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  1. Quite good, you are a Pixel-Art artist I thing that "Tante Hossi" is right, the icon is 40x40px and is resized for the grid.
  2. Thank you for you for your feedback, I think we can create an interesting category. I created a group if anyone would like to help as an officer please join in: Cableways Group
  3. I have the idea of a new category that i think is interesting (and extremely fun if you ride it ) Let’s see what you think: Cable skiing is a way to do towed water sports (such as water ski or wakeboard), in which the towed rope and handle are pulled by an electrically-driven cable, whereas traditionally is pulled by a boat. The first one opened in 1970 and today we have identified more than 300. Only one of the Cable makers build 15 cableways all around the world this year and expects that number to grow the next years. You can find more information in in the wikipédia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cable_skiing
  4. Yes, the original was in .PNG and during conversion to .gif lost quality and gain that pixelation. It's better now thank you.
  5. Another contribution Political Revolutions Thank you.
  6. Sorry, here they are in gif and 40 x 40 pixels: Grand Opening Human Migration Monuments Património Português (Portuguese Heritage) Spanish Heritage Thank you.
  7. Thanks for the new icon for the Way of St. James, looks much better now I have worked on creating some icons to help: Grand Opening Human Migration Monuments Património Português (Portuguese Heritage) Spanish Heritage I hope they are ok Thank you for setting the new icons I apologize for my bad english!
  8. This sculptures are nice, but I do not like categories involving the interior of the cemeteries so i will not support the creation of this category. I know there are already several categories but i've never created a waymark in them and if i do it will be just one in each category. I apologize for my bad english.
  9. I had never heard about any of them. The first seems minigolf played on tables the second did not quite understand what it is.
  10. Here are some of the many examples found on the Net: Thank you.
  11. Opening or inauguration, are terms used when a public office, a business, private association or other have the official opening of a new location. Usually when this happens a party is promoted to have a opening/inauguration ceremony and normally someone important or famous is invited to make the opening/inauguration, and to mark the date is placed a small monument or a plaque that usually says something like for example: THE BUILDING OPEN (or) INAUGURATED BY THE PRESIDENT MICKEY MOUSE 1/1/1928 I find it fascinating to discover those, and see who was the person who opened /inaugurated and when it was. I think would make a interesting category. Here are some examples that I have photographed: This was inaugurated on March 20, 2004 by Prime Minister José Manuel Durão Barroso (Today he is the 11th President of the European Commission) This was inaugurated on June 22, 2005 by the President of the Republic Jorge Sampaio (He was the 18th President of Portugal from 1989 to 2005, today he is retired). Another by the President of the Republic Jorge Sampaio in June 6, 1999. This was inaugurated on September 18, 2005 by the Mayor of the city of Cabeceiras de Basto Eng. Joaquim Barreto (Today he his still the Mayor). This was inaugurated on September 18, 2005 by the Mayor of the city of Guimarães (Today he his still the Mayor but by law this year is the last) . This is a interesting one because it was inaugurated on June 24, 1996 by the Mayor of the Portuguese city of Guimarães (Today he his still the Mayor but this year is the last) and the Mayor of the Spanish city of Igualada (He was the Mayor from 1995 to 1999). This was inaugurated on May 21, 1972 by the President of the Republic (dictatorship) Américo de Deus Rodrigues Tomás. ( He was President from 1958 to 1974 wen he was kicked out of the presidency during the revolution and sent into exile. He died in 1994 at age 92). This was inaugurated on June 25, 1952 by the President of the Republic (dictatorship) Francisco Craveiro Lopes . ( He was President from 1951 to 1958. He died in 1964 at age 70). This was inaugurated on October 11, 19998 by the Archbishop of Braga Eurico Dias Nogueira. ( He was Archbishop of Braga from 1977 to 1999. He is still alive at age of 90). This was inaugurated on September 18, 1993 by Prime Minister Aníbal António Cavaco Silva (He was Prime Minister from 1985 to 1995. Today he is the President of the Republic since 2006). What do you think about it? P.S. Sorry for my english.
  12. I had already thought of this idea a few times but never decided to go ahead with it, I think it's a good idea. Here almost every city has a city archive building, the same way that every city has the building of the city library, and we also have district archives and some national archives. They can not be placed in any of the existing categories, with the exception of a few that can be placed in the People-Named Places category.
  13. Hi everyone, Since is a new category in Peer Review that is commercial and is being well received, we decided to recover this proposal that was rejected just because it was commercial. Once the community accepts commercial categories again here is the category: Lidl stores Thank you
  14. After some exchange of ideas among the group officers we have the category prepared to go to Peer Review, but before we would like to know your opinion? Way of St. James Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  15. It might be better to create a new group and category to keep the dates consistent with activity. Otherwise it will appear that category started five years ago. There may have been discussion about this in the past, but I think that it is a strong concept and certainly consistent with many similar categories that we already have. Hi, I apologize for not having replied earlier, but due to the holidays have not been able. Chris777 Thank you for the offer but exists the problem that silverquill pointed, so I think the best solution is create a new group and start from there. Thank you for your feedback.
  16. After having traveled some parts of the trail and seeing the movie "The Way" i had this idea and started to and started investigating to see if it was feasible, and found that there are many interesting waymarks to put in the category. I know this is not a global category, but it covers all Europe and i think it is interesting enough to make a good category. Here is a first draft of what will be the category: The Camino de Santiago trails are traveled by pilgrims who flock to Santiago de Compostela since the ninth century. These are called pilgrims, from the Latin "per ægros", "one who crosses the fields." They have a shell as its symbol, a scallop. The Camino de Santiago reached its height in the eleventh and twelfth centuries century but in recent decades regained prominence, being converted not only on a spiritual journey but also in a cultural journey of first order and was declared a World Heritage Site. The trails are spread throughout Europe and millions of people came from all over the world to walk in them. This category is to Waymark Markers, Monuments, Fountains and Albergues dedicated to the Way os St. James. Here are some exemples of what will be acepted: Markers: Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Example 5 Example 6 Example 7 Example 8 Example 9 Example 10 Example 11 Example 12 Example 13 Monuments: Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Example 5 Example 6 Fountains: Example 1 (This is a very famous fountain because in it you can drinki water or you can drink wine ) Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Example 5 Example 6 Albergues: Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Example 5 Example 6 What do you think? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  17. I like the way that the idea is following, like that the category is not a national, but European. I think that the UK and Norway should be excluded, since they already have their category.
  18. Already exists a category, those fits into the Political Revolutions category. "In this category we want to register Political Revolution Memorials, Locations or Historical Places all over the world. " Already has some Waymarks of the American Revolution.
  19. I think the category should include the monuments to all Human migration, either to seek a better life ou for war and political reasons. Thanks for the comments, I think it will be a good category.
  20. During my Geocaching and Waymarking travels i have seen many monuments to Emigrants and Immigrants, so I thought it would be a good category and our tribute to them. What do you think of a category dedicated to these monuments? Here are some examples of what would be accepted: Example taken from here Example taken from here Example taken from here Example taken from here Among many other. Thanks
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