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  1. That data is amazing :D, some time ago because of the other topic mentioned above it took me a couple of weeks to check one by one the firsts in a country :unsure:.

    At the time I counted 222 and now I have 242 first in a country. First in a region I didn't count then (it would probably take me a year) but I'm in 8th nice :).

    Thank you for you work.


  2. 14 minutes ago, T0SHEA said:

    This monument is about the loss of life in a overturned pontoon boat. 

    Not quite a ship wreak. I know about Citizen Memorial. What about the accident? Is there a category for this?



    b Charlie Lake Diaster Mem (2).JPG


    May 14, 1942
    This monument is dedicated to the memory of the United States
     soldiers lost with the sinking of a US Corp of Engineers Pontoon Barge
     on  May 14, 1942 at Charlie Lake, British Columbia, Canada




    Maybe in the "Disaster memorials" category?

  3. On 7/13/2021 at 5:58 PM, ScroogieII said:



    I completely forgot about an icon for the category.  I had made an icon 4de97e1e-51f1-4dab-8e4f-c75a04bdc292_a.j for the group page, but never thought about the icon for the category!

    So THANKS, Pedro for going ahead and doing these. I will follow the crowd and go with #2. It's the clearest and most obvious "Elevated Building".


    So, is our Wayfroggie listening?!?!?! I'd love it if Pedro's #2 were to magically become the Elevated Buildings' icon. Hint, hint... ...



    I would choose the second too. 

    I'm glad you liked it, thanks. 


  4. Just now, Becktracker said:

    I am requesting the help of other waymarkers:


    In a town in Brabant I came across a little house and found a sign that it is a communal freezer safe. This was built in 1960 before everyone had a freezer at home. You could become a member and then rent a freezer box. The boxes are inside a machine which rotates to allow access to the boxes. The sign states that it is one of the last active freezer safes in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, in the next village over there is also a working freezer safe so I can't use 'last of its kind'. I've tried household appilances to no avail. Can I post it in any of the Waymarking categories?





    If this is in the Dutch National Cultural Heritage register it can be posted on the  "Rijksmonumenten - Dutch National Monuments" category and if has a sign maybe it can be posted in the "signs of history" category.

  5. We are always learning in this discussions of how different things are in other countries, here the PB allows the people to decide how  to use a percentage of the municipal budget by presenting proposals (are reviewed to exclude  ridiculous/joke proposals such as demolishing a National Monument) that are then voted and the ones with the most votes are made.


    Most on the major projects made by the municipality (not of the PB) are put to public appreciation, and the people can tell their opinion about it  (but it is only advisory and not binding).


    I will let this mature for a wile and learn a little more of how it works in other countries. 


    Thank you for your thoughts on the subject.

  6. "Participatory budgeting (PB) is a process of democratic deliberation and decision-making, in which ordinary people decide how to allocate part of a municipal or public budget. Participatory budgeting allows citizens to identify, discuss, and prioritize public spending projects, and gives them the power to make real decisions about how money is spent."

    From Wikipedia


    Here the city where I live we have a participatory budgeting, so we can present projects and vote in the projects that have been presented. For some years now that I vote (never present a project), and I find the process interesting and very democratic, and results in some nice improvements to our city.


    I did a little research a they can be found in all continents. 


    What do you think about a category that compile this projects created by participatory budgeting?


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  7. 11 hours ago, PISA-caching said:



    The text on this commemorative plaque (attached to a street lantern) in Ohrid, North Macedonia is:

    On this spot the Austrian Army erected the first electric street lantern in 1916.

    '100 years electric light in Ohrid!'

    Sponsored by: EVN Macedonia / The City of Ohrid / Austrian Embassy / Lions Club Lychnidos


    Now I wonder what the best categories are for this plaque. Several come to mind: 'Lions Clubs International Markers', 'First of its Kind', 'Signs of History' (probably not), 'Commercial Commemorations' or is there one that I missed, but fits much better?


    The only ones that I can remember are the ones that you mentioned :unsure: 

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  8. 8 hours ago, Ariberna said:


    where are the reviewers of spanish heritage? because I see a lot of things that aren't heritage.

    Or simply because one web of small local turism put "patrimonio" the object is heritage.


    All accepted Waymarks in the category have been checked and are on the Spanish Ministry of Culture database of the Biens de Interés Cultural. 


    The category is working with no problems, I don't understand what you said?

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  9. On 7/31/2020 at 12:43 PM, Ariberna said:

    Galicia and Portugal we are cousins.

    It is a sad, the caché in Montealegre was good.



    :) In my next visit I will search for it.


    22 hours ago, Ariberna said:

    I am waiting that you finish in Ourense. Please said me when you finish for no duplicities, thanks.


    I'm pretty much done, 6 more to post and 10 that are still waiting for approval.


    On 7/29/2020 at 4:46 PM, fi67 said:

    This has not happened to me in 10 years of being an officer, so I thought I will share it.


    The day before yesterday, I received a submission (from waymarker A) and approved it. The next in my queue was exactly the same place and category submitted by another waymarker (let's call him B). Well, that's bad luck, and first come, first served. But such a coincidence is surely something quite rare.


    Well, today I received a submission from waymarker B and approved it. The very next one I reviewed was the same place and category, submitted by waymarker A.


    That's truly weird. At least, each of them has one approved.


    That I can remember this has already happened to me at least three times as an Officer, but as a waymarker it was the first time.


    3 hours ago, Ariberna said:

    I don't know that I think. reviewer approved me Puente Romano and Two hours late "puente viejo" of him.

    Later, the same question with a city landscape in Botanic garden but my WM was refused for one minut.

    This is not the problem (I know that one WM cathegory for thing, but puente romano viejo has two satelliets are two duplicates with the same photo approved by paolo, I believe).


    It was an office error that can sometimes happen (probably because the bridge is known by two different names),  I have already archived mine.


    3 hours ago, Ariberna said:

    The problem is that I don't know that think because I beginning to create WM in Ourense in where were one or two WM, and now this person create a lot quickly. And in botanic garden I have a cache  from two years ago GC7T4KA  and he din't look for it?

    We must rember that is a play, and there are a lot of WM for create.


    Ourence it was my last trip before confinement due to coviv19, i visit it during the Christmas and new year holidays. 

    These days, to my regret i only have time to put out some waymarks  when i'm on holidays, which I am now and a week has passed and I still have two more to go so more waymarks are coming (not in Ourense I have almost finish there) :).

    When I travel  most of the times I don’t look for geocaches. In reality I just look for caches from times to times, I have been geocaching for 13 years and have around 1400 caches found, that gives an average of 110 a year, and in recent years I have found less than that.

    I am happy that someone else likes Waymarking around here, some times is a bit disappointing to be the oly person to waymark. Hope one day we meet at an event :D (Ourense is not  that far)



  11. Here is a first draft of what the category would be, please comment what you think to see if we can fine tune the category.



    All over the world there are physical locations that for several reasons have won awards and are worth visiting. This category aims to find and Waymark physical representations of these awards together with the locations (buildings, bridges, streets, gardens, towns, ..) that were awarded.


    Expanded Description:

    This category aims to find and Waymark physical representations of these awards together with the locations (buildings, bridges, streets, gardens, towns, ..) that were awarded.

    The object of the waymark  will be the award. Physical representations of awards can be:

    Trophies, medals, plaques, framed diplomas, welcome signals.

    (Advertising such as a billboards ot marketing campaign posters are not accepted.)


    Awards not accepted in the category:

    -Awards that have been given to commercial or institutional activities that take place in a location.

    (Examples: Best Supermarket, Best Restaurant, Best Winery, Best Charity Institution …)

    -Awards that have been given to products made or sold at a location.

    (Examples: Best pizza, Best wine, Best car, ...)

    -Awards that have been given to entertainment held at a location.

    (Examples: Best Festival, Best concert, Best Theater Play, …)

    -Awards that have been given for Historic Preservation.

    (This can be posted in the Historic Preservation Awards category)


    Instructions for Posting a Location Awawrd Waymark:

    To post a waymark in this category you must visit a Awarded Location, locate the award take some pictures to the Award and to the Location and get some useful information about it.

    -Coordinates must be taken by you during the visit to the site.

    -Provide at least two different good quality daylight photos, one of the award and other of the Location.  More photos are always appreciated.

    -Include as much information as you can get about it in the long description.

    -Waymarks without Long / Detailed description will not be accepted.

    -Citations are allowed, but must be clearly declared, including the source.

    -The description must be in English, but if you want you can add other languages.

    -You must make every attempt to follow a naming convention: Award Name - Location Name - City, State, Country


    Please remember that it is a first draft, so following the comments there will still be some improvements. Thanks.

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