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  1. i'll buy 50...put me on the wait list....oh, did you really think i was going to buy those...i had second thoughts just send me 1
  2. going to send email with image to Groundspeak and talk about tracking and perhaps having them produce...if not will go into production and hope to deliver by christmas
  3. glad to see them gettig there...i was getting worried. have some late orders that i have been holding to see whats up
  4. that would be the wonderful colorado admin's efforts to convince gc.com
  5. Still looking for mine in the mailbox,mailed from CA to WV on 9-20 then my coins should be here before the weekend! yours were actually mailed out last week....sorry about that. when i entered that i thought i had all the coins out...found a bag under the kitchen table. so a better update would be: anyone that ordered 1 or two coins was mailed last thursday
  6. Interesting...another cacher from Michigan hasn't receieved theirs yet either. Wonder whats up?
  7. go back to my details and re-choose your avatar
  8. it is one of the final choices. will leave it up to nscaler...its his idea
  9. really? must have been in the first batch then....some just look red but are really not. others are reallly red. have to wipe em down to see. in the last 755 coins made there were only 11 red coins....i counted ever single coin to check that we had them all.
  10. orange hippo was working on it...he's mending at the moment
  11. Yum M&Ms!!! lets get eating!!!!! sounds like a great project. been meaning to get that one done...made a couple attempt when it was well. when is the party?
  12. all the orders except the following have headed out to their respective new homes Mailing tomorrow: international last minute ordering
  13. all the orders except the following have headed out to their respective new homes Mailing tomorrow: international last minute ordering
  14. i take 1 or 2 when you are ready. they look great!!!
  15. boy, did i sound like a total snob in that last post! didn't mean to come across like that.
  16. kinda like the back side of the 2005 ca geocoin???? i think kv coins did a great job on the 3-d work on that side. getting to production take a bit to satisfy the majority of the people. dropping in the satellite was the last step i believe. perhaps Tandemaniacs would like to utilize her art skills to put the final touches on the earth design and we could team up for production. designing coins is great fun....producing and distributing them can be a pain.
  17. quite possible. where was his comment in the coin developing process? i am sure that the earth geocoin project would have be happy to turn everything over to her By the way....love the idea of the words around the edge.
  18. Wrong answer here! the 2004 geocoin we broke even on. sold for barely enough to cover postage. the 2005 geocoin was sold the same way. (second batch cost a little more and lost money on the first batch)
  19. why would you copy something that is already started and near completion? Are you not aware of the Earth Geocoin project?
  20. anything dak girls.... Zis is Kaos by Flagman
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