dollars on a small electronic device is great. PLUS, being outside is something I have always enjoyed more than being inside, so after teaching for 40 hours a week in a classroom with NO WINDOWS, any time in the full view of the sky is good time. BTW, my father, when asked will say, "No I don't have any interest in doing that". But then when we drove to see his brother for a weekend, and i took them on just one or two in the area, they started asking.... "Well, where is the next one?" And they are in their 60's too! I think my Dad just doesn't want to admit how cool he thinks it is...
  15. One in my area is a 35mm film canister under a lamp post skirting... very clever! Just kidding - seriously, it is a 35mm film canister, but it is wedged in the bottom of a plastic bird feeder.... maybe not original, but hanging up, it certainly didnt look obvious, until I realized on my 3rd visit that the feeder never seemed to have food in it. The only thing visible was the lid (barely) underneath.
  16. Turn the gun around. Thanks, that post made my day! Yeah, for all the dumb jokes I made yesterday, that was the one for which I was most proud. Luckily I am a better shot with bullets than jokes... On Topic: Never do I carry open, though it is legal in West Virginia. It invites too many people to react. Concealed is different as no one sees it or knows who is or isn't carrying.
  17. Not that I know of. If it is listed as one cache with multiple steps, it still only counts as one cache when logging, no matter how many multi-steps there may be. Theoretically there should be only one place to sign a log in a multi, therefore only one smiley.
  18. I kinda like the rain too - it makes everything smell clean, and there are less muggles. It is a bit more challenging to keep everything dry, but with a rain jacket, all is well. I just decide that I am going to go get wet and have fun with it!
  19. I would have a lot of fun with caches that have puzzles at the location of the cache.. I am thinking along the lines of Resident Evil Video game type puzzles, where you have to manipulate sliding puzzle pieces in order to receive your next clue... .... or move objects so that you trip pressure plates to reveal the cache..... ...or turn on a mounted laser pointer and align mirrors in such a way as to bounce the beam to a specific spot to know where to look... ..or a la John McClaine Die Hard III where you have a scale and some water bottles and you have to get just the right amount of water to weigh the correct amount so that the scale would spit out the next step... I think those kind of puzzles would be a lot more fun for me than the crypto code type pencil and paper puzzles....
  20. Invite him to go hunting with you... and I DON'T mean geocaching....
  21. Couldn't help picturing Cuba Gooding JR., and Deniro in "Men Of Honor" when I read that! Don't know how realistic it was, but I love that movie. Thank you, again for your and your wife's service.
  22. So far, I think I have only had to return to the scene of the crime about 3 times before I was able to locate... although the distance between trip 2 and 3 was almost a year. I was actually waiting for more logs so that I might gain some clues to what was stumping me so badly!
  23. Hmmmm, My daughter is now in her early thirties, I give her no more grief because she is now an attorney and might sue me for being a lousy father. LOL Well, she can probably find caches without a GPS... I mean all she has to do is file a motion for discovery!
  24. I think the seond person is only needed becasue that is the point of his twist to the game - to have to communicate with someone far away in order to find it.
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