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  1. Hey, I love it! Hit 'em where they live, in the wallet!!!
  2. I did mine through The Caching Place and I was very pleased with both the service and the final product. No hidden charges, everything was up front. And the service was fantastic! As for your problem, if it was me, I'd quit (lose the $135.00) and go with some other mint. I would do it this way just because I wouldn't want them to profit anymore than they already have from me.
  3. How big is your mailbox???? How big is your wallet ??? Don't EVEN go there!!!
  4. The COOL group would like to purchase approximately 20 of the regular coins. Are you going to limit the LE coins?
  5. Don't do the email thing. There's too many possibilities of things going wrong. I tried to get in on one that way and my email just disappeared. Luckily, there were enough being sold that the individual selling the coins let me know that he never got my original email and I sent him another email from a different email account and that one worked. But if there had only been 50 to 100, I wouldn't have been able to resend. Also, when you're working with 2 servers, both yours and theirs, that's twice the chance for a glitch, either a delay or MIA. So I vote for selling them on eBay. Also, I think you should offer to the original coin purchasers first and then sell any that aren't taken.
  6. 1 - 2005 Christmas 1 - 2005 COOL 3 - 2005 COOL LE Gold 1 - 2005 Emerald Valley Cachers Silver 1 - 2006 Georgia Peach 1 - 2006 Georgia: Stone Mountain 1 - 2006 GOWT 1 - 2005 Iowa 1 - 2005 Kentucky 3 - 2005 KevinG68 1 - 2005 Not Another Micro! 1 - 2005 Not Another Micro! FTF 3 - 2005 Pennsylvania 7 - 2005 Pennsylvania LE Gold 3 - 2005 San Diego Geocoin Club 3 - 2005 San Francisco 1 - 2005 San Francisco LE Silver 1 - 2005 Team CoyChev 2 - 2005 VIGPS 3 - 2005 WildWood Bob and the Moose 1 - 2005 Wisconsin
  7. Eh??? Guess it could be worse...could've been considered part of Russia , or an island off Mexico if one believes most maps . At least it's warm enough this week (the positive side of freezing) that I won't have to warm the coins up before I can look at them . Man, you guys are warmer than us. We're not going to get up to freezing today, although it is above zero.
  8. I'll trade you my personal for your personal.
  9. I like that idea. Which probably means that it won't be implemented!
  10. Because what the TB is attached to is too attractive or too cute or too expensive or ...
  11. Are you saying that if I pay an invoice from my PayPal account and use credit card instead of bank account as the funding option, that the receiver knows that I used a credit card to transfer the money into my PayPal account and not a checking account? I didn't know that. I thought as far as the seller was concerned, it showed up as a payment from PayPal. Nobody has ever said anything and I've used the different funding options interchangeably.
  12. Well, see, I've got the Four Corners area, with 4 states all touching. So with 4 coins, I could cover 4 states!!
  13. No, I just want to know who posed for the picture?!?!
  14. Does that mean that if we don't receive the items within a week we should leave negative feedback?!?!
  15. Re-posting my son begging for this coin for Christmas from Santa........ He still believes ya know, I would hate to have him let down by Santa! Man, you have no scruples, do you? Using your child like that!
  16. I had my coins on a Microsoft Access database long before any of the tracking sites popped up. So that's what I use as my main list. I then update the tracking sites from my database.
  17. The best way that I've seen it done at events is the organizer asks everybody to just grab it (except the first cacher) from the previous cacher and not drop it back into the event. Then, after the dust settles, the person who actually has the TB/coin just grabs it from the last person. That way, there's only 1 log per cacher. It also prevents the TB/coin from being orphaned in the event.
  18. Yeah it was, but I completely agree. Keep up the good work!
  19. Nope. Send Ladycacher an email through eBay giving her your geonick and eBay ID and she can send you an invoice with the shipping removed for the antique silver coins. That's what she did for me because I ordered the LE and the antique silver coins.
  20. And that's the best way to report them on the custom form if you have to ship them overseas (either direction).
  21. What is the Christmas coin from Utah? Take a look at this thread.
  22. What is everybody doing about their listings that they've already paid for but are now showing up as "Seeking"? Just leave it alone? I'm also getting emails about all of these new coin lists (including my own) and coin editions. I guess I'll just have to ignore anything coming from them for a few days.
  23. Got my invoice combining my 2 Kansas orders and paid for the Antique Silver geocoins. Thanks, Ladycacher. And I had problems with paying, too. I tried clicking on the link supplied in the invoice, but I got an error. So I went to the web site and clicked on pay now and that worked. eBay sure has been flaky for me this morning. Are the eBay servers just down the lane from you, Ladycacher?
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