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  1. I suppose that is possible, and shows why I shouldn't do a post like this. Just reminded me of the guy who "stopped off on his way home from work" for a class five hydro cache. I E-mail the guy and ask.


    You mean the guy with zero finds who attempted your 5/5 Ika Island cache and then flamed you aobut how dangerous it was? I remember that one too... :lol:

  2. None of my finds since June 29th have red checkmarks on the GC.com maps.


    Also, caches placed aound that period still have the word 'new' on them, and caches placed later don't show at all...


    It's almost two months... Could the maps be updated more frequently?






    It's fully two months now... Have the red checkmarks been permanently discontinued? :lol:

  3. None of my finds since June 29th have red checkmarks on the GC.com maps.


    Also, caches placed aound that period still have the word 'new' on them, and caches placed later don't show at all...


    It's almost two months... Could the maps be updated more frequently?



  4. shunra


    Just got done scanning through the caches you recommended and they look great. You even took the time to list them in the order they appear as we are taking our trip. Thanks!!.


    You wouldn't by any chance know an good overnight parking places. We will be coming over Wednesday night and plan on spending the night in Port Townsend and then start our caching expedition Thursday morning. So where is a good place to park for that first night?



    Hi BCcruiser,


    Yeah, I figured that was the best way to list them, for you.


    I don't know how you're traveling - with an RV? camping? Looking for indoor accommodation?


    For RVs, Point Hudson is right downtown, just off the ferry, too the right. An alternative is at Ft. Worden SP.

    Camping - also Ft. Worden SP.

    Ft. Worden also has a hostel

    For motels, turn left from the ferry


    Booking ahead might be a good idea. Also, check out www.ptguide.com is you want to make advance arrangements.


    Have fun!

  5. Yikes. I don't like this at all. It happened once before, as a brief interim stage, between descending and ascending chronological order.


    Let's home that this will be brief too, and that we'll soon have the chronological order back... I HATE it when it is like this!

  6. We are definitely not interested in quanitity and are indeed looking for the good ones. As for the hiking, beaches, mountains, ect.. yes please. Although, we would like the hikes to be less than 4 miles round trip. We don't want all day taken up by hiking since we want time to visit the towns along the way. Driving on rough forest service roads is also not a problem. We regularly cache up the Mountain Loop Highway east of Granite Falls and a lot of those caches require a drive on these types of roads.


    Let me know if you have any more questions.



    OK - With a focus on quality, taking into account your constraints, and on the understanding that you'll be driving from Port Townsend towards Aberdeen along the North and the West of the peninsula and want to see the best of what we have to offer, I would make sure not to miss any of the following:


    Romp Remnants II (GCJW54)

    Wilson Admirer (GCD778)

    Another Point of View (GCV65C)

    Wading for Godot (GCH5B3)

    Track the Dragon – Estuary (Chimacum) (GCNMJM)

    Track the Dragon - Sedimentary Rock (GCMY88)

    Walk on a Rocky Beach (GCHWKM)

    Discovery Bay "Rocks" (GCMWCB)

    Roar of the falls by Gold Fever (GCJMPC)

    Port Willy's Mallard Revenge (GCF252)

    Dungeness Poker...(GC90AD)

    A Walk In Webster Woods (GCGWFA)

    Watch For Rocks and Water (GCJ0G3)

    Surfer's Secret (GCP1Z3)

    Hider On Snider (GCPV4C)

    Cowan Stump (GCWZTA)

    MARSHMELLOW CACHE/ Boy Scout Island (GCVCQ9)

    Makah Heritage (GC60B4)

    Roose Homestead (GC16A6)

    Forks Geocache (GC628F)

    Ruby's Rest (GC7077)


    This list does not include anything extreme, but if you can fit in *one* longer walk above the timber line which would not take you too far off from your intended itinerary, I'd also include these two:


    Goats R Us (GCMWT4)

    Tyler Peak (GCMWTT)



  7. I am planning on a 4 day truck camping trip along the Olympic Peninsula (WA) and was hoping that some of you out there have some suggestions on caches that we must do while on the trip. Also if you know of any good places to park for the night please let me know. We don't need a campsite since we will be sleeping in the back of the truck.


    We will be starting our trip in Port Townsend and then plan on traveling West on Hwy 101.


    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.




    BCCruiser, there's a lot of good caches out here. Good for you for taking 4 days for them!


    The ones that have been mentioned are all very easy ones. Of those, I would agree particularly about Surfer's Secret that it's good.


    I'm from Port Townsend, and I have done most caches on the Northern and Western parts of the peninsula. Be a bit more specific, and I'll be able to help you out.


    Are you mostly into quantity, or are you really looking for the good ones? Can your trip include caches the require a hike in the moutains, or on beaches, or even a drive on rough forest service roads?


    I'm all for intelligently designed caches!

    Are members of the Church of the FSM welcome?


    And I thought FSM was an obscure referance when I first heard of it. I do believe but I can still laugh at myself :lol: .


    Oh, Brother Mark, my fellow believer!

    You too have been touched by HIS Noodly Appendage!

    Hasn't HE created a wonderful world for us, to place caches in?



  9. I agree with EraSeek. But the problem is bigger than that.


    While I haven't found many damaged sprinkler heads, I have found a great deal of badly damaged stumps in the forests, ripped appart by people who thought (whether rightly or not) that that is where a cache might be.


    I try not to place caches inside or near places that might be damaged, and if I ever should, I'd place a warning: "it's not in the stump, no need to dismantle it". I've occasionally even found it necessary to include that in logs to other people's caches, when I saw the damage done by previous finders. Fortunately that happens only rarely.


    I don't think damage to man-made features is more of a problem than damage done to natural features. In either case, when we're talking about irrepairable damage, or damage that might be dangerous to other people, we ought to act responsibly.

  10. I have just come across two occasions where a TB or a coin was logged out of a cache with a "discovered it" log.


    On the TB page, this appeared as a smiley, rather than the customary symbol of the bug with the upwards arrow.


    On the cache page, the TB/coin shows as if it is still inside the cache. In one of those cases, the cache was mine, and I marked the coin as missing, so people wouldn't look for it in vain.


    I don't know what the point of those 'discovered it' smileys is (as opposed to the customary 'retrieved it' logs, but they sure mess up the system.

  11. Ah, this is even better than it was before. Thanks for not keeping them alphabetical, Jeremy!


    One tiny change would make it perfect: The number of queries checked for a certain day should now be at the top too, near the queries we use most frequently. We will not need to scroll down anymore, beyond the queries we need only rarely... Is that possible?



  12. Mange Takk, Kiersolvd and AndrewRJ


    We'll probably go for some of these. I also noticed that EraSeek's Flatland cache is in the area. That should be a safe bet in terms of quality as well.


  13. We'll be in Redmond on Sunday, visiting a family with small kids, who would like to be introduced to geocaching.

    I've taken a look and there truly is no shortage of caches in Redmond, but most of them appear to be micros. Can someone give me some good recommendations for three or four caches in Redmond, which would

    * not be multis;

    * not be micros;

    * be enjoyed by kids as well as by grown-ups;

    * preferably be scenic;

    * not be too far from MSmicro (GCF310), which is the cache nearest to their home;

    * be of such quality so as to convey the spirit of the beauty of the game, and encourage them to get involved?



  14. One of the most spectacular falls, and the one I take visiting cachers to see, is Bridal Veil Falls. It's a short hike. I think the cache there is currently down but there are two more nearby.


    I was there last weekend, on my way down from Lake Serene. I didn't even know there was a cache near the falls! I found the other ones, near the lake and the one near the gold mine, though.


    But I agree. Bridal Veil falls is probably the most spectacular fall I have seen so far in WA, especially since the trail brings you to a place where the water gushes right past you. It looks like this:


    (Picture from Geo Ho's log)


    Rocky Brook falls on the Olympic is also very nice. Added value is that almost nobody knows about it, although you can get there within 5 minutes from your car, on an even trail.



    (Picture from Lucy&Rickie's log)

  15. Not only was this a favorite cache for me and others, but it was placed by one of my all time favorite cachers who always placed quality caches! Whidbey Walk, we miss you!

    I don't believe they are active anymore :) but still maintain a few active caches.


    I took my eight year old daughter up there a few months ago, when we were camping in the area. She had a blast. Sorry to see this place off-limits now.

  16. Thanks, Mrs. B. Yes, lot's of fun. The milestone came after a fun weekend with EraSeek on the mudflats on Sunday, and a solo hike up to Lake Serene on Monday. The way back was less solo, with thememorial weekend traffic. Relaxing at a serene EraSeek cache was just what I needed.


    And I'm adding my congrats to L&R and to the Wienerdogs. You're awesome. And awe-inspiring.

  17. No red checkmarks were added for any of my finds since May 10th.


    Now that most Memorial Day Weekend finds are probably logged, now would be an excellent time to "run that software that takes care of that" again.



  18. I agree that this would be a nice feature to have.


    It is easy to do with third party software, filtering your pocket query files. But at present you cannot do this on the website like you do when ignoring a single cache.


    Lep is correct, this can be easily done with additional software. I use GSAK to filter out the caches of a two hiders. However, if this feature were available when creating a PQ, one of my PQs would have 200ish less caches in it that are just going to be ignored.


    I hope this feature is added to the enhancement request list.


    I'd like to see that too.


    And in light of NoLemons comment, I think it might involve less stess on the servers to boot!

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