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  1. Some good news and some bad news: Bad news: Limited edition available for sale at the moment are sold out!!!!! (so if you sent an order snail mail....send an email quick about your order) Good News: Still have regular edition available Shipping Date: hoping to hear monday from coinsandpins.com about an ETA. Our good friend Elyssa there is all over it.
  2. still have coins available. i will post when they are all gone. so until then...keep buying em. INTERNATIONAL INVOICE HAVE BEEN SENT!!!!!!
  3. your input on 2007 would be appreciated...perhaps maybe its time to hand over the ca project to new blood...
  4. Did you recieve one from GA in your mailbox yet? I sent it to ya tuesday. yes i did. ran out of time before i could send confirm. here are the rest of the orders by mail that have arrived: LakerFan599 Hidegoseek CTomGeo Webfoot EScout
  5. Your order in yet? Elyssa at coinsandpins.com is waiting to hear from the minter place about the eta. don't think we will have to wait too long. the good thing is it should arrive before ski season and winter break.
  6. Count us in for a few. condolences to the caching community and his family.
  7. still time.. All invoices...except International Orders...... were sent out today. please be patient. have to get to the post office and find out shipping for canada, germany, netherlands, england
  8. When will the paypal bill be coming out? processing them right now. had to break for dinner. i'm 1/3 of the way through.
  9. The voting is over for the icon and it has been submitted....guess you'll just have to find one of these coins out there or purchaes them to find out the results.
  10. Hey Steve. The order form instructions on the website says "you can email it as an attachment to me" but there is no e-mail address given other than the "Questions or Comments" e-mail address. What e-mail address do we use. Thanks, Dave Edit: I see that your e-mail link on the pdf form goes to the "Questions and Comments" e-mail address, so I will use that one. You may want to clarify your instructions though. How bout this: Ordering Website Here's a simple and easy way to order. send the following info to cageocoin@earthlink.net Name Caching Name Mailing address How many Regular coins If you want a Limited coin Insurance How do you want to pay? (Paypal, check, money order)
  11. Finally made it through the emails. At this point there are approximately 50 LE still available. Next step is to send out the paypal invoices. hopefully tomorrow to start that. Have to spend the rest of the night lesson planning. Updated the Ca geocoin site with shipping information Ordering Website Here's a simple and easy way to order. send the following info to cageocoin@earthlink.net Name Caching Name Mailing address How many Regular coins If you want a Limited coin Insurance How do you want to pay? (Paypal, check, money order)
  12. Just in off the presses of coinsandpins.com....the icons for the ca coin Make your comments and choose the one you think will be the best one so we can get it settled.
  13. Hope to catch up with the emails by the end of the night.
  14. if you sent it, i will be able to pull the data (most of it usually) don't worry about sending another email
  15. Saw your beautiful coin on ebay It is a neat coin. We had been working on the coin for a while in the forums so thought about the dilemna. So i sent off a few emails to the top brass and major inputers to the past CA coins and the general feeling was California is big enough for 2 coins. Even coinsidered changing the year to 2007 to avoid confusion. Sorry to hear that you had so much trouble with the forums. with your drive and talent added to the pool here in the forums, 2007 should be the coin to see!!! Don't give up on us friendly geocachers...we are just opinionated!
  16. that could be it. im using 7.0 here to create and open it. only a few of the files have worked so far.
  17. Hasn't been the best geocaching day for us here. gave up completly on the pdf file and removed it from the website. sorry to all who had the misfortune of trying it out. still working through emails.
  18. currently working through the emails..haven't made it their yet....but will send email with results Okay...have updated the website with better information on ordering using the forms (hopefully) Please be patient if you sent an email i am taking them in the order by date they arrive in my email. So if you sent an email you are on "a list" and will get more info soon. there are about 100 emails to go through right now.
  19. Well....looks like we are having difficulty with that email option on the pdf form (no it's not just you Atlanta Gal ) so here is some step by step on how to use the "submit by email" button Fill out the form Click on the "Submit by Email button Click on the "Internet Email" Button Click 'Ok" Follow the 3 steps provided by adobe. (click the "save data" button - save the file to your computer, create an email in your favorite program, then attach the file you just saved to the email Once again...i apologize for the problems with the form. hopefully we can get it ironed out quickly.
  20. i think the correct response is..... AAIIIYYEEEEE!!! My eyes are burning!!
  21. PS: Please send emails to cageocoin@earthlink.net that way it doesn't get lost in with the other emails. that address ONLY deals with orders
  22. Sent email last night asking for confirmation of my order of 4 Reg and 2 LE No response Please be patience. We are school teachers and this is the first week back for us with students. As you can imagine a bit busy. Haven't been able to get through the order yet....but if you have ordered a CA Geocoin before you know i will get to them a.s.a.p. and will send a response and the paypal invoice if indicated.
  23. For those having difficulty with the ever "Friendly" Adobe file. I have uploaded a word file to the web page. to get this file: right click on the link save target to your hard drive open with word or wordpad Edit it and attatched it back on an email ---or--- Send the following info: Name Address Geocaching Name Email Address How many Regular Would you like a Limited Edition (We are going to keep it 1 per person) Shipping total Insurance? Paypal Invoice? (2% charge for using paypal)
  24. You are going DOWN in the chili cookoff this year....even if you are a judge!!!!!
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