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  1. Hi Tante.Hossi, Thank you for your input, those are valid questions that should be discussed. "What about a bridge or a street named by Henry Dunant as the founder of the red cross?" - I think that this should not be accepted unless there is a commemorative plaque dedicating it. "What about a paramedic station managed by the Red Cross?? What about other buildings (shops, schools, storage, ...) managed by the Red Cross??" - I think it would be ideal that the category be more inclusive and less exclusive. So if an orphanage, school or paramedic station belongs to the Red Cross I think it should be accepted. What is your opinion?
  2. I'm surprised that there isn't a category dedicated to Red Cross and Red Crescent what do you think? This category will be similar to other existing ones and it will accept the buildings (headquarters, delegations, meeting houses, chapter or other names that they are referred as) and i considered to accept monuments dedicated to the red cross too. Some examples: (click on the description to see the image source) American Red Cross National Headquarters in Washington American R.C. Middletown, Connecticut American Red Cross Dayton Area Chapter Vienna, Austria Viana do Castelo, Portugal Monuments: Bailey Island, Maine Naruto City, Tokushima, Japan The Red Cross Monument was unveiled in September 2011 by the prefectural chapter of the Japanese Red Cross. Set in the northern part of the German Park, this monument honors the memory of the German POWs with the words "in honor of universal humanity and benevolence". This engraving refers to the historical fact that the German POWs of Bando, even though plagued themselves by a lot of hardships, still found the energy to organize a charity concert for their German comrades who were held in the Siberian Vladivostok. The connection to the Red Cross can be found in the program for the concert. This poster can be seen at the monument as well and reminds us of the humanitarian spirit that existed in Bando. Commemorates the first use of the Red Cross symbol in an armed conflict during the Battle of Dybbøl in 1864. Jointly erected in 1989 by the national Red Cross societies of Denmark and Germany. This one mentioned by Torgut would also be accepted: What do you think of the idea?
  3. The proposal looks good to me and i think that this is a good solution instead of creating individual categories for each religion that are not yet included in existing categories. You have my support.
  4. I've been in this situation and in both Waymarking and in geocaching sites the things that were created as a premium member continue when we cease to be Premium. Examples: Waymarking: Continue to be the leader of a Category or officer. Geocaching: Continue to be owner of a Premium Member only cache or continue to have the favorites given to visited caches.
  5. Today i had some free time to finaly post some waymarks and to read the foruns After reading the last posts in this thread and as i love pixel art i could not resist to try to create some icons Here they are: - Fraternal Order of Eagles This is a difficult one to draw in pixels, after a few attempts this was the result. - Battery Powered Personal Transport Rentals First I tried this one but i didn't like it that much, so i tried some similar to the Bicycle Rentals and i think it's better. - Commercial Fishing Ports I tried to maintain the same line of design of similar categories. The boat seen from the side: Or the boat seen from the front: What do you think? Any suggestions to change or improve the designs?
  6. Hi He_Lu, In Urwigo you can use the Payer.Name as you can see in the screen shot, this will show the name of the player that downloaded the cartridge from the Wherigo.com website. i see i will have to visit Vila Do Conde sometime soon
  7. I have tried to create an icon showing a chute on a hill but all my attempts were a failure, the i saw a sign in the picture on the category description and, as always maintaining same style and based on the existing icons, i have created this one: What do you think?
  8. No more dead dog The Dog Friendly Hotels with the head of the complete dog icon.
  9. Hi lumbricus, Thank you for your comments, about the dog head i have used the existing dog head took it from here , do you think I should try to put the head of the complete dog? About the Dog-Friendly Restaurants now that you mentioned it seems a bit a restaurant which serves dogs The Off-Leash Areas I used the dog from the dog sautes icon, i have tried now the other dog better And The Recommended Accommodation with the hand a little bit smaller
  10. I have worked in some more of the icons that are missing. The Off-Leash Dog Areas, Dog Friendly Hotels and Dog-Friendly Restaurants use the same icon that is the Animals department icon . Kept the same style and based on the existing icons i created this ones: Dog Friendly Hotels Dog-Friendly Restaurants Off-Leash Dog Areas The Bed and Breakfast, Lighthouse Bed and Breakfasts and the Recommended Accommodation use the same icon that is the Lodging sub-department icon . Again kept the same style and based on the existing icons i created this ones: Bed and Breakfast Lighthouse Bed and Breakfasts Recommended Accommodation What do you think?
  11. I have also worked on these two: German Benchmarks Belgium Benchmarks I used the standard icon for Benchmarks and did a little research to use the right colors on the flags. I hope you like it?
  12. Thank you for the comments So we have: Graves of Unusual Deaths Draw Wells Feeding the Animals Historic Transformer Sub-Stations Buildings UNESCO Biosphere Reserves Timelines
  13. I have been trying to create some icons that are missing in the new categories, and here they are: Graves of Unusual Deaths Draw Wells or An alternative version. Feeding the Animals A few posts ago lumbricus suggested to use the icon of the Petting Farms and Zoos category, I tried to create another so the category have a unique icon. Historic Transformer Sub-Stations Buildings or An alternative version. UNESCO Biosphere Reserves or An alternative version. Timelines or An alternative version. What do you think of the icons (or the alternative versions)?
  14. Nice number, congratulations! I hope to approve many more of your waymarks
  15. From time to time i see one of this old Transformer Substation Buildings. Just the other week i saw one being demolished, it was a was a granite tower that was no longer in use: The images above from the one that was demolished are from the Google Street View since it does exists anymore, (sadly i didn't take any pictures). This may be an interesting category to preserve some informations of these locations if they are destroyed. Unfortunately at least around here most of the times apart from the pictures and the location is almost impossible to gather more information about them.
  16. It looks good to me, for now I can not think in something to add or change to improve the category. Good work
  17. I must say I agree with lumbricus, if each country has a national heritage category and them one more for each state is exaggerated. For example Spain it has a national heritage category, it would be exaggerated to create one more for each state (17 more) The same applies to the other countries. As leader of the Spanish national heritage category i'm compiling information about the state heritage registers to consider extending the category to accept the state heritage registers databases.
  18. His the Fraternal Order of Eagles spread globally or can be found only in North America?
  19. I tried to make the changes you suggested: What do you think?
  20. Hi dreamhummie. I'm no expert in pixel design but I decided to try and this was what I have achieved:
  21. You must use HTML but there is no option to upload pictures so you have to upload the pictures that you want to use to other location.
  22. I am member of the "Antique Hotels" group and I Would like to help as officer, I nave written to the leader but still no response.
  23. I think that it is normal that when a category requires 2 photos and we submit a waymark with only one, it is declined (that has happened to me). But when i see that a waymark has been approved with only one photo in a category that requires two because an exception, i expect that when i submit a waymark with only one photo in that category it is approved to, if that doesnt happen i think i am being discriminated. The exception must become equal to everyone, so it becomes the rule.
  24. What is an watershed? I saw all the examples but I could not understand?
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