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  1. (FWIW - I think Mt Whitney has been used on at least two coins already and a number of pins, etc. so I would vote for something else - but I may be in the minority)


    Dillion Gang - I know what it's like to design by committee; thanks again for having thick skin.

    I personally don't mind it too much because of the highest/lowest theme (which is unique to Calif in the contiguous states).




    agreed! i don't plan on departing from the highest/lowest point theme. the rest is subject to change. Tess is working hard on making the changes. hope to have a new pic to post soon.

  2. This is ridiculous...some people have received them. It doesn't take mail a week to get from MA to PA. All of us are either in the 30 that weren't sent or the bs group.


    sending out the last batch of Ca Geocoins was ridiculous also for some people. It took the US Mail over a month to get the packages to michigan i think, but only 2 wks to get them to Germany. Don't over estimate the ability of the postal service :unsure:

  3. The Earth Geocoins have arrived at Coinsandpins.com!!!!!


    Look to their website for more info in the coming week. They are in the process of putting the image on the website and ordering info. I will provide a link and more info on pricing when i recieved it from Coinsandpins.

  4. Had to hit the slopes....but back on track. talked with coinsandpins.com and these are currently being minted. waiting for delivery info and how to buy these soon.


    I don't know if you could do the Northern part of the state on one side and the Southern half of the state on the other side and have the images inside the outlines.


    Just a few more random thoughts bouncing around here...I've heard off-hand that N36 is the line that divides the state for the Cache Reviewers. You could divide the state along that line...not sure if that's an even split or just an arbitrary line..



    i think we attempted north versus south last year and we couldn't decide on what to put on it. Technically speaking the geographical center of california is in North Fork up in what us southern folk call northern cal.


    it would be interesting to work in some type of symbol or name of the reviewers......

  6. The "texture" inside the state on the Whitney side seems a little funny.


    kinda looks like a chocolate bar. Nestle Crunch perhaps. We hope to perhaps change to rugged geological features in the state or just gold like the Deleware coin. And since i was at work, i didn't have the map program to get the coordinates for Whitney. Still have to add the tracking number also.


    the limited edition i hope to have in silver and the state in gold.

  7. Hi Dave,


    I just want to say your "Cache the Fever" coin arrived me last Saturday and they looks fine!

    However I was a little bit confused, because the side of the coin with the map have no color! :lol:

    I find the "NO color" info at your first post in the original thread,

    but please for the future - make no colored coin artworks if the coin will not have any colors.


    $7 in brass with deep relief, no colour. Will actually be marked 2006. Numbered.


    And why can I find colored "Cache the Fever" geocoins photos at eBay? :lol:




    the colored coins were for group members

  8. Some of us in Montana hve bounced the coin idea around... is there someone actually making one for the state of Montana yet? The interest is there but I don't want to start something if someone is already doing it for the state.



    all it takes is one person to post an image and the community will respond. put up an idea for the coin and see if a discussion gets going.

  9. I start with a quick pen drawing (not at all pretty) then head on line to google images and find pieces of my idea in different photos. Program of choice at the moment is Photoshop2. I have used Corel Draw and Paintshop pro. Once i get it to what i want i send it to the manufactur's art person to finalize and draw based on my photoshop.


    Great idea about coloriing pages!!!!!

  10. Mailed for 2!


    BTW: where is Europe on the coin? Are we living on a Third World Continent? Just a small critical note on the design. Maybe it can be changed??


    europe is there...just half of it...otherwise couldn't get any of australia. it was the best we could do...can't help that most of the earth's land mass is in the eastern hemisphere.

  11. Other than first class shipping charges what fees will Coins and Pins be charging to distribute these coins? Depending on that may dictate if there is even a need for a "group purchase" by the list of names I previously posted.


    there is still a fee for handling. don't remember what it was so can't give exact figure. but i know that coinsandpins will work with you on big coin group orders.

  12. It'd be pretty cool to have a relief image of Mt Whitney on one side (raised above) and an incluse image of Death Valley (sunken below) on the other. Is that even possible?


    You know, that's exactly the thought I had as I read my way down this thread. Could it be done? That'd be so awesome...


    Anyway, another vote here for simpler; simpler is better. Clean, classy, uncluttered, but meaningful; that's the mark of the coolest (to me) geocoins (which are the only kind I collect :P ).


    currently taking that great pic of badwater flats and attempting to get the mule train into it. like the 3d whitney and sunken death valley idea. running it by the others.


    great feedback...keep it coming!!

  13. Hey Dillion! About time you surfaced.


    I have to agree with Mauizon. I really liked the Prospector side of last year's coin because it was simple, but thought the front of that coin was busy as well. It seems like a collage instead of a singularly focused element.


    I'd like to see fewer elements on the coin as well.


    I know you have thick skin when it comes to designs and actually appreciate feedback and input, so there's mine. :rolleyes:


    No problem with my skin!! Keep the feedback coming. Don't be bashful send your ideas. Perhaps someone has a single image like the miner on the first ca geocoin?


    What we were attempting for the Concept of the coin is this:


    california has the highest point in the continental united statesa and the lowest. These are Mt. Whitney and Death Valley. So we were planning one side for highest point and the other side for lowest.


    Front images:

    California Grizzly, Mt. Whitney, State of california (like the delaware coin has done) quail, poppy.


    Back images:

    Scotty's castle, tortoise, coyote, cactus, cow skull, man crawling to geocache with vultures lurking over him, sign saying Death Valley and -242ft for the elevation

  14. Great final artwork of the coin! :rolleyes:


    Will CoinsAndPins.com also sell the 300 coins for Europe?


    yes. they have a distributer in Europe. We thought it would lower the shipping costs for cachers in Europe

  15. Completing work on the 2006 California Geocoin...not to be confused with the California 2006 MICRO geocoin.


    Here is where we are at:

    • Coin will have a limited edition run in silver (and hopefully gold) coin
    • Last run there were 2005 coin minted...thinking along the same lines (2006)
    • /coins will be in 3-d with no color (like the Nevada State coin)


    Front image



    Back image hasn't been uploaded yet.

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