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  1. Wow namecheck for me - Thanks - LordXtra Also if you have space for any 4 letter names - one of my new recruits would be thrilled to be included. He is: UFGC Thanks
  2. That Coin is Really Fab - sent you a PM and Email - Maybe you will consider my trade offers - As Noted After WEGE Coins really short and monies tight right now........ Here's Hoping?
  3. Wow The Force sure travels far and wide. Congrats
  4. I must note that the latest error I have just noticed in the fact that the thread and cointest is an ERROR COINTEST by of course GEO.ERROR - thats 2 errors I just noticed in one place and they were staring me in the face all the time.??? My Error was not spotting the Errors ?? Good Luck to EveryBody - some interesting notes in these posts and of course thanks to Geo.Error for some fun.....and errors!
  5. They look really fab and I am convinced that there is no error!!! Thats the way I would look at the reverse of the Coin. If anybody can squeeze me in a few on their order please PM me and let me know. (I am assuming that the engraving can be different on various coins???) Beautiful Designs.........
  6. Bunnies and Easter Eggs (Chocalate) Count me in to help in Europe
  7. Got to be:........ Mystery Coins in General especially the Jedi Coin Any Tiki Coin The Enigma LE (or any one) and Scavoks designs MMmmmmm............... Love those Jellies also
  8. In fact I think that Landsharkz has made the error - From the pics I see that is exactly how I would look at the back of that fab coin and definately not the other way around. PS: I would be pleased to place an order for some of your "So Called" error versions - Maybe I will win one ?. RGZ
  9. This little bug sure is cute. He can pop down to the South Coast here and give us a bite anytime he wants..... Great Stories - Really love to read how much fun this little bug generates.
  10. You know what its like at this time of year...Weather not so good, Get a good hit of the flu, have to catch up on work, and very little time to get out and cache. Well today, thought I would have a look for a cache that many people have logged as impossible to find...and not only did I find it but WOW Agent #44 Reporting for Duty (Well I would like to think so but had the kid with me and let him open the cache box - so the rest is history) You should have heard him squeal!!! First Coin find & its one he could keep. Thank you Geocoin Secret Agent for spreading a little new years cheer down here in Spain. .....Now how do I get that coin off the kids shelf and onto my desk??
  11. Great Stories...Were gonna have some good St Paddys Day Parties down here on the Sunny Costa.....(Nice Route Back from Oz to the Emerald Isle) Always a pint or 2 of the Black Nectar reserved for any kind of Leprechaun especially.... A Geo_Leprechaun RGZ to All
  12. Wow Got my 2nd Mission Today, and this is what I found in a carefully packed white box... Mmmmm...........Had to open this cute metal box...And this is what I found !!!! Stars, Chocolate Coins (Yumm Yumm), 2 Carabiner Hooks, A Keyring, Geo Badges, Coins & Tokens including a really Kool Mexican One, and Five Beautifully wrapped little Golden packages - that look like they took so much thought and care to wrap up, along with a really cute padlock (and the keys) - I am really Gratefull to my New Pirate Matey in the USA. Gonna looook at those beautifully wrapped packages for tonight before I will have to carefully (RIP) open them. [some of them are really heavy?] Whoever you are - Thanks (update tomorrow on those golden little packets)
  13. Did you say Geo Jellies - Got my first ones also - they are awesome - Need to build a collection like I see above. Still hunting for one of those Tiki Stones, Enigma Coin, maybe a Nero V1 and a GeoDiamond. Maybe a PathTag or Three. Plus I gotta find that ROT13 Bottle Opener Coin / Tag / Keyring.
  14. I had a really nice surprise....sent to me from a really kind person who emailed me a few weeks back and said "Hey would you really like one of these"???? Never seen one of these in the flesh, really wanted to play with one, and low and behold this wonderful person sent me: A Isbjornsbar Geo Jellie 3 - Wow Thanks!!! BUT also out the mailer popped a Hanna BananaBerry Jellie 3 ALSO........ Gobsmacked, and Really Appreciate your kindness. Thanks Naomi - I love them and am hooked on Jellies Now.
  15. Could it be that the Force and the Jedi are visiting Europe? Can suggest a few quiet beaches to relax on down here!!! The Force is Euro Bound.....But of course The Force of is Everywhere. [Thats why they call it The Force] Congrats To all the finders and such great stories.
  16. Wow congrats - That coin has a real force
  17. That is really nice - I like Mr Pillars Curves.......
  18. Hey Naomi, Great looking design and coin CONGRATS Shame I did not see this post sooner - missed the BN / Gold Versions. And its a shaped coin!!!
  19. 31 - New England 19 - New York Giants
  20. Firstly Congrats... Hello Alexandra and how about 6lbs 9.5 ozs How Proud you must be.
  21. Great Stories and such fun - Congrats to the latest finders. A real Jedi in our midst - Kinda Exciting
  22. I can feel the Force.... Hola Geocaching Jedi, Hope are you enjoying our Galaxy? Just Feel free to drop in down here and enjoy a Sangria or 2.
  23. MISSION #1: 1. Participating - YES 2. Received Name - YES 3. Mission Complete - YES - Posted Over The Ocean 23/01/2008 4. Package Received! - YES ! ! ! And Thanks! MISSION #2: 1. Participating - YES 2. Received Name - YES 3. Mission Complete - YES - Posted Over The Ocean 23/01/2008 4. Package Received! - Awaiting MISSION #3: 1. Participating - YES 2. Received Name - YES 3. Mission Complete - YES - Posted Over The Ocean 23/01/2008 4. Package Received! - Awaiting Mission 1 Update - Thanks whever you are and I think I may have some idea. Rcvd an Endless Knot, a GeocoinFest 2007, and a Personal coin from the Netherlands. Really Nice Coins - Thanks
  24. Proof to beleive in the force...The Geo Force!!! Congrats - what a WOW Coin
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