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  1. As we have a new category, here are two alternatives for the icon. The first has the typical knife and fork of WM icons and the second the word food. What do you think?
  2. I believe that the only category were you may be able to fit those is the Farmers' Markets. But I don’t know if all those covered markets fit there.
  3. Here before the Pandemic the gasoline was about 1.60€/L, now is below 1.20€/L. This is a number not seen since 2005
  4. I have found several permanent outdoor Table Tennis tables and have no place to put them (they are not accepted in the Tennis category), so I thought it would be a good category. Some examples that can be found in a quick search on Google.
  5. For several reasons I haven't had much time to Waymarking (and geocaching), but I continue creating waymarks.
  6. Finally I had a little time to do it and the result was 222 categories with a first in a country. 88 Portugal 78 Spain 37 Italy 15 Gibraltar 4 France
  7. Here are two attempts for an icon to the "Counting and Measuring Displays" category. The first is based on the group image and the second on some of the submissions in the category.
  8. I have tried before doing the last post and it worked without problem (I tried it on my android smartphone).
  9. You can hide your WM stats in the "Edit your account details" page.
  10. I find this counters in particular interesting mainly because of my love by this activities but also because are encouraging healthy habits , research shows that they can serve as promotional tools to encourage people to cycle and walk on a daily basis promoting the well-being of populations. This counters would be the focus of the category. Anyone interested in helping: "Let's count Group"
  11. Being passionate about cycling and walking I practice with some frequency and is a great way to get to know and visit an area. During these practices I have come across a few times with Cyclists counters, Pedestrian counters and some have both. I think they are interesting (I always stop to check the numbers ?) and would be a nice category. Check this google search to see some examples. What do you think?
  12. Try to remove the <BR> from the text. Code in the text usually results in error.
  13. This has already been discussed in the forums a few years ago, was submitted to peer review and failed.
  14. The minimum of officers in a group is 3, if that drops to 2 the member of the group that is next on the list is automatically promoted to officer.
  15. It has failed the peer review, but meanwhile my Premium Membership has ended so I can't see if there was a new peer review, but it's possible to fail peer review and appear as approved this is a known bug and has happened before, if this is the case Wayfrog can fix it.
  16. I have just read this sad news, my condolences to family and friends.
  17. I received a notification about an hour ago.
  18. You can hide your stats, justo go to "user profile" tab and click on "Edit your account details". There you can edit your statistics settings, if you uncheck all the checkboxes you will hide you stats.
  19. If you find a Italian Benchmark take some pictures there may be a category for that in the future ?
  20. That one already exists Leaning Tower of Pisa ?
  21. Here are two attempts for the Caritas Internationalis icon, one with the background in red and the other with the background in white. Which do you prefer?
  22. Thanks Wayfrog Of course, the category has its unique icon
  23. This is the Department icon, all new categories created within this department receive this icon until an unique icon is created for it. Let's see if we can solve this mystery
  24. Hi Barb, before creating the icon I did a search to see if someone already created and I did not find anything. Where did you see it?
  25. Here is an attempt to create an icon for the "Man-made animal bridges and crossings" category, what do you think?
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