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  1. I am logged in. The link I got because of your reply to this forum did work. The difference is the link about the release notes is a "New topic notification" and the link to your reply is a "Reply notification"
  2. I recieved the following mail yesterday, alerting me of the new release notes that were published But when i click the link after "The topic can be found here" I get the following error
  3. Small glitch noticed in Ver 7.6.2 When you cancel the menu shown after generating the GPX files ("Process another db / Run POI Loader") the current macro filter showing only multievents, is still active. It would be nice to have the macro restore the filter and current waypoint position after completion / cancellation.
  4. Why is the macro extracting the zip files every time i start it?
  5. To use custom symbols select Alert Type? = Custom, then goto Advanced Options and click the "Set Custom Alerts" button. Use the custom screens to define the file locations. Filenames do not have to match the built-in files. Use the refresh button when making a change to the file to see the result. I really did miss out on some modification :-) Thanks for the info. As a side note ... it did strike me as a bit odd to have the icon settings in the alert section, but as long as it works, i'm happy
  6. Using 7.1.4 it seems that it unzipps the icon files every time i start the maco. I can't seem to find the setting which let me use my own icons too anymore. Have i missed out on some modification?
  7. Are you using one of the Nüvi macros to load it with cache descriptions?Yes, jjreds macro (http://jjreds01.googlepages.com/download) works perfectly with the zumo Sorry for being a bit offtopic here but does the Zumo use the same vehicle format as the Nüvi? Caching with the Nüvi using the map screen can be a bit frustrating as all the vehicles covers to much (in my opinion) of the map and none of them have clear centerpoint. I've solved this by making my own custom vehicle which can be found here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=213782 If the Zumo suffers from the same lack of geocachingfriendly vehicles then you may want to give it a try. Asfaik no one has tried it on a Zumo yet but it has been succesfully used on several Nüvi models. The zumo has the possibility (like the nuvi i expect) to change the vehicle symbol. There are lots of them available on the net. I'm using a small blue circle with a triangle inside. But even when i used the default big blue triangle i still could find the caches, because the accuracy of the gps-fix (typically 3-6meters off) can never pinpoint you exactly to the intended position. There will always be some human-effort involved in finding a cache :-) Look at http://garminzumo.wikispaces.com for more info
  8. Are you using one of the Nüvi macros to load it with cache descriptions? Yes, jjreds macro (http://jjreds01.googlepages.com/download) works perfectly with the zumo
  9. I'v had the honour of getting three FTFs in my short caching career (<100 at the moment). These were only possible because i was in the neighbourhood when i received the notification. It did get my adrenaline going when i jumped into my car to (legally) race to the waypoint a few kilometers from my home and find a virgin log. I find it an ommision of the geocaching.com site that there are no possibilities for the cache-owner to officially record the FTF, STF and TTF. People who do find it nice to go for the prices would get some more recognition for their efforts. I know the dutch spin-off version of geocaching (geocaching,nl) tries to maintain an oficial list of price winners, but it depends largely on who logged the cache first on geocaching.com; everybody knows thats not the full proof way to do this ...
  10. I started geocaching with a simple Etrex Vista. When i read about paperless caching i first tried using my HP PDA with cachemate in combinaton wiht GSAK. Then i bought a Garmin ZUmo to be used on my bike and in my car. Only to discover you can cache excellently with the zumo when its populated with thousands of caches, including all descriptions and hints. Of course the ZUmo won't hold it for 8 hours, but i usually dont do those long tracks (in the netherlands here) but when i set the contrast way low it sure will be my best mate for more than 4 hours! I always take the eTrex with me to as a backup and to be able to do in the field waypoint pojections. And the added bonus: route-navigation to the start point
  11. Since the last version i noticed that the first page of POI details on my Zumo displays info on alerts (distance, speed etc) in stead of the very helpfull short description. I think this is caused by line nr 1054 in your macro which creates a <proximity> tag with value 0. I havent been able to test it (because my zumo is very busy updating at the moment :-)) but i think this problem is solved if you change line 1054 into [Edit] Tested it by modifying the .GPX file manually and removing the line with the <proximity> tag and reloading with POI-Loader ... the alert info has disappeared from the POI-details page! So this works [/Edit]
  12. Jjred, I was pleasantly surprised when i read this morning you implemented the user-configurable output path in version 5.7. But looking at the code i noticed that you still prepend the $_Install directory to the set $GPX_Output_folder. This way I can not set the output folder to a different path where i keep all my downloaded .gpx files :-( As a developer myself i don't like storing data and programcode in the same directory, that's just one of my things ;-) To aid in the tedious task of changing code for this .. i did some work for you, If you send me your email address i'll send it to you
  13. Thanks for the update and implementing some of my suggestions! Maybe you could implement the way the macro handles corrected coordinates with a new advanced setting, letting the user choose between a separate category for corrected waypoints or not.
  14. Another few feature requests i'd like to see realized: No child waypoints for found caches (I'm never gonna go there again anyway Don't create a new category for waypoints with corrected coordinates, but use corrected coordinates in stead of the original ones. Leave the waypoint-type the same, and add a "Corrected" text the name and/or description
  15. I'm sure i saw a posting somewhere explaining how to fill a GSAK database from a CSV file, but i can't seem to find it anymore :-( does anybody can point me in the right direction here?
  16. Why not load all of your custom POI's into GSAK? I've been resisting this but since it is the "advanced" macro why not..... Because some of my POIs come as readymade .gpx files including bmp. So i see no use in importing those in a separate database, to export them into the same gpx i had downloaded earlier Besides that, i dont want all POI in one .GPI file, so i can choose to not update only the things that actually have changed. So i've organized my different POI file in different subfolders beneath the POI folder on my Garmin. That way i can also choose to delete a POI i'm i.e. only interested in during a holiday
  17. Thanks pilotsnipes for the info!
  18. After being redirected here by Pilotsnipes ... i'm amazed at this macro!! A true work of art! I'm a professional software developer myself, so i recognize the amount of work that has gone into this "little" gem. I have one or two questions, and one or two request though What nuvi type should i select to suite my Zumo best? It would be very nice (for me) to have the base-export directory as a parameter. I use Poi_Loader to load other POIs to my garmin to, always usng the Custom directory option. So silent mode is no option for me (why can't the #@%$#@$ Garmin-program can't use command line parameters?????). I've altered the macro myself, adding a $Gpx_Homedir variable I find the settings "POI Icon" / "Disable built-in icons" / "Use treasure chest Icons" very confusing. They seem to overlap or contradict each other, and its not quite clear to me what they all do. Could someone clarify this? Why do you always unzip the included zipfile when starting the macro? In a stable user environment the icon files will not have changed since the last tiume the macro was started. (very minor esthetically observation) the captions of the checkboxes in advanced options are not aligned properly I'm still to find out what the Options "Large text" and "SLice and dice" mean, and how the spoilerpics work, but i'll do some searching for this before bothering you all with beginners-questions :-) But already a big THANKS!
  19. GSAK has released a new beta release of GSAK 7.5 See GSAK 7.5 beta Numerous advantages, and using a new database SQLLite One of the drawbacks of SQLLite it that you should use transactions to keep the speed. But PilotSNipers macro does work with this version
  20. read the posts in this thread, and you'll find the answers to all your questions and observations here
  21. just replying to get my User id to show :-)
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