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  1. So the only color is going to be the gold on the State of California? on the limited edition i think. might go with color on the regular edition
  2. This is all i have hear from coinsandpins in a while. waiting for a new image. i removed the bear, but have a few changes still in mind. hoping to get this minted and on sale by june.
  3. i agree...threatening emails is just childish behavior. once notified, i think the seller did what was right.
  4. Anything new on this project? we have another design ready, but it didn't have all the changes i asked for. also Tess's computer went on the fritz and she has to rebuild the file to make changes.
  5. I AGREE!!!! Don't taunt the happy fun ball..
  6. have to get an email out to Aaron and find out. I think Brian at GS will do batch up loads of Icons on Fridays or so. That way we will see 4 or 5 icons come up at the same time. Richard anybody have any luck with the custom icon appearing yet?
  7. i've got about 25 m&m tubes....MTRP: The new La Quinta Power Cache area
  8. NATO moving in its usual slowness will be arriving perhaps before this weekend due to the continued use of weapons of mass destruction within the MTRP Zone. Why NATO is coming to our little town is quite puzzling. We won't have a clue until they arrive.
  9. Rumor has it that NATO troops are in route to provide peacekeeping efforts
  10. It’s possible this is an innocent civilian mistakenly identified as a spy . Maybe this could be returned as part of a prisoner exchange or even unilaterally as a sign of good-will. That is just a casuality of war that innocent bystanders get hurt! Settle with the family out of court and sweep the event under the rug by sending the apology to pg A28 in the newspaper and shredding all incriminating documents.
  11. HAPPY EASTER The Easter bunny has arrived in town this morning....saw him hopping around the yard this morning..REAL EARLY! Went out with a cup of coffee for him and brought the down in.
  12. have to get an email out to Aaron and find out.
  13. which place did you buy it from? i would hope that they would tell you how soon it ships.
  14. The micro isn't mine! That one belongs to The Dillon Gang. Sorry to hear about all the pain John is in. It sounds like you might want to keep him on urban micros for awhile. Or the nursing home! perhaps he should follow some sage advice: stay on the trail!!!! That musta been some bushwack!
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