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  1. I think it pass but the category still has the status of being in peer review, the Groundspeak still didn't unlocked the category so that I can activate it.
  2. This could be an interesting category, It may be possible. The community is not much in favor of commercial categories, but I think this one has the merit of focusing on excellence and the really interesting places selected by the possession of the michelin star(s).
  3. I have created a group to create and manage this category, if you are interested in help please join. Thank you. The group
  4. Usually i ride my bike out of normal business hours (I’m workin at that hours) and this Stations have helped me a few times even in a rural area where i found one exactly half way of a bicycle trail. I don’t think there is over/underprevalence issue, yes some places may have more than others but I think that is normal. I agree with PISA-cachingI think the stores offering tools would be redundant to the Bicycle Shops category, but if there is a Station close to it that would be accepted. Regarding ski/snowboard Repair Stations (not stores offering tools) Can be a good addition to the category, the same for skateboard Repair Stations. (Images below)
  5. In recent times I started to find this public Bicycle fixing stations, and i find them very useful and interesting and I think it would bee a good to the Waymarking categories. What do you think?
  6. Structure was a bad choice or word, what i meant with structure was a physical location (building, bridge, street, garden, town, ..). I have never seen a town's Welcome Sign with the awards, do you think this should be accepted?
  7. Thank you for your comments and for the issues raised, this is why is good to bring this to the forums first. So the best way to go is the category to be for Awards given to the physical structures and not the activities that are performed there. Also a Waymarker can only post one Waymark for each structure: - If a Structure as won different Awards each Waymarker can only post one Award in the Category. - If a location as won the same award multiple years this should be posted as one Waymark.
  8. I've visited several locations usually used to this type of flights around here, but the only physical structure present in these places was a pole for a windsock (the windsock is only placed on the pole when there is activity).
  9. The goal of the category would be to find an waymark a physical representation of the prize together with the award-winning location. I think these prizes should not be accepted in the category. For example if a winery has a trophy for "Best Winery of 2017" this would be accepted because it was assigned to the location, if the trophy is for "Signal Wine, best wine of 2017" this would not be accepted as it was not attributed to a location but to a product.
  10. From time to time I stumbled across some trophies and plaques of Awarded Locations, I find them interesting and I've been thinking of a category dedicated to them. Below you can see some of my finds as an example. Porto Airport won the Airport Service Quality Awards 2007 in Europe. Abrantes was Awarded in the 1996 European Competition for Towns and Villages in Bloom. National Prize for Landscape Architecture 2005, 1st Prize in the category of Public Spaces. Professor Egas Moniz Street won Best Street 2011 in the beauty contest of streets of the Municipality of Albergaria-a-Velha. What do you think about this idea?
  11. As we have two more new categories, I tried to create two new icons for them. To the Doves of peace there are two versions one with the usual blue background used on the sky in the icons and the other with a white background.
  12. Basic Members that are Officers continue to be able to aprove Waymarks. I don't know what happened in that case.
  13. So we have these two and also the "Latin American Benchmarks" icon to be upload. Thanks in advance Wayfrog.
  14. And the attempts fot the Watershed Markers and Monuments. And again what is your opinion? Any suggestions to change or improve the designs?
  15. Here are the best attempts I've made so far with the required 24x 24 pixel size fot the Advertising Columns. What is your opinion? Any suggestions to change or improve the designs?
  16. Here it is the writing above the benchmark icon, with 24x24 pixels there is no space for the two words
  17. Following the suggestion that was given, here it is:
  18. It was forgotten, I will work on it. Thanks for reminding me.
  19. At first I used to review from the email notifications, but over time with the increase of categories where I helped as officer and the consequent increase of email notifications the use of emails has become less practical so i started to use the Reviewer Queue. I try to visit the Reviewer Queue every day to approve (or not ) pending submissions.
  20. Here are some attempts for creating an icon for the Australian Heritage Sites Category 1 2 3 What is your opinion? Any suggestions to change or improve the designs?
  21. I prefer the first one too, but I also like the other ones
  22. Following the suggestions here are two more attempts 1 2
  23. Here are some attempts for creating icons for the new categories Hourglass: Lighter Darker Global Transmitters: Simple With lighter side supports With darker side supports What is your opinion? Any suggestions to change or improve the designs?
  24. Hi Ernie444, The player.name shows the name of the user that downloaded the Cartridge from the Wherigo.com site, if the cartrige that you played on WhereYouGo was not downloaded from the site but taken from the builder it will show the default name placed by the builder. I use the Urwigo builder and the default name is "Mr. Smith".
  25. Yes, you are right. We should change the colors of the flags. @razalas: could you please change the colors? New colors
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