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  1. I used to have the explorist gc and know exactly what you mean. The bounce would just about drive me mad. I have a 62s and an explorist 710 both seem to be on par as far as bounce or lack there of is concerned. Either of these units will be far superior to the gc you own now. The explorist 710 was a breeze to use after owning the gc, which by the way was returned. One of the reasons being the bounce you are refering to. I have no user experience with the other brands you have listed. Good luck with your new purchase.
  2. GPSMAP 62stc here with windows 7 operation system on 3 differnet laptops, no sd card, same thing. Meaning gps will try and reboot after disconnecting the usb cable but freezes on the garmin logo. For what its worth my other garmin just shuts off after disconnecting the usb cable, it doesn't try and reboot. I contacted garmin support and the gent was like no have not heard of that problem. I politely asked if he would mind trying it on his computer at the support center. After a few minutes I could here a befuddled huh? I said let me guess it just froze on you right. We both got a good chuckle out of it. Supports aware of it now and last I heard they are working on a fix. Luckily mine froze up new right out of the box, so I returned it for a refund until the bugs can get worked out of it. I constantly use the usb on mine and it was a major pain in the rear removing the batteries to get a fresh start. Hopefully a new update will be out to fix this problem. It's definetly not just a MAC issue.
  3. It's funny you should mention it. Three days ago I had no more than opened the web page and a pop up indicating my "free" version of Security Scan had downloaded. I knew I was in trouble because I hadn't opted to download anything. This was one very nasty piece of Malware. After doing a fair amount of research I was able to reboot my computer in safe mode and download a legitimate free Malware removal tool. It sounds like a fair amount of users must have been hit with this virus, thus the fair warning.
  4. You mean I'm not the only one with green boogers?
  5. It does look like it from the picture. Actually that's the backside of the last sheet of the paper log. The faint lines that you see are the ink bleeding through from the front. The last log book page is still very signable on the front, assuming it gets that many visitors, which I hope it does.
  6. Should I ever forget my pen and can't find a pull tab I will have to try that method. Out of curiosity, why did you bring camo tape for a cache that had not yet been found? The c/o had placed their cache and didn't put camo tape on it. After placing it they were concerned the seagulls may try to make a meal out of it. On the cache page they requested if possible someone to bring along some tape and camo the cache container, so I did.
  7. Should I ever forget my pen and can't find a pull tab I will have to try that method.
  8. It was an excellent trip. Ironically me forgetting the pen added to the adventure.
  9. So I'm about half way to a 5 Star Terrain with my muggle buddy and I get the sinking feeling that I forgot something. Oh yeah I forgot the biggy a pen. On the way we met some other folks on boats and I kindly asked if they had a pen/pencil I could have. Curious what they thought about that request? I had brought some camo tape so I could cover the cache at the request of the c/o. So that alone would at least be my "mark" that I was there. It was just a nagging feeling in my gut that I just had to sign the log with something. I found a lure with a treble hook. I could pick myself and leave a little dna log right? Nah too painfull and maybe a little gross for the next cacher. A bird feather "quill" so to speak didn't do the trick dipped in multiple excrement on the island. I finally found an old pull tab on the shore and to my surprise it wrote almost as well as a pencil. It wrote so well I kept it in my camera case for a backup. Glad I did because later in the day there was another full size cache that was missing a writing utensil.
  10. shamrocks & shillela is GCJ5PR. There are many turf wars but only 5 that specifically start with Turf War Operation. It would help to know what Turf War Operation or GC code that one is. Considering the fact that shamrocks and shillela was archived on 6/12/2011 it would seem the GPS'r was lost prior to that date. The are 3 cachers that have found the bulk of these caches. One in particular has found them all with the exception of Turf War Operation. They found a Turf War but not the Turf War Operation series. None mention losing a GPS'r. I emailed one of the individuals. I will email the other two in hopes that it is one of them. Of course it could also be a cacher that does not log online at all.
  11. Eneloop is the gold standard in rechargables. wouldn't recommend rechargables for high drain devices tho. Just curious why? I find that the only battery a quality rechargable will not beat is the lithiums. they report lower voltage to device which could cause low batt issues I have read in some publications that the low voltage from NiMh can cause some electronic devices to not work. I have not experienced this in any of my equipment. The low voltage associated with NiMh rechargables is consistent until the battery is almost depleted. One of the major benefits of these "new" lsd (low self discharge) batteries is the low internal resistance. Meaning they actually work very well in high drain devices. Not as well as the throw away lithium's but a major step up from even the best of alkaline battery brands.
  12. I'm not sure why but the rip a tear in the space time continuum struck a major funny bone over here!! Star Trek?? You will be fine with your duracell charger on the Eneloops. For what its worth I have both the duracells and the eneloops and the duracells have performed on par with the Eneloops. I will add that most chargers you purchase are fully automatic. Great for tossing them in and forgetting about them but not so great for the longevity of the battery. Most of the automatic chargers are focused on the speed in which they charge the battery. The faster they charge the warmer/hotter the battery becomes which is not good for the rechargable. There are a few chargers out there that will let you manually select the charge/discharge rate to get the maximum life out of your rechargables. Either way the space time continum will be just fine unless your recharging the lithium crystals!
  13. I bought a 4-pack recently. Depending on how well they do, I'll be using them in my GPSr and my noise-canceling aviation headset, which eats a pair of AAs a week. I'll probably pick up another four. I bought what I though was a high quality high capacity 4 pack of rechargable AA batteries and after 20 full charge/discharge cycles the mAh was under 2500mAh. They are currently below that after about 100 charges. They were advertised at 2850. They also are not the LSD (low self discharge) type which means I need to recharge both sets before heading out. On the flip side ALL of my eneloops have tested within +/- 50 mAh of 2000 mAh. I'll take the plunge soon enough, just hoping they will increase the current total recharge cycles well past the current 500 mark. I also hope they come out with a "true" 3000 mAh AA battery. On a long day of caching my 2850's give out the last few hours. It would be nice not to have to change them out for the day.
  14. Eneloop is the gold standard in rechargables. wouldn't recommend rechargables for high drain devices tho. Just curious why? I find that the only battery a quality rechargable will not beat is the lithiums.
  15. Has anyone tried the "new" high capacity eneloops? The ones that are wrapped in black rather than white. I find that the eneloops mAh rating is one of the most accurate out there.
  16. Yes I have. He thought for sure the bug was gone for good. It's getting mailed back to him this Saturday.
  17. Yes the TB Hotel was archived over a year ago. I sent the c/o an email letting him know I have the ammox can and asked how I can get it back to him. I just thought it was neat to find a TB that had been missing for that long in an archived cache.
  18. I know a great caching day means different things to different people but hopefully you can appreciate this story. Let's start out with my location which is in extreme northern NY. Typically that equates into a dreary cloudy rainy/snowy day this time of the year. How about upper 60's with the sun shining. We had a pretty good mix of p&g's,ammox boxes, and some enjoyable hikes too. What really made the day was finding an archived cache and a TB within that cache that had been missing for the last 6 years. We stopped by this cache. After finding it I mentioned to my buddy that there used to be an ammox box TB Hotel within 500 feet of this cache. I told him the c/o had archived it after not being able to find it. I thought what the heck we are right here it can't do any harm to take a peek. It took all of about a minute to find this ammo box. The cache was empty except for the log book and one TB. We grabbed the cache, cache owner has been notified, and the TB. My buddy looks up the info on the TB and finds out the last log was in 2005. To be quite frank I thought he was pulling my leg. I mean what are the chances of finding an archived cache and a 6 year missing TB. I guess pretty good!! The good news is that the TB owner is still active. These two finds really turned an already awesome day of caching into an extraordinary one. Did I mention how nice it was yesterday?
  19. http://i52.tinypic.com/w1fjmw.jpg http://i53.tinypic.com/2h8046f.jpg I was out for a bike ride today enjoying the fall colors. On the side of the road, Alder Bend Road in NY, was a witness post. Very close to the post was this benchmark. I can't find any information in the database. Can you submit information for a benchmark that isn't in the database? If so which agency should it be reported to? GPS'r coordinates were N44 50.559 W073 43.919. The wierd part is that I have been down this road a hundred times and never noticed the witness post. I guess I should get out and go for more bike rides.
  20. Thanks MrsB you got me going in the right direction. I used the search feature in my profile, like Jeremy suggested. I didn't know one existed. I'm on the upside of things today. I learned two new things and it's before noon .
  21. From the feedback page (Who Knew ) After finally finding the membership listing I can get a first page but any other page after the 1st shows "no results for .... I'm not even sure that the members listing in the new forums section is the entire Geocaching .com membership listing, all of Groundspeak (waymark, etc) or just those that have been to the forums. Maybe it's browser specific? I use Chrome mostly. Answer from Jeremy This is a bug, but we will likely just remove that feature from the forums since the size of our community is too large to make that directory useful. You can find other members from your Geocaching.com profile instead. (25271)
  22. Let me try this from another angle. Is anybody able to use the member search feature succesfully? If you use the drop down menu and select members can you access more than the first page, assuming there is more than one page listed? It will give me some indication if I am one of the few with this problem.
  23. If I click on the Members tab it will bring me to my profile page. When I use the drop down menu and click on members and enter a name it will show the first page of similar members and any additional pages. Most of the time there is more than one page but it will not let me get to those other pages. I tried the next arrow, page button, and the jump to page # with the same results. As an example if I put in granny it says there are 168 results with 7 pages of "granny". I can only access the first page no matter what I try. I am running windows 7. I have tried Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. What am I doing wrong?
  24. One of the best replies which I have taken to heart, is to not send out any geocoin or TB that you are not willing to lose. I still get "bummed out" that they end up missing or a cacher seems to end the game with my TB. I have come to the conclusion that it's not the stealing/losing or that the cacher seems to have quit the game with my TB. Its just another part of the game I really enjoy. I put a high prority on getting the coins/TB going again, some others don't, maybe they can't(illness,death in the family) its part of the game. What to do? Play the game long enough and that TB/coin may just show up unexpectedly. If you find yourself upset or emailing the cacher multiple times you won't enjoy this part of the game. There should be a surgeons general message on these things "warning loss of this TB/coin may result in sleepless nights,anger,tears,insanity" you get the point . Best of luck with your TB I sincerely hope it will start moving again.
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