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  1. Here it is with a stronger red: Here are my best attempts to create a semi-circle arch (this is very difficult due to the limitation of 24x24 pixels): -With two arches: -With one arch:
  2. Here are my attempts to create an icon for the Chronograms category: 1 2 Here it is with three columns and two arches: What do you think? Any suggestions?
  3. I have not see it in the site, but I have tested it and it works that way.
  4. Only Premium members can categorize an uncategorized waymark, Basic Members can't do it.
  5. I check that older post and I think I got it, this is the one underlined in red in the table?
  6. I'm in the north of the country in the city of Guimarães almost the same latitude as Mirandela (around N 41° 26.813 W 008° 17.509)
  7. I live in Portugal if it passes around here will be happy to do it.
  8. I did not do a search but I remember at least one category for women "Woman’s Clubs"
  9. A few years ago when I started to Waymarking I had an idea of creating a category about a person (in this case was an architect) and brought the discussion to the forums (the old ones that were lost) and it was almost consensual that it was not a good idea, and that in the future it would 't be a good procedure to create new categories about individuals and those that existed were from the beginning of the Waymarking. In relation to a category where the criterion for inclusion is gender, in my opinion it is not a good solution. Here where I live there is much discussion and controversy about a new law about what they call positive discrimination, the problem with this is to have positive discrimination it has to be negative disctimination on the other side, they say is parity in numbers. (If a person one of the best in is area of expertise competing for a job together with a person who is bad at the same expertise, may not be hired not on the basis of his quality but because of is gender .) To me the society should not be forced but educated to eliminate any type of discrimination by gender. I hope my thoughts and information on the local controversy will be useful in this discussion.
  10. If the stage has a restricted access and it's not possible to view it and to photograph it from an unrestricted location it will be excluded.
  11. This week I will try to write a first draft and then we will continue the discussion from there.
  12. I have attended several theater and musical shows in Permanent outdoor stages usually located in parks or squares and I think it would be an interesting category. Bandshells (structures that have a roof and are enclosed on three sides) would be excluded. Some examples courtesy of a google search: Example: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 And some examples that I have visited: Example: 1 2 3 4 (Ex. 3 and 4 are from Google street view, I do not know where I put my photos. ) What are your thoughts on this?
  13. I do not know why but I never really focused on visits, I have to start to log visits to waymarks This has happened to me a few times, find a rare category to me and have to wait to get home to see if has not been waymarked yet I never did. I usually go to visit a location and there I see What can be waymarked, unfortunately because of this I've missed some rare categories to find for me.
  14. Interesting, I'll check how many first waymark of a category in a country I have.
  15. Usually it doesn't take too long. If you want, you can contact wayfrog,
  16. I like the idea, despite not being a religious person I think that due to its size and importance Cáritas deserves a category.
  17. Thanks Now we just wait, when he can Wayfrog will upload the icon
  18. Following your suggestion and after a few attempts here it is:
  19. We have a new Category, congratulations I tried to create new icon for it, and folow the same line of design of other icons. Here are the attempts: 1. 2.
  20. Nice round number, congratulations!
  21. The "Category Accepted in Peer Review" email continues not to work.
  22. Taking in account the comments in peer review I have made more clear of what is accepted and some small visual improvements. The category is now active. Thank you.
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