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  1. I served in the U.S Army initially with the 4/22 infantry, Schofield Bks Hawaii. Three years in the infantry taught me some great land navigation skills. Little did I know it, but in the year 2003 it would turn into such a fun hobby.


    After being in the infantry for three years I re-enlisted and for a different job (or MOS) i was now a Bomb Squad Technician (EOD Exlposive Ordnance Disposal) and again land navigation skills were of the utmost importance. I was assigned to the 74th EOD unit in Fort Riley Kansas/ Rhiad Saudi Arabia


    During the first Gulf War my unit was dispatched to various area througout Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to disarm bombs and clear minefields. With the land being so much desert its very difficult to navigate but maps alone.


    During that time we used a lorance system, we called it a slugger (i don't know why) A future geocacher was born.


    Tony Romero

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