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  1. Below is the preliminary design. It's pretty close to final, but I may need to move the "Est. 2003" and the serial number.




    I will be creating a new thread try and get a notion of how many to order. I'll have a mailing list to get on as well so you can be kept abreat of the progress and availablity.


    Can you spot the nod to a short story based in the South Carolina Lowcountry? It represents the love of puzzle caches many of us have.

    love this coins just as it is. i think the side with color looks great and the side without is great too....have several samples from kvcoins (they send ya samples if you ask them) that are like this coin and the result is awesome.


    ps....who's doing your coinwork????? would love to talk photoshop withthem

  2. Is there a waiting list for this? I printed out the order form online, but I see here that they may already be sold out.


    Please let me know.

    send an email to cageocoin@earthlink.net with how many you are looking for and that you would like to be on the wait list

  3. 14273174-5253-4b43-9ce0-172c059342f2.jpg


    Here's my homework...sorry its late, my dog at the first one, there was a flood, a fire.....


    played around quite a bit with drop shadow and heres what i learned:

    • if you have the drop shadow properties window open, you can drag the shadow around in the photo.
    • you can change the color of the shadow and it seems to make the same adjustment as changing the opacity

  4. I'm fixin' to load up the family and move to 'Beverl...um, The Forbidden Forest (GCME1Z) tonight around 9pm if anyone want to join us. Cell is 858-361-7662 to make contact.


    Man, 9pm is nearly past my bedtime!

    just did it. it was a blast! although the little ones raised quite a ruckus as we found each marker.

  5. Okay croppers and photo editors....check out the Best Buy add in the sunday paper!


    Paint Shop Pro 9

    Reg Price $99.99

    Instant rebate $50.00

    Upgrade rebate $30.00*

    Grand Total = $19.99


    *Note about the upgrade. read the fine print. it says that if you own adobe photoshop elements, any Corel Draw product and a few others you qualify for the rebate.

  6. I think I read somewhere that in order for it to be trackable on gc.com, it would cost $1.50 per coin for the tracking number and there would have to be a minimum of 1500 coins.

    with more and more people collecting these coins....1500 coins is a reachable....i sold 1250 in about 2 weeks for california

  7. reasonable price for the coin is around 3.50 most manufacturers i talked to were able to meet these prices. seem like after that its making a profit. unless you are ordering silver...


    i did not make any money doing geocoins...not a business thing for me. just fun

  8. signature items are colected by many. i haven't seen many push back pins, but have seen a couple of really great nickels. some even have geocoins. is it worth the investment...up to you!! geocaching is what you bring to it and what you receive from it that makes it fun.

  9. OK, here's my artwork. I don't live in Nevada but I visit there several times a year and one time I stumbled upon Project Shoal (while caching of course), hence the explosion. Then before geocaching I used to off-road and we were always told to watch out for the wildlife (which we did!), so that's why the tortoise is there. Finally, like the CA geocoin, I put in the centroid, N 39° 19.800 W 116° 37.933. So there you have it!




    Niiiicccceeeee!!!! that design looks very familiar :ph34r: how did you get the color aspect in?

  10. News to those who are in on the first order of the New Ca Geocoin....


    KV coins says that they will be sending them to me on July 1. Hope to get them packaged and sent out by the following weekend.


    If you are on the wait list...please do not send money!!! it will just be refunded to you. I have ordered a few extras and will start at the top of the wait list and notify you by email...

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