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  1. I don't know if it's smart to go. I'm sure they'll take me and tape me up in the back begging for a clue on my cache... Official? Yes, its always official when we can get together with GreenAchers. Officially a blast that is. Do we need a smilie, NO, Nope, Never, Nada. Just fun, but bet your boots I will get that White Jeep Icon Saturday. Granny and I will get up before the sun to have a cup of coffee and chat with Bill. Now if you believe that what can I sell you? See you on Saturday.
  2. We also picked up a pasta machine at Michael's for $18.99 normally $24.99
  3. I used to get all the notifications but now real spotty. Now I know that I must be in the same trouble maker group as GA
  4. I mark my route for an arc in mapsource then export it as .mps file. In the filter I load mps file and set distance from the arc (route). hope this helps
  5. bookmarks and ignore lists all at once check out this link http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=91215
  6. They have 2 newer WebCams that are great http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...dd-b0e1d560ae89 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d8-5cae054b1f86 I am jut waiting to get to SF to catch these
  7. That was a good one to do and a lot of great information. Just look at the age of the cache and the number of finds. One I recommend highly. OLDHIPPY Here is another highly recomended cache. It's very cool to do. Z & I had fun doing this one & the stroll was great too as was the sunset. It was really logistically fun. The Knowledge Tree I have been looking forward to going for that one but didn't know if this OLD hippy could push the walker down the levee. Crippled up for a while need level 1's Oldhippy edited for typos
  8. That was a good one to do and a lot of great information. Just look at the age of the cache and the number of finds. One I recommend highly. OLDHIPPY
  9. Well, it's interesting to see who the chatterbox is. Broken. It's broken, I tell ya. Hi Jaimee. Yeah it's broken alright... I think the numbers for you should be MUCH higher! Compare these numbers to cache finds numbers. Tell you anything? edited for typing Oldhippy
  10. How strange this is. We just found this same old game and decided to pass it along in a cache soon. We have had the game for over 20 years and it is in excelent condition so keep you eyes open in the next few months. Oldhippy MCP
  11. Hey! Your satellite camera is better than mine. No fair. You share? How'd you do that? Bill use this link http://www.yvanovich.com/terraserver/ Oldhippy
  12. We got ours last year at WalMart and it is hot/cold and does 8 1/2 x 11. If I remember right it cost around $25. Oldhippy
  13. Nice collection and page ND I am proud to be part of that one. Now you have to get my new card for 2005. Keep up the good work Oldhippy
  14. I posterd that link so Marky could find a Cammo Kilt. Now I know that LegGoes in your area is intrested in one just how many more can we convert, Like the group from RCGDS before we got ours. having fun is what it's all about edited for spelling
  15. WHY NOT?!?! you're always camo pants when I see you. WE WANT TO SEE THOSE LEGS! Old Hippy was wearing a camo kilt. I need to get one of those... --Marky I saw Old Hippy, and a few others, wearing their kilts at the Lights Fantastic event before Christmas. It was pretty cold that night. Not sure how they did it. Don't think that I would have worn one myself that night. It would get a little cool I imagine. But Real Men wear Kilts even on cold days We got ours at www.sportkilt.com
  16. found one for Bill's must do list. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d1-128f95545ac4
  17. There is also a group based in the Sacramento area RCGDS (River City Geocaching and Dining Society). The link for their website is http://www.rcgds.net/ check it out. Oldhippy
  18. We would like to extend our invitation to all to the RCGDS Southern Hospitality event on Saturday the 8th. visit page at: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...32-d459a81319a6 (GCM68Y) Hope some of you can make it. Happy New Year to all Oldhippy
  19. Martha that sounds like a great puzzle but I hope it doesn't end up where she is staying now
  20. ATC's new caches look like they may be fun will have to go for them when I do maint on 2 of mine that are very close. Good going Amy
  21. Happy Thanksgiving to all the CVC Oldhippy & Granny
  22. I sure would be intrested since I found that I can use Terra server from GSAK.
  23. Glad you enjoyed the Pioneer Cemeteries today and sure enjoyed reading your log on "Pioneer Cemetery Series #8" especially the spelling part. When I placed "Cemetary or Cemetery" that was the reason and the street name was also mispelled as Cemetary. The county has changed the street sign since the cache has been placed. Glad you enjoyed the trip.
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