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  1. Should have joined us.....i'm guessing that was you with the camera today. was there with the school kids. interesting to watch them search...fall...search a little...fall......
  2. Might have be a systemic reaction rather that the common rash most people get. that is what i got. takes about a month and a half on predizone from the doctor plus some lotion once the scabs/crust is gone. even after all nasty was gone, i had a red spot there for about 2 more weeks.
  3. get's you out of the house.....making the find.......brings you to new places....making the find....get to meet great people.....making the find.....being frustrated with mathmatical impossible caches....making the find....out and about with your family and friends....making the find.....and lastly.....first to find
  4. Will have to buy some of this Technu if i want to attempt the "Fear Factor" of Marion Bear Canyon.
  5. Did yout wash the clothes you were wearing? When i came home from Tecolote Toybox i turned my clothes inside out when i took them off and put them in the washing machine by themselves.
  6. what is a CITO event??? never mind....was wandering the forums and found the answer......could be fun@!!!
  7. socal admin has been on vacation, enjoying a well deserved break. on a note along the same lines... hope to have a new cache up this weekend....a puzzle cache just for Ducswe!!!! however, not too much of a mind bender.
  8. When i create a cache, i always leave a first to find prize. that is exactly what i intend it to be....a prize for the first one there. i don't expect anyone to trade for it. if they want to trade for another item, great! but for the prize, it is theirs.
  9. 20-30 cache????? sounds too good to be true. might be game for it depending on the date. trying to break into the 300 club and 350 by june. this sunday or saturday i'm heading our to santee/lakeside to try a bunch (~20)
  10. do you want the word file we made the stickers from???? i could email it to you.
  11. Great to see everyone and meet new people. After a mad dash down the canyon for Sierra Memories......the 4deez returned victorious with the FTF. Pedro and Cyndz and Devhead also returned victorious. Fishnjack made a valiant attempt thorugh a different route and found the cache.
  12. Dillon, Will it just be you on Monday or your whole family? We also have 2 small kids and were planning on going out Monday. If your family is going, perhaps we can meet up. If not, maybe we'll run into you along the way. Have a great day! Dev Head wants to play in penesquitos canyon with us. making an attempt at this many caches i was not planning on bringing the kids with me. depending on how quick we clear the canyon, i might call the family up to do del mar. i'm always looking for people to go caching with and if they have a family with small kids even better. i have a 6 and a 3 year old (girls). they did 6 caches with me today and we are planning on doing count the palms on mission bay and dev head's tecolote multi cache tomorrow morning. probably about 9am.
  13. ask the people in the montery bay thread and the san francisco thread. they will know who the group is.
  14. if you don't find anyone soon in a couple of weeks or perhaps this weekend i will be heading up to the los angeles area.
  15. I have been planning on attacking 20-30 caches from Scripps Ranch to Mira Mesa to Penesquitos Canyon to the Del Mar Area. quite a bold attempt for me. I think Bobkat92 is planning on joining me this monday. anyone else interested? Going to do nine tomorrow morning from Mt. Helix down the 125 and west on 94.
  16. Talent! Pure Talent! What program do you use to play with the graphics? working with bobkat92 i did the work on the california geocoin in corel draw. that pic would make a great bumble button.
  17. build a fake cactus or rock, hollow out a log fromthe area and put in a container. i have done something like the above here in san diego city. took most people over 45 minutes just to find the first leg.....they had to use the hint also
  18. Cache trache problems abound everywhere. Most of the time there is at least one redeeming item in the cache. i sometimes order stuff from the oriental trading company (party supplies). sometimes i package a few things togethter in goodie bags. i have on occasion "cleaned up" the trash from a cache and replaced it with new stuff i carry in the cache bag. that way the next time a wee one comes along there is something fun for them and a find for the adult. i also when first placing a cache leave a "prize" for the first to find. i try to link it to the cache inspiration. i'm going to be placing a "game like" cache soon with special prizes for those who "win" the game. look for it soon
  19. Duscwe i'll help you out with compiling caches and creating day trip lists. i don't have enough web page skills to do the great job that Parsa did. But i can copy and paste from the web to a document. i still have the lists from Parsa in a word file. we could include a link to it for those that want to finish some of those. i also have the lists of coordinates of Gecko Dad's caving trip. what about the caches up around borrego springs and i'v heard there is some canyon and wash caches up there.
  20. Nice of you to volunteer! Anyway... not me! I'm just going along for the ride this time. I vote for the north to northeast side of the park. I still have to do all the caches in the washes, as well as the Sea to Sea ones. Parsa i don't mind attempting to create the list of caches and set up the day trips like parsa did, however i am not skilled enough yet to create the cache page with all the html language to make it look good. parsa, what do you define as the northeast part of the park?
  21. I HATE POSTING DNF! i have posted about 4 dnfs. sometimes if i sturck out i will attempt it again within a few days i won't log anything. guess i should drop a note at the cache i'm working on. i do not delete my dnfs. i have "avenged" 2 of them and the others were missing/archived soon. what i can't stand is seeing a cache page with the last 6 logs dnf and a cache owner missing/not responding to emails about the problem. anybody have any feelings about cache owners that "disappear" from geocaching and leave you wondering about where the cache is?
  22. that looks like the back side of the wind caves at fish creek (split mountain). ask Gecko Dad. he's hiked a lot of that area and would probably know where the turn off is.
  23. Okay people! It seems to me that my cache Hidden Valley Hide-Away may be too hard to find the first leg. anyone want to give it a try before i change the first leg's container??? It's the hunt that we are after....isn't it?
  24. Has or Had the best views???? Mission Trails park has/had some great views i think.
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