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  1. Permanent outdoor stages I'm trying to create a category for those, it's a little in standby, perhaps it's time to move forward with it?
  2. The Ancient Aqueducts category it's working without any problems and not abandoned. There should be no intervention in a category unless it's abandoned and not working, this is a line that should not be crossed.
  3. That data is amazing , some time ago because of the other topic mentioned above it took me a couple of weeks to check one by one the firsts in a country . At the time I counted 222 and now I have 242 first in a country. First in a region I didn't count then (it would probably take me a year) but I'm in 8th nice . Thank you for you work.
  4. Maybe in the "Disaster memorials" category?
  5. For the "Italian Cultural Heritage" I have created this two: I prefer the first one.
  6. I would choose the second too. I'm glad you liked it, thanks.
  7. I have tried to create an icon for the new category "Elevated Buildings", here are some attempts: What do you think?
  8. I'm working in a category that would fit this, it started as a table tennis but at the time the draft it has englobe more types of similar items. I will create a group to show the category.
  9. If this is in the Dutch National Cultural Heritage register it can be posted on the "Rijksmonumenten - Dutch National Monuments" category and if has a sign maybe it can be posted in the "signs of history" category.
  10. I think the best place for it is the "Bailey Bridges" category.
  11. If you categorize it you create a new waymark, and the uncategorised waymark remains with a link between the two.
  12. If this wasn't exactly a war, maybe this could go into the Political Revolutions Category .
  13. We are always learning in this discussions of how different things are in other countries, here the PB allows the people to decide how to use a percentage of the municipal budget by presenting proposals (are reviewed to exclude ridiculous/joke proposals such as demolishing a National Monument) that are then voted and the ones with the most votes are made. Most on the major projects made by the municipality (not of the PB) are put to public appreciation, and the people can tell their opinion about it (but it is only advisory and not binding). I will let this mature for a wile and learn a little more of how it works in other countries. Thank you for your thoughts on the subject.
  14. "Participatory budgeting (PB) is a process of democratic deliberation and decision-making, in which ordinary people decide how to allocate part of a municipal or public budget. Participatory budgeting allows citizens to identify, discuss, and prioritize public spending projects, and gives them the power to make real decisions about how money is spent." From Wikipedia Here the city where I live we have a participatory budgeting, so we can present projects and vote in the projects that have been presented. For some years now that I vote (never present a project), and I find the process interesting and very democratic, and results in some nice improvements to our city. I did a little research a they can be found in all continents. What do you think about a category that compile this projects created by participatory budgeting?
  15. Here are 3 attempts for an icon to the "Unique Artistic Door Handles and Knockers" category. I like the second one more.
  16. The only ones that I can remember are the ones that you mentioned
  17. Today I'm not at home, and I don't approve waymarks on the phone. If other officer don't check it first I will do it tomorrow.
  18. All accepted Waymarks in the category have been checked and are on the Spanish Ministry of Culture database of the Biens de Interés Cultural. The category is working with no problems, I don't understand what you said?
  19. In my next visit I will search for it. I'm pretty much done, 6 more to post and 10 that are still waiting for approval.
  20. That I can remember this has already happened to me at least three times as an Officer, but as a waymarker it was the first time. It was an office error that can sometimes happen (probably because the bridge is known by two different names), I have already archived mine. Ourence it was my last trip before confinement due to coviv19, i visit it during the Christmas and new year holidays. These days, to my regret i only have time to put out some waymarks when i'm on holidays, which I am now and a week has passed and I still have two more to go so more waymarks are coming (not in Ourense I have almost finish there) . When I travel most of the times I don’t look for geocaches. In reality I just look for caches from times to times, I have been geocaching for 13 years and have around 1400 caches found, that gives an average of 110 a year, and in recent years I have found less than that. I am happy that someone else likes Waymarking around here, some times is a bit disappointing to be the oly person to waymark. Hope one day we meet at an event (Ourense is not that far)
  21. So the coordinates will be for the award. I will add this to the wm post instructions. Thanks
  22. I use that to see the template design of a category, fix it.
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