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  1. Looks good. Need to convert it to a gif file before it can be used though. Thank you, here it is a gif file
  2. I have created a icon to the new category "Portuguese Inventory of Architectural Patrimony" What do you think?
  3. I could not explain better how to consult the database. Yes, as Max and 99 said it is not necessary to make any registration or login for be able to do a search and to consult the database. If the category pass peer review I will add this information as well as others minor changes that are being suggested in the peer review: - Clarify the posting instructions, a description in Portugese is not required and what kind of photos are required. - To add a couple of examples the description. Thank you
  4. The category is now in the " Peer Review " i believe that it´s going to be a good category, i hope you support it. Thank you.
  5. Yes not every places have photos, let's see if we can associate some nice photos to the places with the waymarks . Some time ago they change the codes numbers of the entries but they maintain a reference to the old number in the case is still being used. The old code numbers started whit PT and has twelve numbers (ex: PT000000000000)the new ones start whit IPA. and have eight numbers (ex: IPA.00000000). This is explained in the variables field but i will add it to the description. Thank you for your comments.
  6. I have created a Category writeup for the "Portuguese Inventory of Architectural Patrimony " in English and in Portuguese. Please visit the following link to read the Category description: Portuguese Inventory of Architectural Patrimony Comments and suggestions are appreciated to help improve the category. Thanks
  7. In Portugal exists an inventory of the architectonic patrimony with relevance and interest. I know it's not a global category, despite some entries around the world (U.S., Italy, Netherlands, Spain and other countries), but i believe that it would be a good category and worth visiting. This is something similar to the Smithsonian Art Inventory category but a little more comprehensive, as it covers also buildings that are considered art or monuments. You can visit the Database here: IPA A first draft of a category description: IPA - Inventory of Architectural Patrimony is a base of technical and scientific data documenting the Portuguese architectural patrimony (in Portugal) and of Portuguese roots (spread throughout the world). IPA identifies, records, documents, studies and promotes structures, buildings, and cultural landscapes of multiple values and significance. The inventory includes all types of building, structure or built object that excels, that go beyond the strictly constructive, architectural or urban context, to transmit historical, social, political, scientific, technical, relevance.
  8. I have noticed that they are being accepted in the "Libraries" category. I think it fit perfectly there, because although small they are libraries. http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMJE96_Little_Free_Library_Brainerd_Minnesota
  9. Hi GT.US, I would like to exchange whith you. That whould be nice. :-)
  10. I have a waymark waiting to be reviewed for two months
  11. I tried to create one in the style of other icons related to plaques, what do you think?
  12. Yes, I also prefer the first one, let's see if we can create something more readable.
  13. Rikitan created a fantastic icon to the Cableways Category, Thanks What do you think?
  14. The category has been accepted in peer review, thanks to all who voted and commented in order to improve the category. Sorry not to have answered sooner but I was away for the weekend, but I agree with what Rikitan and lumbricus wrote. Just couple of things: The name: I was undecided about the name, Cableways or Cable Parks but chose Cableways because it is the name which its inventor called it and because many of these are not located in Cable Parks. But if the community prefer Cable Parks I do not mind to change it but I can not do it because I do not have access, but we will see what we can do. The Grammar mistakes have been be fixed (Thanks for the correction, and if you find more let us know) Thanks again and hope you enjoy this category
  15. I saw now that the category French historical markers has this icon and the Monuments Historiques Français category has the same icon I think that the category French historical markers is ok with this icon but maybe the Monuments Historiques Français would look better with a different icon such as the flag or the symbol of the Monuments Historiques . What you think? Perhaps RakeInTheCache the leader can decide
  16. I like it it even has the suitcase I really prefer this one which was based on the Canadian National Historic Sites This one to me represents the Historical markers categories, perhaps one day we have a Spanish Historical markers category and we use this one Ok Looks good, i really like the black frame around it.
  17. I really prefer this one which was based on the Canadian National Historic Sites This one to me represents the Historical markers categories, perhaps one day we have a Spanish Historical markers category and we use this one
  18. Fact is, that icons are displayed on some page with 24x24 resolution (lists - results of searches, statistics, the grid, ... ) and some pages allow higher resolution - 41x41px (your examples - waymark listing, groups, ... ). It's true that 24x24px icons are much simplier and look quite obsolete on todays' web, but IMHO it's still better choice than 41x41. Because 24x24 looks everywhere the same, however 41x41 is blurry when autoresized to 24x24. In addition, waste majority of icons is created in resolution 24x24 from very beginning, as Lumbricus explained earlier. I understand that point of view, it's just that was already so used to those icons That said, I think Lumbricus is doing a great job in converting that icons to 24x24, tahnk you.
  19. Spanish heritage icon is already in the style of another heritage, the inspiration for it was an old icon of an heritage category. I really like it, and as leader would appreciate that it remain the same. Regarding the others that i am the leader (Grand Opening and human migration monuments) do as you please.
  20. We have worked on a category description: Cableways We look forward for your comments and suggestions to improve
  21. First of all I must say that you are doing a fantastic job, with pixel-art. Thank you. In my opinion we should keep the original icons, I know they are different but they have the style of the artist who created them. Also think that we are forgetting that the icons are not only used on the grid, and so this icons compared with the other style even with the "grey Waymark" shape have much more quality (when I say quality I'm not referring to the artistic work but to the number of pixels) as you can see in the images below. Group Page: Before...................................................After Before...................................................After And of course the waymarks page: Before...................................................After Before...................................................After I hope not to be misunderstood because I have some difficulty in expressing myself correctly in English, I'm just trying to see all angles of it
  22. Hi lumbricus, when I said "poorer quality ones" I was referring to the size. Fewer pixels means smaller quality.
  23. Someone noticed that original (unique) icons are being changed to a slightly different and of poorer quality ones Just now was creating a new waymark and suddenly looked at the icon I thought I had the wrong category, then closed the page and went to open the category again and after some more confusion I realized that the icon had changed. I hope they do not change any more icons that are originals (unique) that is very confusing. I agree that icons that are not original (unique) are changed, for example the Historical Markers that are all equal only change the letters (as Lumbricus is doing) or the Benchmarks that also only change the letters and other similar cases, but i do think that the originals (unique) ones should not be changed.
  24. You are working hard Nice the new icons, thank you
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