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  1. I have to agree on the mail lists and even though I'm on the RCGDS site I still haven't been able to figurs out how to post Oldhippy
  2. BADGES sounds great we sure enjoy the get togethers at RCDGS and hope to make it to yours also.
  3. We recently had a TB logged into one of our caches and then it disapeared. The next few logs said no TB in cache , so we read the logs and notified the owner of the bug that it might be MIA. After carefully reading over the logs, we sent email to one of the newest cachers (2 finds) and asked if they understood about TB's and if they had picked one up at our cache. It wasa soon after that the TB was logged out and on its way again. Moral, not only the owner of the TB can help but good cache maint. will also help.
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