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  1. Congratulations - You get a real honour My Guess would be: Discus and Javelin Good Luck
  2. Just another example of what I have seen in these forums....All you guys are really great. Maybe it's all the fresh air - Caching for me has opened my eyes as I have visited places I have known for years, but seen new things. [Also a THANK YOU to someone here that has sent me an email today and made me personally very happy - I really appreciate your gift - Thanks]
  3. kayakerinme set !!! That is the coin set - so creative. PM sent - I love it!!!
  4. That is Just...........WOW !!! What a gift for the "Mission Control" LOve the symbols in the heart. Really Want This Coin...... Congrats!
  5. Mmmmm.......... Wonder if Mr Bug ever travels South to the Suuny Coast down here. Could do with some xtra special mysteries going on in this neck of the woods. Top O' de Morning to you Senor Bug....... and congrats to the lucky finders - some hot kinda coin!!! {Know a nice place or three for a Kool Fresh Glass of Murphy's}
  6. MasterofIntrigue.......... You have summed it all up. These darn mysteries are indeed mysterious and I just cant wait to find one........somewhere Southern Spain - 3rd Planet - If any of you are watching!!!! [Just ask for LordXtra.......Kinda Funky Dude] -
  7. Really want to find a ... Jellie or 2 A Nerd and than Damm Enigma Coin and any of those code coins Just love all thes shiney bright things.
  8. Really HOT Looking coins - V1 Icon sent to your email RGZ
  9. From all those color samples...... I would definately see Antique Silver Coin with Purple leaves and a white glitter centre for something captivating, fresh and very 2008.
  10. Hi all, in fact I believe that I have seen right here in these forums the best demonstration/s of this pure random generosity, and it has shown me that the GC community other than having a bit of fun does consist of a group of really caring, honest, generous and genuine people, and in today's world that is rare........ When I started posting here, I noticed the thread regarding the health and mounting hospital bills of the Cacher TNT and his wife, and the reactions to the GC community with donating coins for auctions to help with this situation and the absolute 100% generosity of everybody. I also understanding health problems due to my wife having an accident last year, tryed to bid on 2 of the coins in the silent auction, but they were far over my available budgets, even to try to help someone I do not know, but again the donations received for these coins in another demonstration of the generosity that this community has established within it. For me, at least, I have had my mind and my eyes opened by enjoying GeoCaching, and know that certainly here in these forums that all you experienced cachers, are also really kind, generous and genuine. (Thanks for letting me be part of your world and community.)
  11. What is the name given to a GeoCaching Travelling item with a mission. Travel Bug
  12. Whats the code called that cachers encrypt there clues in A = ROT13 Just love Puzzles...............Going to take a look
  13. What was the first geo exchange item called before Geocoins were made Wooden Nickel
  14. What is the origin of the term GeoMuggles Harrry P of course
  15. Try deciphering Redwing Dave's DaVinci Challenge coins. I don't think anyone solved that puzzle spread across 3 coins. Tough one for sure. You got me there - so send me a set over and I will give it a try? Love Dan Brown.
  16. How many GPS satellites are there in orbit A = Have not got a clue - but interesting question???
  17. How about - What is the most cryptric Geocoin ever made: and Who Designed it?? A = Enigma - Dave Mars (Really on my WANTS list)
  18. What was the name of the person the placed the 1st GeoCache Of course we all know that answer: DU And beatean on time by One Minute above me - DOH
  19. 1. Participating: yes x 3 2. Received Name: yes x 3 3. Mission Complete: Will be sending by 31/1/2008 4. Package Received: None Yet - V Slow Post Down Here!!! Congrats to the Winners that won that really cute WE Coin... (Still trying to wok out how to make a wants list, but love those Enigma and decoder coins......in fact all coins - RGZ)
  20. If any of you...Gals... need a toy boy - SHOUT Cant wait to see if I will be able to get one....... Well Got My 1st - "First to Find" Today - What a Good BUZZ RGZ
  21. Many people want to send Coins and Travel Bugs to exotic locations so if anybody wants an item to be logged into caches in Spain, Portugal and Morocco then please give us a shout via PM or email. We also have many Cacher Friends that visit us from UK and Germany so we can also forward your travellers even further. Regards and Happy Caching
  22. Could I be so bold to ask if anybody has received any spare coins. I have a group of Good friends that are sufferers and would like to place some coins in some new caches here in Spain / Portugal and Morocco to add to the overall awareness. Also of course any travel bugs that wish to visit europe - please let me know. Thanks
  23. First Off - WOW are you all the lucky guys!!!!! What I would have done to get that coin as a xmas pressy ??? That is the Ultimate coin and if they are still available next month (Doesn't the wonderfull month of december leave any working person a little....short) this is a must buy. I Just have to have it! - So if you need a favour or 2 maybe 3 doing across here - then send me an offer......?? The competition is one thing but this coin is one of the most creative GeoCoins I have certainly seen. To all of you - GOOD LUCK - I have read that link 2 or 3 times and it still looks like a nanocache clue to me. RGZ
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