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  1. Here is the latest update on this loooonnnnggg drawn out project.

    • Coinsandpins.com is minting, selling, shipping this coin
    • The final artwork and die setup have been completed
    • Coinsandpins.com has added a new shipping option to their site for first class mail (yeah!!!)
    • There will be 1000 made at the moment. 700 available in the U.S. and 300 available in Europe
    • As soon as the coins arrive at Coinsandpins.com they will sell them
    • They are not taking pre-orders
    • Price should be $7.00 - 7.50 per coin ( i think its 7)
    • Image is of the set up. Using the previous image for color and detail



    (ps. Geocrickets...i have your emails saved and will alert you)

  2. Duganrm, if you're willing to play navigator I could definitely use one. I pick up the car at 9:00 AM Sunday. Although it looks like you've already hit many of the caches I'd like to... are there any that you have on your list that you're just waiting for someone to tag along with? I don't mind hiking a few miles or going underground, and snakes don't bother me. And if there's a nice view I'm there. Having never been to the desert, perhaps there are some there I should shoot for?


    I think Forbidden Forest looks really cool, and would love to do that as a group hunt one of the nights I'm there. Some of the puzzle caches look really neat too (ie Local Treasure) but I'm not sure I'll be able to crack them with the limited time I have available.

    I am not worried about if I have already done the cache or not (already started making plans to return to where I went last weekend). I do it more to get out of the house. There are only a few caches in San Diego that I don't plan on doing. Since you are only in town for a short period, I would rather hit the ones that interest you. I am slowly working on all the different puzzles around the county if there are ones of those that you are interested in.


    Forbidden Forest isn't far from where I work so I plan to come watch (and maybe laugh) at you guys while you do it. :smile:


    might want to solve "The MiddleFinger" if you are heading to the forest...really simple puzzle if you are a computer nut. La Jolla area might just be the place to cache. great view and quite a few caches.

  3. I was going to recommend the Park and Ride at 15 and the 56/Ted Williams Parkway. :cute:


    thinking of heading up there without the rest of the gang. i can stop at the P/R at 15 and Ted Williams and pickup up people. the truck holds six people if ya feel friendly. then meet up at the other park and ride farther up.

  4. There will be positive and negative remarks regarding every company, it is part of the business. People have to make decisions regarding what they want and history plays a part in that.



  5. In order to provide the other side to the story here is KVcoins response to the posting of their last email:


    Hello All - one of you forwarded my email requesting assistance to <name removed by moderator> (see email below)... not sure why you would do that - but I think the Geo Community deserves to hear the "whole story" about Ross's unhappiness with KV Coins - here you go...



    <Name removed by moderator> has promised people coins by a certain date - didn't get the coins as a result of the US Post Office misplacing his package - and now he is trying to slander our reputation to save his own.



    Evidently he was selling coins he didn't have - and since one of the boxes we mailed him was lost by the USPS - he is attempting to make KV Coins look bad - so that he won't.



    His coins were mailed – and he received 2 of 3 boxes… the first box was damaged – by the United States Postal Service = Not Our Fault. The third box is late – apparently lost… again, by the USPS, again not our fault.



    It is too soon for us to file a claim to search for his missing package – we are required to wait 14 days – until 9 Feb. Ross had the option to pay for rush shipping (which would guarantee the delivery date) he declined… he never even told us he had a specific suspense date until after one of the boxes of coins turned up missing in the USPS system. We’ve made it clear to Ross that his package has left San Antonio – We have proof that it was mailed – It is Insured – and it will be recovered… or the coins will be remade:



    1. We will file a voucher for the lost coins if they don’t show up by 9 Feb.

    The post office requires us to wait 14 days – until 9 Feb.


    2. We will remake the lost coins and ship them to him as quickly as possible.


    Production & Delivery will be approx 4 weeks



    When it was clear his coins were arriving late - we offered to help <Name removed by moderator> sell the coins – using our online website… but nothing we said or offered (including discounts on future orders) have made him happy - his only goal now is too make us look bad - so that he won't look bad. He’s attacking our credibility and trying to destroy our reputation… based on a mistake of the USPS.



    Those of you with experience in the sells business (custom made products) know that for every 100 satisfied customers, you always have a small percentage of customers that are going to complain about something – it’s the reality of sells – and All Coin Companies have some customers that complain about something. The reason KV Coins is being slandered so badly in the Geo Forums – is because we have so many Geo Customers – and the folks with positive experiences haven’t spoken up. Our only problem is that our satisfied customers – which are the Far Greater Majority – aren’t speaking up on our behalf. The sad part is that a lot of the negativism I’m reading on the forum is from people that have never bought from us before! I’m amazed that Geo Cachers that have never purchased products from us are chiming in with negative comments based on rumors or stories they’ve heard from other people – hear say.



    I feel sorry for <Name removed by moderator>... after numerous emails trying to reason with him and explain to him that a late package of coins isn't the end of the world - and telling him the KV Coins would bend over backwards to help him recover and fix the lost package dilemma - he has refused to handle this in a rational manner. He demands a solution everyday – when he knows we can’t file a missing package form at the post office until 14 days have passed. His latest threating email (below) completely ignores the fact that our hands are tied. The worst part is that he is posting his irrational/misdirected anger towards us on the Geo Forum. <Name removed by moderator> seems hell bent on proving that his life's destroyed because the Post Office hasn't delivered his coins yet... and somehow KV Coins is responsible – which is completely false.



    We offered to help him any way we could - but he isn't interested... he would rather slander our reputation to save his own.



    I feel sorry for him.



    PS: Whomever sent the last email to him can feel free to forward this email to him also.



    Ken Davis


    Co-Owner, KV Coins

  6. Here is my two and 1/2 cents:


    I have used KVcoins to make the 2005 California Geocoin. I think they did a fantastic job on rendering both sides of the coin. I am extremely please about the back side of the coin with the gold miner. I ordered 2005 geocoins from them in two different batches. I received the first batch no problem. The second batch was delayed because KVcoins noticed that the engraving of the numbers was not completed on the coins, so they went through the whole batch and verfied the coins before sending....that is customer service! They notified me with updates throughout the whole process.


    I have used other companies:


    Pressed Metal in Canada and am currently working with coinsandpins.com for the earth coin as well as the final Ca geocoin. they have both have their ups and downs. you just have to understand that there are things that you and your manufacturer cannot control....postal service and ups.


    PS: The Wyoming coin looks GREAT!

  7. So far, I have found the low of $499.00 online.  I will keep an eye out. :lol:  I wonder if the antenna will support the future 'indoor' gps system.

    GPSDiscount has them for 509.00 with the US TOPO CD, carrying case and a pack of rechageable batteries



    for newbies like me it is a great deal since I dont have the TOPO maps yet


    still a lot of money though :lol:

    contact hobbycache.com about the complete package. that is where i purchased my 60cs, autonav kit (with v7)+ topo for about $620. they really can do wonders with autonav kits and maps. easy to work with and will tell you yes or no if they can save you money.

  8. I sure hope you guys don't tire easily of Noobs. I have a couple of beginner questions. I have been working on a learning how to layer. If an image I'm layering to another photo goes out of frame. How do I resize the background layer to fit the new layer? And that brings me to the second Noob question. I could show you where I'm at and what I'm doing but... :huh: How do I upload a picture into the forums?



    to upload your picture to the forums:


    • take a cache page you have logged or own
    • upload a picture to it
    • open the link to the picture
    • copy the url from the address bar
    • go to the forum
    • click IMG
    • paste in the url

    you can go back to the cache page and delete the pic and it doesn't delete it from the server so it stays in the forum.

  9. Guess my second question is: Does anyone have a program that will convert the UTM coordinates to a format that GPS Coordinate Grabber can convert to something usable?

    Jeff / drexotic

    does anyone know if mapsource or mapsend can import an excel file? managed to convert the list into excel. was thinking one of the mapping programs can import it. then change your corrdinates to min deg sec.

  10. Anyone planning on ordering some extras?  I'd like to team up with someone or a group of people to order and have one person redistribute, I'll pay the cost of the coin plus shipping. 


    How many coins can be shipped for the one pound rate of $4.10?  At least 10 (depending on coin weight) I would thing, that's $0.49 per coin to the first person and then what $1.50 to mail on to the second person.......$2 shipping sounds much better to me.


    If someone wants to team up or form a group let me know.

    LOVE!!!! your thinking OutdoorLady79, sounds like the forming of a coin group. :lol: if you need help with a spreadsheet, let me know. have one set up for ca geocoins.


    as for the flat rate $7.00 box, i think they said somewhere around 100 coins...you would have to email them about it..


    Most companies are approachable and you can ask them questions about setting up different deals....doesn't cost you anything to send an email to the company.


    Coinsandpins.com has a great reputation in the coin making industry for honesty and producing great product. they are easy to contact and respond fairly quickly. if you have questions regarding shipping policies, i would suggest you contact them through email or give them a call...they would be happy to talk to you.

  11. Here's some more updates:


    4.10 is priority shipping + delivery confirmation. after the experience with the last ca geocoin order of "30 missing shipment" going this route is the safest way to ensure delivery and the manufacturer eating costs in having to replace lost shipments.


    if you buy any coin from coins and pins, that is the shipping method, even if it is not a geocoin.


    for our European caching friends:


    we are working on a distribution center in europe where we will ship a batch of coins and then distribute from there saving a lot on postage for you. sounds like a great option to help reduce costs to you.


    • When the details are completly finalized, you will see information on the coinsandpins.com site.
    • coins produced on this venture have been reduced to only 1000 made


    Handling: .75cents per order


    Shipping: Priority Mail $4.10 (might have other options..not sure yet)


    Boy and people complained about $3.33 from the other company and now it's $4.85 for just one coin! :mad:

    that's .75 per order....if you order 1 coin, 5 coins, 10 coins or more....still .75cents not so on "the other" site being quoted.


    as for the shipping. the quote is on the way to me tomorrow. i have discussed options with them and we'll have to see what it says.

  13. Thanks for the update!

    Privat sale or on a commercial geocoin website?

    the coin manufacturer will take orders, payment, and responsibility for shipment.


    after dealing with collecting money for 2000 california coins then getting the shippment, packaging, and then heading to the post office to ship them, i thought this option would be better. less hassle for me....and my family who i pressed into service to count and repackage the coins.

  14. Okay folks!!!! Finally have the merchant locked in on the earth coins.


    Coinsandpins.com will be manufacturing the earth coins. they will also be taking the money and shipping the coins out.


    How Many to be Minted: 1500 (that's it...no more)


    Cost: $7.00-$7.50 per coin


    Handling: .75cents per order


    Shipping: Priority Mail $4.10 (might have other options..not sure yet)


    International Orders accepted however shipping rate will differ


    Pre-orders: There will be no pre-orders taken. when the coins are minted they will go on sale.


    Tracking: Geocaching.com

    Custom Icon: yes!!

  15. We are problem cachers....we have problems with puzzle caches, staring at a cache container for the longest time then calling a lifeline to have them tell you it was what you were staring at...also have problem caching instead of doing work around the house....grading the student papers....

  16. Is the pre-order list from the previous thread still going to be used?

    most likely not. there will be a total of 1500 coins made. so should be plenty for everyone to order. the ordering process, paying and shipping will be done by the company the coins are made at. so it looks like you will be able to paypal, credit card and perhaps send checks.

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