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  1. Looks good, but it needs small changes in my opinion. We don't have perspectives (shadows etc.). The new icon should fit to the old ones. The rest is pretty good (shy, clouds, colors,..). Lumbricus is right, here is an example of version that keeps the same style as the old ones:
  2. After taking a look at the waymarks already approved in the category, here ar my attempts to create an icon for the category: Spinning wheel: 1 - or 2 - Sewing machine: I have also tried to create an icon to the "Latin American Benchmarks" category:
  3. I have tried to draw one Center in red: Center in white: I prefer the Center in white what do you think?
  4. I have decline two of them and I have explain in the decline message what was rong and asked to fix it and resubmit. I thought the explanation of what was needed was enough, but what we think is enough is not always the case for those who are in the onthe side As Benchmark Blasterz explain if you join the group as regular member you can see who aprove or declined what waymark. I have jut revewed some of the resubmited waymrks, I'm glad that everything has been resolved for the better
  5. So from the first attempt the preferred is this one with eight divisions: As you suggested I have tried a 'cut-out': Diagonal: Horizontal:
  6. New category, new icon Here's suggestion: Icon with eight divisions. The symbols have some design. Icon with twelve divisions. The symbols have almost no design they are just points. What is your opinion? Any suggestions to change or improve the designs?
  7. The "Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement" category is active and receiving waymarks so i worked on an icon for it. Hope you like it Thank you.
  8. I wanted to make this small improvements to the category before it became active, but it became active before i could do that so, i made it now. Here are the cahnges: Add to "Not accepted in the Category:": - Any building with a red cross or red crescent on it that doesn't belongs to the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Add to "Accepted in the Category:" in the Historical Markers line: [if a Historical Markers is about a building or monument and is next to it , it must be waymarked as a group in one waymark.] Also two variables with drop down menu : Emblem: If is a Red Cross, Red Crescent, Red Crystal or mix location? Type: If is a Building, Monument, Plaque or Historical marker? I hope this is ok. Thank you.
  9. It's nice that you notice. Than you. Thank you. The two circling hawks were the first to post.
  10. Still waiting for the approval of Groundspeak, soon it will be active
  11. Razales, you are so talented. Are you a graphic designer, seems we read that somewhere? We both like the pointed top, as this is more representative of a "place of worship" Thank you. I'm not a graphic designer. I just love love love Pixel Art and that retro look. The pointed top one is my favorite too.
  12. Now that the Religious Buildings Multifarious category is on and receiving waymarks I have tried to create an icon for it. I have tried to create a generic religious building whith out using a bell tower or cross to make it more "Multifarious" and and not focused on any religion. Rounded top: Pointed top: What do you think?
  13. Summarizing it is the emblem used in Judaic countrie(s) such as Israel. It's in use only since 2007 so it's recent compared to the others.
  14. I have worked in a category description that you can read here: International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Hi hope it's ok, what do you think?
  15. Congratulations, and thanks for the hard work in creating the category description.
  16. Already active and it already appears in the newest categories list. That was fast []
  17. Once the voting period is over, they result is checked by someone at Groundspeak. They reserve the final decision. This can take a couple of days. When this is over, one of the officers can switch the category to active (but I have also noticed that this happened automatically a few times in the past). So I guess it will be ready early next week. Just to add that are some events that witch the category to active automatically, I can not specify which they are but one i have already notice. A waymark can be submited to the category even when it is still inactive, and somewhere in this action the category goes active automatically. The mysteries of Wymarking
  18. Hi Benchmark Blasterz, Thank you for your input and help in creating this category Yes i didn't mention former RC headquarters or other buildings but those are also accepted (except the temporary ones) Yes I agree the temporary structures created or occupied to support a emergency, disaster or other event should not be accepted. I have already thought about the possibility that some sites may be also waymarked in other categories, but I think it is acceptable to incorporate these in the category for a better representation of what is the Red Cross and all that it does for the good of the community A bit like we will not exclude a church of a churches category just because it has a bell tower
  19. Just one thing that came to my mind now. The waymarks must be permanent? Zodiac Signs seen at an exoteric convention aren't accepted? Just to make the category more clear.
  20. I'm not sure how far we should change the requirements. I wrote an e-mail to the other officers, maybe we get more opinions. I don't want this category too be to complicated. Hi lumbricus, I think that a limit should be set (or someone will waymark the Earth), but i understand that this is a tricky thing to do If is decide not change much the requirements, i think at least we should change the number of photos rerquiered to post waymarks of large bodies.
  21. It looks good my only concern when I read the topic was wayamring the Signs of Zodiac individual representations, but you clarified it in the description (must be some proof that it is a Sign of Zodiac representation to be actepted). You have my support.
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