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  1. san diego geocoin is a beach related coin
  2. For a full list of coins...drop a line through email. Only interested in selling off all at once at the moment. just to clarify i have 2 sets of coins. each set is identical and has both trackable and non-trackable geocoins. Not selling for a profit. some coins orginally cost $6, some up to $9.
  3. PS: All of the coins are unregistered and still in orginal packaging.
  4. Thinking about getting into geocoin collecting? Here is a way to catch up or start with a bang. I've been collecting geocoins for a bit and have a couple of collections. Along with that are bills to pay. I have two identical collections for sale. Please email if interested. Here is a list of what is in them and if they are trackable on geocaching.com or not. Trackable on Geocaching.com United Kingdom 2005 Tennessee 2005 Mississippi 2006 Finland 2006 Iowa 2005 Deleware 2005 Missouri 2006 Kinzua 2006 Florida Signal – January 2006 Wisconsin 2005 Kansas 2006 New York 2005 Poland – Prague 2006 Georgia 2006 New Mexico 2005 Colorado 2005 Nebraska 2006 Czech 2006 Gold Czech 2006 Pewter Nevada 2006 Maine 2006 West Tennessee 2006 Frozen Bone Cache Zone Run 2006 Wales 2006 Louisiana 2006 European Union Wyoming North Carolina 2006 Central Oklahoma Ohio 2005 Arkansas 2006 Pennsylvania 2005 CITO 2006 Long Island 2006 Team Skirtlifter 2006 coin shape Team Skirtlifter 2006 lamp post shape New Jersey 2005 Rhode Island 2006 Maryland 2005 (MIGO) Scotland 2006 San Diego County 2005 (Coins that were not trackable at geocaching.com removed by moderator.)
  5. Back on track at coinsandpins.com. here is an updated image....still doing some fine tuning.
  6. A Big CONGRATS!!!! to Devhead on solving Sherlock Holmes: Case of the Dancing Men to make it to 1000 finds!!!!!
  7. still hoping that coinsandpins.com is working on the image. here is an update with less on it.
  8. Took the last two #30 from Max's Park. Left The Vulture, Team Reid, and the Flintstones orginal prints.
  9. You aren't going to find any better gas prices in England Dr. Boggis...
  10. here's what is in the works, (both children have play practice consuming much of the family time) Front side: Whitney with elevation and title From the Highest Peak poppy california 2006 tracking number Back side: To the Lowest Valley mule team (perhaps with ammo box wagons) Death Valley sign with elevation Ammo camo cow skull 2 versions limited edition silver and gold regular probably color
  11. CA 2004 Coins were mailed without a hitch at all.....all 2004 of them. When it came to CA 2005, the first 1250 of them no problems in the mail. However, the last 750 of them had terrible problems. 15 packages lost or delayed in the mail. interesting enough it was packages on the north east area. Good thing about some of the delayed, when i shipped the second, a couple of the orginal packages arrived at the same time and the cacher let me know and purchased the extra coins. Definitely think cachers on the whole are a great bunch of people.
  12. quick update. there are still some, not many, earth coins at coinsandpins.com left to purchase. get em while there are still some left don't forget if you are in europe there are coins at: CacheZone save yourself on shipping and buy from them. There are only 1000 Earth Geocoins 2006 in the world. there will be no more.
  13. WoooooHoooooo! Congrats Chuy and Habu! Also congrats to Dillon Gang who hit 1700 with us today down in Puzzle Valley! Thanks!!! A Great Big "GOOD JOB ALL" to those who hit their milestones today. Chuy i used to be real close to ya. Where'd ya go??? 2500 big ones!
  14. That sounds good. How about 9AM? No need to torture ourselves plus I need to stop for gas and coffee! 9am sounds good. sorry my phone was on vibrate
  15. i have several solved down in puzzle valley and the surrounding area
  16. Bump Sounds like fun Boomer but I'm gonna pass this time. I'm thinking of heading down to find some more puzzles I've solved. Also I'd be waking up about the time that you start hiking.... Anyhow have fun! Reeeaaally???? Which ones TG?
  17. Say what? It ain't over 'til th' fat guy sings. Some PLEASE call FATTBOY and have him sing to Harmon and Cegrube!!!
  18. Devhead and The Dillon Dad perhaps will be out there at around 8am tomorrow or sunday....perhaps both days. we have about 350 caches to find out there now....is anyone going to grab these two lunatics and take them in straitjackets to the asylum????
  19. have an email in to coinsandpins.com to ask how many they have left
  20. Thanks for your money! Did you take someone home with you???? As for our wonderful contributions on the development of the coin, thanks! Patience though on changes. i am hoping when aaron and tess send the next image, they will send the photoshop file and i can make changes faster....until then we have to wait.
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