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  1. Just sending out a GET WELL soon and a speedy recovery to you.
  2. the coin will be done! emailing brian @Groundspeak and asking him about it. don't want there to be any confusion.
  3. I agree that there is no official California geocoin, I just think that the title he's using is misleading. Interesting development! Any more thoughts on this? we can always change the date on this coin to 2007?
  4. Finished with discussion....on to mint. look for a coin in august.
  5. Looking for last comments before minting. here is a rendering of a 3-d image from coinsandpins.com. Which is prefered? 2-d with all the color or 3-d with some color?
  6. GB! and TM are in...well we are in if we are in town.... the gang's all here and willing to help
  7. I recommend setting up a Yahoo or Google Group dedicated to this. We can discuss our progress privately and invite members as needed. This would offer the best media for distribution and dioscussion of the planning process. PassingWind let us know when and where. we'll help
  8. We'll commit to 3 please. fantastic coin.
  9. Here is the latest...well not the latest artwork. working closely with my friend Elyssa at coins and pins on a 3-d version for comparison. and have already removed the poppy and s off of peaks.
  10. Another Cache Critter? Found near EZ-Inn cache in Jean, Nevada.
  11. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful hike up to El Cajon Mountain and back, I had a great time with some amazing people!! I finally got to sleep at 5AM and then got woken up at 7:30AM (kids!). I ended up doing some additional hiking with Ruscal up to the summit of Mt. Baldy (BTW...two thumbs up!) later that day, let's just say I was busted up !! If I had to do it again.......I would! You are a very sick person and your wife should check you into GHA (Geocacher Hiker Anonymous)
  12. Something for Gecko Dad. Found this in Mesquite, Nevada while caching today.
  13. It has to do with it being a california coin...not a Dillongang coin. Input is required to provide a coin that represents california. thanks for the kind words. I always have counted on your input.
  14. Prices fluctuate and eventually go up. we will do our best to keep the coin costs to a minimum. the prices stated in my last post are a best guess and highly optimistic.
  15. Currently coinsandpins.com is working on changes i asked for (looking at a well defined 3-d image on both sides with perhaps some color on the edging + a LE coin) Also been busy and have not been able (courteous enough) to send an email back to them regarding how many coins to be minted. thinking 1000 regular and 100 LE. or can go with 900 regular and 100 LE. will also talk with them about having cachezone.com sell them in Europe for our friends across the pond. Got the quote for the prices, including the LE edition and they are perfect. We should be close to $6-6.50 per regular coin, LE may be $8-8.50. (still working on the final prices on my side) Look for this great product from coinsandpins.com to get wrapped up quickly. As for Christian...perhaps another time. I am satisfied with the service and professionalism at coinsandpins.com while working on this coin.
  16. just a quick question for all in california.... would you prefer a well defined 3-d coin on both sides or a coin with color? im thinking 1000 coins for regular + 100 LE silver and gold coins in 3-d
  17. As a buyer, i haven't had a problem yet with receiving coins. As the person who sold the CA 05 and 04 geocoins i came across this dilemna. the last shipment of the 05 coins had terrible problems with shipping. i offered delivery confimation and insurance as options when purchasing. i had about 15 orders that had difficulty reaching people. one took almost 1 1/2 months to go from san diego to michigan!! i did my best to treat people how i would expect to be treated: keep in touch with them contantly ask them to give it time send a replacement free of charge w/delivery confirmation offer a refund some replacement sets mysteriously arrived on the same day as the orginal package. each time the buyer asked if they could purchase them or send them back....all purchased them. in all i hope i satisfied all buyers. not quite sure what happened with the last batch mailings. previously i sent 3000 coins without a hitch. the last 750 were a pain. based on that experience i let coinsandpins.com distribute the Earth Coin. It cost the buyer more, but no headache for me.
  18. Great job on the coin. Stayed nearby in 1988. Great place, full of history. order sent
  19. Just waiting on coinsandpins.com for a quote and the final image to determine if we can't get this one down to around $6 per coin. if we can, i'll take Marky up on his offer.
  20. Yeah, I suppose that gone are the days of the "grass roots" geocoins as well. I like to see a lot of these geocoins like these out travelling, and to do that, they need to be in the $5 range (imho). I realize that's not possible if you are having someone else sell and ship the coins. I'm fairly certain I could still do a $5 coin and not lose money (but, like you said, it is a lot of work). Maybe I will take on that work for the next Calif coin to keep the cost down. It worked out pretty well for the Calif Micro geocoin. --Marky Is that an offer??? I probably could fund the coins...the worst part of the coin business is the shipping.
  21. For one of the order sessions on the California geocoins, I collected the money first and then when i had enough had the coins minted. back then coins only cost 4-5 bucks though.
  22. Wow, that's expensive compared to previous Calif coins. I was hoping for something more in line with previous offerings so I could release some to travel. Was wondering when you'd chime in....wonder where Kealia is? its the gc.com tracking that helps contribute to the coin cost. 1.50 per coin!! previous ca coins are not trackable on gc.com and hence less money. also i didn't have to pay someone to collect cash and distribute coins. the last batch of ca coins i did cause lots of headaches with people not getting them on time...some going missing. one group took 2 months to make it to Michigan!!!! gone are the days of the $4.00 geocoin
  23. somewhere around $7-8 per coin. haven't decided whether to have coinsandpins distribute and take the cash or do it myself....its a lot of work.
  24. Very Nice watch out for that remnant CA behind CA 2006 thanks for the catch!!! whitney pic seems to have slipped also.
  25. how bout these two? going to change the font with coinsandpins.com back to the other style
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