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  1. Here it is...the final draft! Look for the order form to arrive on the forum within the next couple of days. You will be able to fill it out on line and either email or print and snail mail it to me.
  2. here's a little help from Juan at Hersey: Tuesday: 4-6 Walmart 4840 Shawline drive Thursday: 12-2 Walmart 3382 Murphy Canyon Drive 4-6 Walmart 6211 Chula Vista Friday 12-2 WAlmart 732 Center Drive San Marcos 4-6 Walgreens 111 W. Washington in Escondido those are the locations however my street and addresses might be off. Good Hunting! I just tried to scribble down those details too - I got the same as you except for the Chula Vista one, I heard 321 I Street (at Walgreens). If anyone wants to hear the locations from the horses mouth, it's 1-888-499-KISS, and option 2 (or 4 en espanol!). apparently Juan at hersey wasn't up to date with the people driving the kissmobile...Wednesday May 11 it will be at Walmart on Shawline 4-6
  3. here is the 4th draft...and hopefully only the 5th draft to be the final. have to send my file back to kvcoins so they can adjust it.
  4. here's a little help from Juan at Hersey: Tuesday: 4-6 Walmart 4840 Shawline drive Thursday: 12-2 Walmart 3382 Murphy Canyon Drive 4-6 Walmart 6211 Chula Vista Friday 12-2 WAlmart 732 Center Drive San Marcos 4-6 Walgreens 111 W. Washington in Escondido those are the locations however my street and addresses might be off. Good Hunting!
  5. Congrats to Devhead on 500 mark!!!! Did this yesterday while out chasing a national treasure.
  6. Flagman has taken on the responsiblity of continuing the cards and geocachers post here when they find one of the cards.
  7. found the udesignit card....hee hee....hmmmmmm
  8. Look again. i stand corrected. they snuck it in on us. (guess i never really looked at the back of the coin.....will adjust the error
  9. check out the work on this coin. sorry my scanner doesn't do it justice. the dark area under the wording is actually shiny silver. going to have kvcoins try this style out. it really looks impressive and expensive when finished. (however its only about 10 cent per coin (less 60 cents for the edge) will bring in the coin at 3:30-3:50 per coin.
  10. 2004 was not on last year's coin anywhere. 2005 will be indicated in the coin tracking number. Ex. CA50001 = calif geocoin 05 number 0001. the woodend nickels will be numbered WN50001 also to indicate an 05 minting. thoughts on the images make the bridge smaller bring the redwoods onto the state. color the state gold - little less defined texture. no fancy edge recess the words on the circle back and front with color(trust me it looks cool) might go to a silver finish - skip the fancy edge (sorry folks there was a tie and my staff at work voted to break it)
  11. fresh in from KV coins. in second draft. Comments?
  12. Nurse Dave...just saw this forum today. sonds like a great idea...add me to the list if there is room!
  13. just saaw your thread about this coin. the new california is being worked on by KV coins also. if you happens to order enough...i would like to buy 4 or 5 of them.
  14. dont forget to send in your vote for fancy edge or no fancy edge. get your opinion in before 5pm tomorrow evening.....Tuesday May 3, 2005 send email to cageocoin@earthlink.net
  15. my thoughts on the edge are: it takes it to a level other coins are not. and at 3.35 to 3.50 per coin (depending on the amount ordered) it is still cheaper than washington or even colorado. i recall in the early posts people were saying "around 4-5 bucks is okay for a superior coin" Still have that opinion? my plan on shipping is using first class mail for the 0-8 coin buyers (1.50) 9-25 coins priority mail (3.85), then for larger orders probably priority mail also but i will be shipping in a box instead of an envelope (25 coins in the envelope is quite heavy) all of the coins will be individually packaged in a plastic bag with infor about tracking site and what it is. (takes a while to stuff 1500 coins) so an order for 25 with shipping would still be only 3.65 per coin.....that's a heck of a deal for what we are getting i think.
  16. Okay folks. its time for the poll on what type of edge. Here's how to vote: send an email to cageocoin@earthlink.net state in your subject line: fancy edge and the type of edge (rope or close cut) no fancy edge i will tally the votes on tuesday night May 3, 2005 o get your fingers tapping the keys to send in those votes. the coins will $4.00 or under either way.
  17. i was looking at the close cut edge. i think it would make our coin stand out. Marky. your email through geocaching.com isn't working for me. it keeps sending it back saying its spam. send me an email with how to get the pdf to you for ordering
  18. Lets get ready to....wait just a little more time. Today i signed on the dotted line to have KV Coins make our ca geocoin. they are going to fine tune the graphics design and send an image for us to check out. Look to the California Geocoin Site for more up to date info ( as soon as i can get it to Marky) Pricing: if we order 1000 coins with a fancy edge it will be 3.50 per coin. if we order 1000 coins without the fancy edge it will be about 2.90 per coin click the link below to check out the edge (close cut diamond edge) edge options i think these will really dress up the coin and we will still remain under $4.00 all that is left is how to get them to you. i will be investigating shipping options with us mail. Is there anyone willing to be a distribution center in northern ca? central ca? LA? as soon as we have the final image it will be time to send in your money. we will have about 4-6 weeks to get it all in. (if more money comes in than for 1000 coins, i will add 500 more coins to the order and send money back if necessary for a cheaper price ~.10 per coin)
  19. currently in negotionas with KV Coins. pice is right and the other coins look great. you can check out their work at: KV Coins
  20. Marky, how difficult would it be to use alphabet on the tracking site? (CA1001 or WN1001) do you have some suggestions on how to track the new ca coin and the nickel? tried to send you email..but it keeps getting kicked back because of your spam filter.
  21. any suggestions for the nickel....there won't be any color on either side. this is the final chance form input before it heads to the minter. will probably take off the center circle to make room for the words in a larger size.
  22. A belated Congrats to those who earned it: TT for 2000+ Chuy and Ginger for 1000 on another note, the Second Coming of the California Geocoins is on its way to a mailbox near you. check the CA Geocoin forum for updates or the official site The Official California Geocoin Site
  23. i have sent the designs for the california geocoin to four manufacturers and am awaiting responses from them....most of them say the turn around time is about 4-6 weeks. as for the nickel...should be done today and on its way to acpilot for minting. any ideas for a better slogan on the front of the nickel?????
  24. breaking your arm didn't slow you down....have to fall back on the age old fix-all....get that boy married!!!! it works!
  25. guess its time to get an "info" update to marky for posting. will work on it tomorrow night.
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