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  1. GC maps show no red check marks for caches I have found since January 21st... How frequently are these supposed to be updated nowadays?
  2. Perhaps the cache page language(s) should be included as an attribute? it would allow cachers to filter out cache pages in languages they do not understand.
  3. shunra

    Wps In Pqs

    I suddenly noticed that my 500 cache PQs return more WPs than 500. Their numbers don't start with GC, and they have names such as "parking", etc.. What are they, and what are they for? Could I exclude them from PQs? If they are part of caches, I have a feature requet. I would like to be able to fix the total number of WPs I'm downloading in a PQ, rather than the number of caches. Thanks!
  4. Same thought here. Cache owner's name is useful, whereas the reviewer's name (1) is usually the same in an area, and (2) is not.
  5. shunra

    Fake Coordinates

    *shrug* Darwinism at work. Nah, intelligent design.
  6. If anyone runs into this kind of problem in the future, they could just "drop" the bug into one of their own caches, and then, as cache owners, they could declare it as missing.
  7. That is so simple I didn't even think of it. Thanks It's computer-specific, as opposed to account-specific. You could, f course, have different default shortcuts on different computers, which are stationary at various locations. But the best would be to get a premium membership. No need for workarounds, and many other benefits.
  8. shunra

    Leap Second !

    Dear Abby, I think I was born at 10 AM in the CET timezone, I believe they had daylight saving time there, then. When should I celebrate my birthday in the PNW? Confused, Shunra
  9. On cache pages GCRAM1 and GCRAM6 there are no longer links to caches nearby, maps, etc. Is that because they are puzzle caches? FWIW, I regret the change, and hope it's just a very temporary bug.
  10. Actually, the problem of new finds not having a red checkmark is an old and recurring one, and it usually settles within a week. However, now we have a situation where no checkmarks are shown at all, not even for caches found many years ago, which used to have their red check marks in the past. Atleast, that's what is happening for me, on several different computers.
  11. "Mass" "converstions" you guys crack me up. Nothing like some gravitas on St. Nicholas Eve
  12. I think that rating systems are entirely useless if one wants to use them in order to decide whether one wants to go out and hunt it, because everybody has entirely different standards for rating. In that respect, the cache description and the logs provide much more useful information. The fact that logs are not anonymous also helps: There are some people of whom I know that when they speak highly of a cache, I'll probably like it too. Therefore, I think that a rating system would serve no purpose whatsoever on this site. However, since TC's rating system has been mentioned: that rating system serves an entirely different purpose. Over on TC, quality criteria are not enforced by approvers, but by the caching community, and caches which get mostly thumb-down signals are likely to get system-archived, eventually. There too, I would not recommend taking the rating as a guideline for "cache eminenence", as they call it, but after having undergone a few tweaks, the system appears to be working very well now. The bottom line is: I disagree with Saxman's statement that the rating system does not work on TC - it works very well and serves the purpose it was designed for - but agree with him and all the others who say that such a system would be of no added value here on GC.
  13. You're kidding me! Had any mass conversions recently? :-)
  14. Ooo... that looks like fun. Peace, Nolenator Yeah, it's Mt. Ellinor Season again... Clearly Calf Moose is a connoisseur!
  15. Same thoughts here! Shunra (BTW, those mountains in the background, they are not in Kitsap, but over here, on our side, in Jefferson County ) Didn't say they were. But you can see them from Kitsap. Yeah. Actually, the best view of those mountains, other than views from the peaks themselves, is from the Seabeck area in Kitsap, across Hood Canal.
  16. Same thoughts here! Shunra (BTW, those mountains in the background, they are not in Kitsap, but over here, on our side, in Jefferson County )
  17. I am glad you pointed out that your intent is "local" and "secular", because your term "tzedakah" certainly suggests otherwise to those of us who understand it, and the translation of it as "charity" is a bit tendentious. Indeed, if the terms were equivalent, you wouldn't have needed to insert that other term. Anyway, I think you'd have to specify very clearly what it is for, and make sure it is not for a political goal, or otherwise in violation of the GC guidelines for neutrality. I also agree with RK, of course. The money might be removed, and for that reason I, for one, would not contribute, even if it were a charity I fully endorse. I'd rather make a tax-deductible contribution via normal channels and be sure that it arrives. שונרא
  18. I believe the nature of antignostic fonts is such that one cannot be aware of them.
  19. I think this calls for a Nude Cachers Liberation Event
  20. Thanks. But that's just the pending ones. Where do I dind the ones that have been rejected? As I said: I used to be able to see them under the "view archived" link in the right margin, under the pending caches.
  21. The new layout is mostly an improvement. I'd have been happy if the pocket queries were positioned more prominently in the tab bar at the top, but at least I can find them. However, Having no caches in the approval queue, I don't know where I would find them now. They used to be listed in the right margin of the My Account / Quickview page. Moreover, there used to be a "view archived" link, which would show me caches which were rejected, never approved. Where can I find those now? Thanks!
  22. I modified two old queries and checked the box for delivery today. The queries were generated immediately, but not sent. Still the same problem. Yikes, I want to load them before my plane leaves tomorrow!
  23. Why is Spruce Goose off the route? It's a no-impact cache, and it's *on* the route. Not that I mind... The webcam is reported to be down. If you look at it tonight it will probibly still show a day scene. Unless the sun never goes down over there. Ah, I see. Last time it happened, I called them, and they fixed it right away. The phone number is on the page. If someone wants to volunteer, that's great. I'm buried under work - not even sure I'll make it to the pizza tomorrow.
  24. Why is Spruce Goose off the route? It's a no-impact cache, and it's *on* the route. Not that I mind...
  25. I know there are a few divers out there who might be interested in this: Underwater Treasure Hunt
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