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  1. Here is a stoooopid question........which thread do I go to to ask for help ......I just got a palm pilot......Yes I know.....FINALLY moving into the modern age. I was so impressed last Weekend at all the info on the palms i went and got myself one.

    I downloaded GSAK but how do I move my PQ as a whole to GSAK....maybe there is not a way....and then of course the most burning question......how do I get the stuff from GSAK to my new faithful palm pilot. The palm p has had a chance to talk to my jeep and is now fearful for its life......whos to blame it....took my jeep in today for an oil change......the guy mumbled something about women, jeeps, rocks, scratches........Sigh.......

    1) Download Cachemate.

    2) Using GSAK go to File/Export/Cachemate PDB File...

    3) Synch your Palm to your PC

    4) Open Cachemate and import to unfound items.


    Check out this cache page for more help!

    I was one of the "Many Others!" for that event.

    It was fun installing the CAT5 at that school!

    We had a great turnout too! :huh:

    getting the pocket query into GSAK


    Download your pocket query to the desktop.


    drag the folder onto the GSAK icon if you have it


    release the mouse.


    it will automatically open GSAK and ask you if okay to open the file.

  2. I was thinking of asking for a pair of walkie talkies for xmas! I'm one of these people that can never thing of anything I want and I suddenly got this idea from the San Diego Events thread today! So would you guys have any recommendations on a pair of good walkie talkies? What features do I want/don't want, etc.? I'm looking for something reasonably priced!

    bought mine in a two pack from costco. motorolas. have the ability to send 12miles ( supposed to have a FCC card to used that frequency though) price is about $50-$70

  3. Okay. Here's the update:


    This is a reality!


    talked with grounspeak, they gave the okay for the image


    talked with coinsandpins.com today.


    What will definitely be on the coin:

    • geocaching.com tracking
    • a custom icon for gc.com
    • either 1000 or 1500 coins to be made
    • no special edition metals or secret coins for pals
    • the western and eastern hemispheres of the earth in 3-D
    • a satellite with geocaching G and colors
    • most likely made from nickel
    • the year
    • Geocache Earth
    • Where on Earth is that Geocache

    Third Rock from the Sun or The World is Our Playground may be on the coin also.



  4. and what happened to Otay/Proctor Valley?

    I think TrailGators idea of doing that after the Bear Valley ones would be good (assuming we don't start at 7am THAT day! :D )

    whats wrong with 7am??? <_< A little cup of coffe or Red Bull to get you going and its all good

    I like to have an extra "e" with my coffe! :rolleyes:

    looks like its time for another dose

  5. Look for tomorrows headline "Geocacher discovers body of homicide victim"

    Yes, its true....while hiking off Banner Grade Lori, of B.R.A. came across what appeared to be human remains (leg bones) and a short distance away the dreded shallow grave. The Sheriff Dept is treating it as a crime scene (and no, her husband is not missing).......talk about geo swag....More details to follow. :D

    Yuck, Gross, and Creeepy!!

  6. and what happened to Otay/Proctor Valley?

    I think TrailGators idea of doing that after the Bear Valley ones would be good (assuming we don't start at 7am THAT day! :D )

    whats wrong with 7am??? :rolleyes: A little cup of coffe or Red Bull to get you going and its all good

  7. The Dillon Dad has been given the oakey dokey from the Dillon Boss to run Bear Creek on Saturday. I plan on trying to start my run at 7am. if i finish that...on to the Sandy Creek caches i haven't done. have to be home by 3pm for birthday party setup. Any takers? Will be driving the 4x4 with room for 5.

  8. When the California coin came out they ended up with I think, 10 coins that had red numbering and tossed them in the hat. I thought that was a kind of cool think.


    Some times the manufacturer screws up. the red numbered coins were a screw up from the manufacturer so i checked all of the coins from the second batch and counted up the screw ups. rather than trash them i tossed them in and mixed up the whole batch.


    the only reason there was 2 orders (1250 and 755) is the amount of intial money required to make them so i split the ordering phases...always intended on the amount of coins to equal the year made.

  9. As many people have emailed me wanting to drop their requests for the Nevada coin, as the southern Nevada group of geocachers have come out with their own Nevada coin - I am dropping this one as I do not care to invest heavily in something that may not even break even.... and many people do not care to purchase two versions of the "Nevada state coin".


    Can't blame anyone but myself for the long delay in getting mine produced... that's life right??





    Orange Hippo

    i wouldn't worry about not breaking even....just with the coin groups alone you will be able to sell 500 coins. i think you could sell 1000 no problem.

  10. Who's want to join me to complete the Proctor Valley Monster Cache? (GCG0A2)


    I know Team Adelos wanted to do it at a full moon.  I'm thinking next Saturday or Sunday night at about 6 p.m. I'm not sure the moon will be full then but at least there WILL be a moon.

    We have a wedding on Saturday, but maybe Sunday. :signalviolin: I will have to see what is gong on. I never get out as much as I want to! We have been wanting to do that one for some time. Weather has to be good though. I dont think you want to be out there if it is raining...



    sunday is good for part of the Dillon Gang

  11. I'm guessing there will be an order page stuck up when everything is finalized. Correct? Or are you taking preorders off the forum here?

    there will be a pre-order/order webpage up when all the details are complete and there is a price on the coin.

  12. define "price range" teachers like me can get it for a really nice price. i don't mind sharing the wealth.

    It looks like it's around $400-$500 for a non-student. I could probably swing $100-$150. How nice a price do they offer students/teachers? :rolleyes:

    i can get the CS2 Suite for about $359


    Just photoshop CS2 is about $268 (should be cheaper than that..have to look into it at other educaiton supply houses)

  13. Not helpful at all. Harmon has been giving lessons for Photoshop (which most people have) so we better just stick with that!  :D

    Well, unless I become a student (unlikely) :D , CS2 is a bit out of my price range, so I'll do my best to interpret the lessons!

    define "price range" teachers like me can get it for a really nice price. i don't mind sharing the wealth.

  14. That's a good question.


    Who do you think is out there deserving cards who's not got one yet?


    I would love to see cards for:


    d-jollymon.  (Hey 'mon.  there's got to be some Jamaican ting one could do 'ees

    card 'mon.)




    Radical Geezer




    couple other deserving ones (but not all)... Flagman should be busy for awhile. :D


    Toby's Gang

    Lucky Kid & Proud Parents

    HelBob Duo

    Team Reid

    Tinfoil-Hat Head & Wall-Eyed Nutbag


    blonds run amuck

    Let's Look Over Thayer

    Snake & Rooster


    Those all all some good suggestions and there are plenty of others that you didn't mention! But you all can make it happen by finding the card! I've already found it twice so I'm letting some others find it! I don't want to be a card hog! :D


    It's been awhile since we had a race for it. I'd still like to see a webcam used!! Or maybe we could all vote for the nuttiest photo of someone that is posted on the Banter site! :D

    i have found it twice also...hmmmm perhaps a hat trick...


    what about Chuck B. ??????

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