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  1. Wandering around the forums trying to avoid what i should be doing....shopping and projects around the house... currently i am with nursedave's group. might be able to sway me into a local group. nurse dave takes care of all the ordering....all i have to do is send him money. quite easy for me....not so for nurse dave
  2. Sory for the late-ness of the post but.... Congrats Tailgators on 800!!!
  3. Ah Hem..point of order......this is lesson 7 not 6 (cast shadow) Keeep em coming Harmon...someday this stinkbug may be a grasshopper.
  4. I am putting mine together for a driving trip to Denver. Used the above mentioned method of intersecting pocking queries. However, i used a different method. i load all of the pq's into gsak. then create a mapsend file (i use a magellan) next i follow the route im taking on the mapsend, when i see a cache i want i unflag it in gsak run a filter in gsak for unflagged caches and upload the gpx files into my gps.
  5. anyone remember who was making geocaching cards kinda like yrium's pals but they were of nature surrounding the cache placements?
  6. glad you all liked the coins. honored as many requests as possible. 2006? hmmmmm! if you are interested in more 2005 coins....send an email to cageocoin@earthlink.net ask to be put on the wait list. there will be one more order of 755 coins only (ends the run at 2005 just like we ended 2004 at 2004) the coins will cost a little bit more because of the low number being ordered. cost should hopefully be no more that $4.50 (hopefully less).
  7. This just in ...Rocket Man's try-out for the Village People
  8. Either very naughty or just not nice.....depends on what "weenie" you are talking about.
  9. North, South, Central New Jersey....who cares.....it ain't Cal-i-forn-i-a!!! We miss you T.T. seems to be a slow down in the FTF races. One cache sat almost 4 hours before FTF. Beware of the Happy Fun Ball New Jersey (and the rest of East Coast)....it can unleash devastingly insane caches that may explode your brain.
  10. Idiosyncratic!!!! Yeah Baby! 500! Thats a milestone. I remember that one....
  11. i seem to be a bit behind in my homework..Harmon can you post the last couple of lessons on your webspace so i can download them (text stuff)
  12. Anybody out there know if there is a major event happening on mission bay September 24/25? Boat Races? Marathons? Geocaching Picnics? (thinking of moving Geo-Rock-Tober to Sept cause of another major event cache....Splashette's Truckhaven campout at the end of October.
  13. stopped by Max's Place and lifted 2 reg princess, 1 misprint, trailgators and the night hunter card.
  14. It ain't goodbye...you are that far from home. we will miss you here but hope you visit. Who's going to run the Paperless caching event? Thanks for your contributions to caching here in san diego. because of you many people are now "paperless" Hope you move goes well. PS: i heading to denver on the 16th of this month.....ready to cache?????
  15. keep open the second weekend 8/9 in october for us.... keep open the last 10 29/30 weekend for the Splash convention in Truckhaven. something on Oct 1???? gonna be a busy event month.
  16. Coming soon to a location near you..... GEO-Rocktober Fest Sponsored by the Dillon Gang and Bob & The Three Bears....and a few other geocachers who don't know they have been...uh...or will be included in the planning of it.
  17. how bout "Silly Parent, Caching for Kids" "Geocache - It's Great to Be a Kid"
  18. Way to go GRNZoom!!!!! 500! on another note... Anyone hungry for pizza and geocoins? PQ Mommy? Princess?
  19. GEOCOIN PICKUP AND PURCHASE What: CA Geocoin distribution in San Diego Where: N 32° 46.233 W 117° 09.007 Time: 1pm 2:30ish Come cool your insides at Maggie Moo's and pick up your coins. There are about 70 coins left to purchase. Coins go for $4.00
  20. Actually, that not what I meant but I needed to know that stuff too and I was interested before but maybe I forgot to respond. Anyhow, what I meant was you never including the step where we add the victim in place of the dolphin! we were all interested.....just a bit late on the assignment
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