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  1. Why not move the cache to the other side of the pond? There does not appear to be any houses on that side, and you can still "voyeur" the cachers as they search.
  2. Thanks! And Thanks for the help.
  3. Your Link Got it, Thanks. I preferred Whatever.com though. (Only TrailGators will understand that)
  4. I'm Trying to make a link to my blog on my forum signature. I can only get it to post text. I tried the HTML way of <a href="http://www.geocaching.com">text</a> What else can I try?
  5. I got Navigator Nt on micro SD for $110 at GPS city. (I also added some cool geo-swag to the order. I too love it! It made my GPSr twice as cool! Does anyone know if it is possible to use the maps on my PC, or just on the Vista HCX?
  6. What do you get when you add a friend? Other than the quick link to their profile?
  7. Good info, thanks. Does this mean I can put an asterisk next to my DNF yesterday? Too bad I already used my mulligan! Other than doing it on metal, is there anything else I should be careful of while calibrating the compass?
  8. OK. so that begs the question, is calibrating the compass on the hood of my truck a bad idea? I figured since it was an electronic compass and not a magnetic compass, the metal would not affect it. I guess I could just calibrate it on the palm of my hand. (My skin hand, not the metal one )
  9. Today I was in the Cleveland National Forrest and my compass screen was not working well while in "go to" mode. I was out in the open and the directional arrow was going everywhere. I could not get the thing to point in the right direction. It would show the cache to my left 40 feet away. I turn to the left and it would move and point to my right or behind me, I was walking in circles and the compass would not point forward. At one point, it said the cache was behind me yet the distance was going down as I kept walking forward. I finally calibrated the compass and it seemed to work much better. How often does this happen? Should I just calibrate the thing each time I go out? What screen do you use like to use to approach a cache?
  10. Check out the FAQ's http://www.geocaching.com/track/travelbugfaq.aspx
  11. I paid for a premium membership. (I just used my card, not paypal) It says it can take a couple of days to process?????? How will I know when I can access member only caches? Do I have to do anything? PS. I'm sure this has been asked before. I looked and couldn't find it.
  12. Over the past couple of day's while out caching, I have found caches that said they had TB's in them (like this one GCWK27) When I get there, no TB. Am I right in assuming that when the cache page shows inventory of a TB, the bug is supposed to be there? Also, Today I found an un-activated geocoin. I was able to activate it and it is now in my inventory. Is that common? Did I do the Geo-acceptable thing? I plan to drop it on my next trip.
  13. That's the one! Thanks for the reply and the link. I need to get one of those kits, I could have used it today. I wonder what the random letters were?????? (written in pen on the back)
  14. First, thanks for bumping this thread. It badly needed bumping, as it is easily the most important thread ever posted in the history of this forum! Next, I am soooo peeved that you have also stumbled upon my idea for a organ-donor hotel cache for transplantable organs. I created such a cache over two months ago, where folks can leave a fresh and transplantable organ, packed in freezer chill packs in a cooler, at a cache in return for a smiley. Unfortunately, the local reviewers are giving me a very hard time about this cache. In fact, I plan to start an entire thread right after Christmas devoted to illustrating how badly the reviewers are picking on me by refusing to publish this organ hotel cache. No problem for the bump. I figure I have gained enough entertainment from this thread, it was time to give back. The word is spreading. I actually found out about this thread and came here via a link on someones geocaching blog! I agree this is the most important thread and will do my best to carry the message to the thousands nay millions who stand to benefit from it's significance. As far as the organ donor hotel cache, I am willing to relinqish all rights to said cache under one modest condition. If my soul ends up in the soul for a smiley cache, you must insure it's safe passage into the afterworld. You could be the Davy Jones of geocaching souls. Just try to not let all that stuff grow on your face. I don't know where my soul is, (I didn't sell it) but if it is found and ends up in the cache, I would like to know you will do the right thing. I also seem to have misplaced my morales. So if they end up there somehow could you please seal them up and ensure they never see the light of day. Life has been great without them.
  15. Today, inside a cache, I found a wooden token. On one side it was printed "first to find first to fix" On the back was a series of letters handwritten. I tried entering the letters in the trackables search page and nothing came up. There were no trackables listed in this cache. Is this a trackable or is it just someones calling card?
  16. Maybe you could relax the rules a bit to get it published. Instead of requiring a soul, someone could leave their sense of humor. That way even those who already sold thier soul could play. And some people (who have posted in this thread) could use a sense of humor. Or you can make it a cache with a cause. Make it an organ hotel. People could leave a liver or lower intestine. Just don't make the rules too strict or you could end up with a log entry like this; "I wanted to take the lung but the cache was at the 3 organ minimum and I didn't bring any organs to trade."
  17. OK so by the time I finally bought the thing I "upgraded" to the the Vista HCX. I took it out for the first time today and had a blast. The electronic compass works great!
  18. I think I will step it up to the Legend. Thank you all for your feedback. Now to try and come up with that extra $20. Hmmmmmmmmmm...........
  19. I guess the geocache manager displays the terrain difficulty, the container size and 50 spaces of the hint as listed by the cache owner. One description says "This unique feature makes managing coordinates even easier with a PC-style file system (Although from reading through other posts the 50 space limit can be somewhat frusterating.)
  20. I am trying to decide between these two units, both seem to have similar features. (Color, USB, expandable) The Explorist has a geocache manager. I intend to use it for caching, hiking, maybe driving. Which is the better unit?
  21. What is the best way to be alerted to a new cach near me. In other words, how do I up my chances at an FTF?
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