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  1. Hey there Amigos! Two have been found in Texas so far, keep your fingers crossed.
  2. Well, our tradition may be a bit corny, but we enjoy it. A few years after we were blessed with the birth of our son (he's the A in DLAK Pack) we began spending Christmas Eve evening watching The Muppets Christmas Carol and eating buffalo wings (I know, not traditional Christmas treats...but we love them!) We have since added The Polar Express to the movie line up and chasing down a few caches during the day. Christmas is spent zipping to different family gatherings.
  3. I just sent my email off, hopefully in the near future we can get our first coin minted.
  4. Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster...but I have to brag. While out with the family on a very cool Texas afternoon hunting caches, we decided to grab a few caches in a local park. We hiked in and braved the briars, but it was worth it! To our surprise we found a Eartha coin!!! We had to go to Starbucks to celebrate. Thanks Delorme!!!
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