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  1. Pizza?? Beer?!!!!! A little caching perhaps?
  2. A Big Huzzah to all who reached milestones in our absence from the forums. and now for new business... CONGRATS to DEVHEAD and THUNDER-4 for reaching 1700 Finds today!!!
  3. There was a CD ROM made up that that contained all of Yrium's log entries. There were 10 of them placed in the "Yrium Celebration Letterbox Cache". (Harmon should remember this cache because he found it by stumbling upon it instead of solving the puzzle. I also found it by stumbling on it, but I at least knew it was in the area because I had read Harmon's log and I was wondering if I could spot it on my way to another cache -- which I did...) I took one of them and after reading the logs (As others have already said -- ripping stuff!) I dropped it off in some other cache... Perhaps Gecko Dad, FlagMan, Dillon Gang or whoever pulled it together still has the master... I believe Gecko Dad or FlagMan has the orginal cd of the logs. i still haven't made it up to the Celebration cache to write our note to Yruim.
  4. Dillons, y' done good. It was nice that the entire gang was along for the three-thousandth find. After receiving your lifeline call this morning I'm happy being able to say that you couldn't have done it without me. Where's a recent shot so's we can see how much the young Dillon's have grown since your thousandth find? Thanks for the congrats and the help Harmon. it would have been more difficulty without the lifeline call. was getting ready to push Devhead out of the way and search that spot....that was his side of the bridge. i posted a pic of the find...on the cache page.
  5. I already told work and the Geowife that I will be out of town this time next year. They all think I'm mad...MAD I TELL YOU!!! WELL, I'LL SHOW THEM WHO'S MAD!!! D! i told the wife the family would be vacationing in sacramento next year for memorial day!!!! 200+ caches is the goal
  6. how bout a morning run through otay truck trail and lunch in dulzura? or breakfast in dulzura with a run over to the prison (that way we can beta test all the puzzles that fall out of your jeep )
  7. maybe if you responded to your email. just got home from a honey do outing. never done the run before. have no idea where to start. figured on starting at one end or the other. wife just arrived to tell me she lost her phone....have to postpone this adventure to instead deal with this cel phone problem.
  8. Would love to cache Otay Truck Trail on sunday. anyone interested in clearing a bunch of caches down there?
  9. was actually thinking more about this one....how bout a 60's coin with Haight Ashbury /woodstock. and do it in tye dye colors take a geo trip man or Geo-Tripping
  10. sounds like agriculture is definitely in....other side tech?? both sides agriculture (north vs south)
  11. look for the coin to come out from oakcoins.com. the design is now theirs. i am working on funding the calif. 2007 geocoin.
  12. Dave, we have been out of the forums for a while and didn't cache up on the sorrowful news. Sorry to hear about your father. He is in our prayers as are you. If you need anything, don't hesitate to call. we can help be your lifeline steve and the gang
  13. something started by fluttersby.....thought you NYC people would like to see it.... if you want help putting your design to artwork ready for coin production...drop a line.
  14. sorry bout the delay, i have finished the I-80 project and have begun work on the California 2007 geocoin using your ideas. i will post the final of the I-80 coin as welll as the first draft of the ca 2007 coins soon before after
  15. ya'd think there wasn't anymore room on the strand!
  16. Can I make it a level 5 puzzle? how bout we keep your puzzles in puzzle valley???? hmmmm???? why create animosity with our southern neighbors by torturing them?
  17. Welcome lowracer and lowracers_baby! You will really like it here! I moved out here with my family from the last place we lived (northern Illinois) 10 years ago, and we have no plans to ever move back to coldland! Being native born and brewed here in SD we've been trying to send him back for a long time Welcome to the family! Some of the best cachers in the world live here!!!!
  18. Nah... He'd just start hiding 'em with topo maps... What you need to take away is his boots and walking stick... ...but it wouldn't do any good anyway. He's probably got hundreds of caches already placed, just waiting for the right moment to be announced. Maybe we can get him "unauthorized" so that he can't pass by signs that say "authorized personel only"
  19. Someone PLEASE take T.R. Violin's gps away!!!
  20. have to scratch the morning attack on Kwaay...partner has knee problem. hope to attack soon.
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