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  1. Theoretically, the maps are updated once every 24 hours, but in practice due to server problems, it's once every few weeks, unless you specifically ask fot it. Indeed, my last red check marks are for my finds of April 10th; my finds for April 11th etc. don't show. Jeremy, could you fix it again? Thanks!
  2. Just South of Port Townsend, there is a string of lakes, and many of them have boat-only caches. Tarboo Lake, for instance, or Lake Leland.
  3. This happens frequently. The best way to get a temporary fix is probably e-mail them. (Jeremy might spot this thread and do his temporary fix, but you can't be sure of that.) Someone complains about this at least once a month. And then it is fixed momentarily...and reoccurs. (I've been waiting for finds logged 4/6 to show, but knew someone else would be bound to complain.) You must be thinking about me... Yep - my last red checkmarks are from March 28th... Logs of April 2nd don't show. Time for a manual fix again, Jeremy, or for some lines of code that do it automatically :-) Shunra (who knows nothing about programming)
  4. Yeah... by the time Bull and I reached the summit, the fellow with the wine was already on his way down. We had missed that part of the party. Didn't know about the kite, but it sure was windy enough :-) That reminds me. A person like Shunra is also important to have along. If you try to quit he'll force you to march up to the summit. (It's worth it.) Anyone who wants to carry me up that hill? :-))
  5. When you download a GPX file, it will contain the most recent logs, and in addition, your own logs to that cache. I think you can see what you want in programs such as GSAK. I think that your suggestion would cause additional strain on the server, and is therefore undesirable. I think that in general, stress could be reduced by doing as much as possible off-line. I wished it was possible to write several logs off-line and then to upload to the system in batch...
  6. Yeah... by the time Bull and I reached the summit, the fellow with the wine was already on his way down. We had missed that part of the party. Didn't know about the kite, but it sure was windy enough :-)
  7. Thanks - it works now, that is, whenever the server works :-) Thanks!
  8. Thanks, Jeremy! A Responsive site owner is certainly ONE big advantage that GC has over TC. :-) Keep up the good work. Daniel Having said that... I now don't get any red checkmarks at all!
  9. Thanks, Jeremy! A Responsive site owner is certainly ONE big advantage that GC has over TC. :-) Keep up the good work. Daniel
  10. Update: no red checkmarks have been added since March 19th.
  11. Mention it? Heck. Stay over there if they offer you better features and quit complaining about Waymarking. Obviously it isn't for you. Have you ever tried to take an item and leave an item in a virtual cache? Duuuuh. (edit: bad speling) Hey Jeremy, I like GC a lot, but I don't like Waymarking. I like TC a lot, but I don't like their locationless caches. I do whatever I like, and I don't do what I don't like. I assume that you do the same. No need for anyone to "stay" anywhere. We follow our inner arrow and go where we want. And I like Brussels sprouts too. Is any of these a problem? To anyone? I don't think it should be.
  12. Ah, a little bit of observation and practice greatly improves the score. I have 3 out of 10 surviving since breakfast :-)
  13. I launched 250 satellites yesterday night. Only two of them are still in orbit this morning. I guess it *is* rocket science! Good thing this isn't a 3D model...
  14. Is this a technical climb or a walk up? Mt. Si, or Mt. St. Helens? Mt. St. Helens is definitely to tough for most 9 year olds, I think. it's not technical, but a very tough walk, especially the last bit, where every step through the gravel makes you slide two thirds of a step back down. Mt. Si is just a walkup, except for the last bit, the Haystack, which I believe is technical, and kids should be able to do it, if they're motivated. Otherwise it will be a torture for all. Mt. Si is also "used" as a preparation for Mt. Rainier. They say that when you can do Mt. Si twice in a row on the same day, you're ready for the big one. There's a couple of GC caches there, including two near the summit, as well as a TC cache. If you have more than once car, you could do the traverse to Tenerife. Haven't done that yet, but intend to :-)
  15. Or if you're staying in Forks... I was intending to do that with the kids during Spring Break, but it looks like I'm swamped with work, with a Window of Opportunity for me narrowed down between April 4th and 6th...
  16. Exactly. I was there a few weeks ago, and there were various trails leading up from the Gold Creek Parking lot and TH (an official facility with signs, toilets, etc.) toward Gold Mountain. It doesn't say where the trails go to, but the one I followed connected to a Forest Service Road, which led up to the towers to the cache in question, and to the two Terracaches on that mountain. This road had several branches, and could be accessed from several other directions. I saw no cars, but quite a few motor bikes up there. They certainly were much more of a disturbing factor than me and my two fellow hikers on the narrow trail that connected the parking lot with the forest service road. Anyway, if that trail is closed, there must be numerous other ones, as well as the access points used by the motor bikes and by the people servicing the towers at the summit.
  17. ...it's got a typo on it! Go gettum, Pablo! The question is of course: the violator's whats will they prosecute? Their butts? Doesn't douns right. What's the idiom?
  18. shunra

    Two Requests

    Hmmm... Does the cache owner have a say about that too? Could a cache owner, for instance, object to a reference to bookmark lists such as "Crappy Caches", "Caches that Made Me Yawn", "Geocaching Hall of Shame", or other unflattering references?
  19. I think the broadcast to attendees is a good idea. I *never* watch events because of all the bug/coin drops. Alternatively, the ability to drop bugs and coins into events could be disabled, either entirely, or at least until the event has actually taken place. Thinking of it, logging something into a cache before it is done is logging an intention, not an action. It shouldn't be encouraged (or even made possible) in the first place.
  20. He'd know if it were stat elaw, he's from Washington too :-) We have such a law on city level in Port Townsend. Check out whether Skagit Island has such a law (I somehow doubt it), and whether the incorporated City of Anacortes (which includes most of Fidalgo Island) has one. Anyway, I opposed the law when they passed it in Port Townsend, because it pushes lots of people back into their cars, and biking was a convenient way for boatbuilders to move around the port, and they won'tbe bothered to carryign helmets in addition to their tools, but wearing a helmet for recreational biking is certainly safer. If you're going to be on roads (likely), do it, no matter whether there is a requirement!
  21. 3 days later - red checkmarks are still updated until February 21st only. This is more than 2 weeks now!
  22. Am I the only one who has this problem? The last day I have red checkmarks for is February 21st. Couldn't this be updated daily? Jeremy at some point assured us that it would be...
  23. Not unless you are violating forum guidelines. As you are also free to do here, provided you do so in a constructive, respectful manner. Nobody is banned or censored here unless they violate the terms of use and/or forum guidelines. Are those forum guidelines published anywhere, for reference? I feel about it like Headybrew. It's apples and oranges. Yes indeed, on both sites, it's first and foremost about the fun and the joy of hiding and finding challenging caches, but that's where the similarity ends. It's a totally different game. GC is family-friendly and good for everyone, and indeed, "it's not about the numbers". The smiley count (of those who engage in it) is meaningless. TC, on the other hand, is a competitive games, and since numbers DO have a meaning, it CAN be about the numbers. It doesn't have to, but for me it is. The other differences between the sites are just that, differences, and there is no point in bashing one site or another, and the animosity I see (on both sites!) is outright silly. However, I have the impression that the animosity for GC on TC is a result of frustration with GC, whereas the animosity for TC on GC seems to be a matter of policy, which I don't understand. I don't understand it, especially since several GC approvers are active on GC, some of them ranking high in the leaderboards, and there really is no contradiction. Jeremy himself participated in a hike during which the participants found and hid TC as well as GC caches. Play and Let Play!
  24. Thank you, thank you! Not much new here, I suppose, but just across from us, Whidbey Island is booming!
  25. Thanks! And congrats to you and Prying Pandora too! It turned out to be at Here Be Flying Salmon near Carnation. It was entirely unplanned, because my PQ hadn't loaded properly into my PDA, and all I had WPs in my GPS. As a result, I had DNFs gallore during the weekend, and a very different itinerary than I had intended. I'm glad it turned out to be at a really memorable cache in a great location anyhow!
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