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  1. A friend of mine gave me a bunch of coins that she said were not trackable. One of them is a 2005 Groundspeak Volunteer coin with signal on the front and a map on the back. It says trackable at geocaching.com and I entered the tracking code. It came back as unactivated. It's odd because you can see by its condition that it has been moving around for a while. I have no activation code for it so I can't activate it. Can I get an activation code somewhere? Who made these?
  2. It's funny that Sunflower13 doesn't mind falsely (assumption) logging geocache finds, but they've taken the time to ensure the tracking number is well hidden or blurred out on their personal travel bugs.
  3. I have a watch on Chomolangma GCP7JV. This morning a find notice popped up in my mailbox. It has since been deleted so I won't out the poster. Here's the log entry: Log Date: 8/22/2008 Visited via Google Earth on a windy friday afternoon with my Son Matthew, it was quite chilly but the view was amazing, ate some sandwiches and had a bottle of pop, (frozen)tried some Yaks milk ice cream too (Yuk).Was late home for tea. It's kind of odd, they've been members since 2006 but only show found it logs for the past 2 months.
  4. It's already there. Click on "view map" right next to tracking history Thanks but I was looking for something a little cleaner looking....similiar to cacher stats...i.e. like in my profile. Did you try putting the HTML for the map you want in the TB description? Oh wait, that's what your looking for. I'll go back in my hole now
  5. It's already there. Click on "view map" right next to tracking history
  6. Wow, that's hot! Make it 222
  7. I saw the TB listing page of a bug that was born in these forums. TB14PDJ. There are 33 people on the watchlist for this bug. What are some other popular TB's with a lot of people watching it?
  8. Add me to the list. I just read this thread from start to finish. What a great story. I'm going to write a short story about it on my website. Now to check that website and I just became the 30th person on the watchlist for the Spirit of Ozzy TB.
  9. Sorry everyone, I'm defragmenting the internet. So is this where we realize that we spend too much time at the the GC site and start to wonder what we've become? I'll start us off in a new direction with some rusty social skills; "So, do you...................do stuff?" come on! I was having fun activating my new travel bugs!
  10. I started a Geocaching Wikizine. Wiki, meaning anyone can submit content. So the wikizine can be whatever you want to make it. Feel free to add some content. Geocaching Wikizine
  11. We've got a fun group of bloggers. Check the blogroll for the cachers that might not see this thread. Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart
  12. To best use Cachemate and GSAK, should I get a PDA with Windows OS or Palm?
  13. I have a Garmin Vista Hcx. I use the compass screen to approach ground zero. It seems that lately when I get to within 5 feet of GZ and put the GPSr down, it takes off. I can sit and watch it move off up to 40 feet. When I first started using it, it would settle in and I could adjust my position a few feet and really get on top of a cache. Now I have to walk 20 feet away, go back and try it again. What changed? Shouldn't it get more accurate once I set it down and let it find it's position?
  14. It is warming up here in Southern California. This will be my first summer as a geocacher. I was wondering what people do during the warm months when the snakes are out. It doesn't have to be just SoCal cachers. Also, do you have any snake encounter stories? What happened, What did you do?
  15. I had fun posting this one called liar liar. February 16 by Hick@Heart (91 found) I'm the president of a local biker gang from far away. Me and my posse were in the area studying geocaches for the Smithsonian Institute. We actually pulled a couple of our bikes into the cache itself to make it look like it was just a biker bar and not a geocache. Curley, whose real name is Former President George H. W. Bush, brought his pet tyrannosaurus Rex. (They actually used it in the movie Jurassic Park)Curley walked his Dinosaur back and forth across the street to distract the parade goers so I could sign the log. We had just come from the bowling alley down the street. Since we are outlaw bikers working for the Smithsonian, I stole the shoes to trade for swag. Took: Space Shuttle Atlantis. Left: Size 18 bowling shoes.
  16. You can't possibly be serious. Someone puts out the effort and planning to do something like this and you think that it is bogus because they aren't going to be able to figure out how to record the finds? How about wondering if it is realistically physically possible first? ... Of course it's possible. It's been done. That's like asking if it's really possible to fly faster than the speed of sound or that man can go to the moon. And of course in the end, it really doesn't matter, does it? Sure it does. It matters to the cachers who did it, the cachers who would like to do it, and the OP who asked about it. Say there OP: Is that correct? Are you glad that you asked? Am I the OP? If so, then yes.
  17. Someone recently logged a find in one of my caches. They said it was 1 of 31 finds for that day. What is the most number of caches you have found in one day. Not including a bunch of TB's at an event. Edit to add to the discussion: It seems to me that you couldn't enjoy the trip while hustling to grab that many finds.
  18. When I go with my 3 year old, I go on a park micro run. Most parks in my area have a cache in it. We just stop and play for a bit I log the find and we head to the next park. It's a great way to find new play areas too. Here are a few places I've gone
  19. I asked almost the same question and ended up with the Vista HCX. Read it here
  20. 1999 Chevy Suburban. You can read about me caching the 2WD to the limit here.
  21. In my state, it has been legal since May 2006 for a geocacher on an FTF mission to kill any other FTF competitors in order to ensure their FTF. And, since all the Maryland cachers agree with this law, and all Maryland cachers who are FTF hounds are packing heat because of this law, it only makes sense to shoot first while on an FTF hunt, as it really comes down to "kill or be killed". Nice, It would be O.K. then right? Exactly! At that point, since it is kill or be killed, it is, for me, not only legal but morally and ethically okay, because I know in my heart that the other slimy riff-raff FTF hounds would shoot me on sight. Besides, I like the adrenalin rush of having to be the first to shoot and of having to make sure that it is a killing shot. Totally fun! Woooo Hoooo! FTF!!!!!!! Had to shoot Vinny. Sorry, Sue. He should be OK, got him in the head. CITO'd my shell casings and signed the log. TFTC!!!
  22. To add to StarBrands post; for your TB, pick an image and "set as default image" That picture will show on the listing page. As far as other pictures showing, I believe you need to insert the HTML path for the picture, not just upload it.
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