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  1. The YMS #16's are all still in production. Max's Fav will be full up in the morning, I suspect....

    Must say we are honored to have a place in the YMS card series. harmon, devhead and flagman...great job. can't wait to see it in our hands. that mailbox cache may be some inspiration.......

  2. Yikes, I touched off a debate. Sorry.


    nothing wrong with debate....as long as it is civil, people will benefit from all points of view.


    if i remember correctly there was a medical study on married couples that debated(argued) versus those that had little conflict....turns out those that had "arguements" more often stayed married than those who kept it all in.


    so its in our best interests to debate...keeps ya heathly!

  3. What with the growing tendency to carpet-bomb the countryside with pre-found, "bring your own pencil" micro caches and with the increasing number of Geocachers that play fast and loose with the intent of Geocaching the enjoyment is on decline in my view.


    A recent log entry for Aubrey's Cache remarked "It's nice to find a cache container that we could put something in."

    Hear, Hear!!!!

  4. The Wait list....


    If you are on the wait list, please hang in there. i think i may have ordered enough to accomodate you...also waiting for those who haven't paid yet. I will give them one more week and another email then cross them off the list and take the first person on the wait list.

  5. KV Coins are doin good by me with the CA Geocoin order. Design phase 9, Contact 5, Timeline? I chose to skip the sample coins phase. They have been accomodating to me changing the amount ordered. Easy to talk to on th phone, little slow with the email. asked for samples and they sent a bunch. so far, realitivly pleased with my experience with their company.


    I also worked with Pressed Metal up in Canada...great customer service, easy to work with in the design process, and great coins.

  6. CA Geocoin Ordering is closed as of now! We have went over the limit.


    (couldn't figure out why people were still ordering...forgot to put this notice...i will try to accomodate as many who have order. i will do this in the order i have received payment)

  7. hope to update the list soon...Team Hyndckr....still looking for your Paypal receipt, i know i have it and you are good to go for your order. drop me an email at cageocoin@earthlink.net so i have a better shot at finding your order quickly....thanks for your patience

  8. The Things I Learned From a Gecko!

    • 9f8567b5-0a17-40bc-8923-02a0b9614c65.jpg
    • Geckos are really fast!
    • Always wear 2 pairs of socks when hiking (prevents blisters)
    • There's always time for pictures
    • Nature is for enjoying....then leaving it the same for someone else to enjoy
    • Geckos adapt well to heat....even if its a dry heat
    • Even with a busted knee cap, a gecko can out run an outlaw
    • Geckos distain car caching, but are willing to compromise


    Thanks again Gecko Dad for joining me on a wonderful adventure. The company was great! What a team!

  9. Congrats Steve on 1 :)  :)  :) !


    I'll get there someday!  B)  I was happy to get my "Gorilla" this weekend up at Big Bear!!!  :o We all had a blast up there!


    How did you guys do out at Palm Springs?


    Thanks all for the Congrats!!!! We did Paradize Found for 1000.


    134 would be the official count i believe. we stopped saturday around 12:30 - 1ish for lunch and decided to head home to our families for the big number 2000 Team Gecko and 1000 The Dillon Gang (could have made it to 179 or so)

  10. Don't want my bidness fixed, no suh.

    Glad there's no pic of me floating around or I'd find myself in with Jake and Elwood.....or worse! :)

    Sounds like a challenge to Harmon!?!


    On another note:


    Best Buy has Paint Shop Pro9



    -30.0 instant rebate


    -30 upgrade mail in rebate (check the rebate you might be able to use photoshop)

    -20 mail in rebate


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