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  1. I've got my personal geocoin that I would trade for your personal geocoin. Then you wouldn't have to worry about PayPal!!! I am serious about trading personal geocoins with you. I've tried contacting you a couple of times and never heard anything back from you. Let me know if you want to trade or not.
  2. Only in US and Canada caches? No! NO! Elvis is Everywhere! I thought Elvis had left the building!
  3. 1 - 1markymark1 Shiny Gold 1 - 2Dolphins 1 - Buffalo Wings Gold 1 - CacheDragons 1 - California 2 - Columbia 1 - Dallas/Fort Worth Gold 1 - DLiming Bronze 1 - DLiming Gold 1 - DLiming Silver 1 - Emerald Valley Cachers Copper 2 - GCC - Old Man Winter 1 - GOWT Gold 2 - JoelMart (non-trackable) 1 - Kitsap County 1 - Portland, City of Roses 1 - Québec BeerCoin LE Gold 1 - Québec BeerCoin Silver 1 - Rupert2 1 - SeabreckTribe 1 - Serial Finder Bronze 1 - Team Sand Dollar Gold 1 - TravelingViking 1 - Two Happy Hikers Ok, so I didn't get them all today, but I've been on vacation for a week and just opened the packages today. How's that for a nice Christmas present a couple of days early? Of course, now I've got to get busy and mail off 7 coins (my side of some of the trades above).
  4. But if you notify them of a new coin, and where the artwork or a picture of the geocoin is, they will add it.
  5. Email sent through your profile. Unfortunately, I didn't have any way of putting in the subject.
  6. They're cards that allow you to keep the Red Handed coin in your collection. The coin says on it that if it doesn't have its sheriff card, then it has been stolen.
  7. The whole city?!?! Man, you must have a huge mailbox!!!
  8. I would like to trade personal geocoins, too.
  9. Tell you what people. There's got to be at least 150 of us that would pay to get a Colorado icon. That's only $1 each. What do you say?
  10. What you're probably getting is the last nn logs no matter whose they are. So if you specify 0, you're getting zero logs and if you specify 1, you're getting the last log entered by anybody, not just you.
  11. As long as you don't advertise it as a coin, just a signature item, it should be fine. Lots of people use paper as their signature items.
  12. Man, I thought geocoins were getting expensive. But at $33.00 a pop, these are in a league all their own! Benchmark Replica
  13. Which ones are you waiting on? Maybe we can give you an update. Most of us are anxiously waiting, too!
  14. I haven't seen 30° in a couple of days. We've been on the bottom side of 30°. Brrr.
  15. Here's some pictures of the 3 different geocoins and where you go to activate them: The Screw Geocoin Update
  16. Which waitlist? There's the Kansas LE coin (aka Tornado), the Kansas coin, and the Kansas Silver coin.
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