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  1. To download the new firmware you need to enter the appropriate code when it asks you for the firmware version. Here is what I was told when I had the same problem (PS I sent in an email to Magellan Support and got a very quick response ) Our Sincere apologies for the delay in responding your email. I understand from your mail that, you are unable to upgrade the firmware version of your unit. I would like to inform you that you need to enter the version number as 1.68 instead of 1.62.03. This is a temporary work-around, the website will be fixed, but may take some time. If you have further queries, please get back to us. I don't believe that the Topo map problem you are experiencing will be solved by the firmware update. I never say that sort of problem but I didn't use the Topo maps all the much. PS - $450 seems a bit high for a Crossover. I got mine from Costco for much less. I know Costco doesn't have them online any more but $450 just seems expensive.
  2. The Motorola Q9H (ATT Wireless) has a GPS built-in and there are several programs like Windows Live, Google Maps and Yahoo!GO that are free and work with the GPS. I've never used it for Geocaching and one issue you may have is that it seems to need a certain ground speed for the GPS to accurate show the direction you are moving.
  3. Why do you say avoid the Motorola? I have the ATT version of the Moto and it appears to be more than capable of handling paperless caching. I do know there are differences between the Verizon and ATT models but I am not sure what they are.
  4. The problem is what is "reasonable"? For me the small screen of the Etrex products would not make them very "reasonable" for in-car use although many people use them for that. Likewise the lack of a touch screen on a 60CSx would make input somewhat tedious, IMHO, for vehicle navigation and therefore unreasonable. If you're going to spend $400 (USD) for a Garmin Colorado why not just spend $200 for a Nuvi for the car and another $200 for an Etrex for geocaching and have the best of both worlds? PS - You probably won't have to spend $400 to get 2 good units.
  5. Thomas Guide and a Boy Scout compass. Still works too.
  6. You really didn't explain Why you would order this unit? Are you just a constant complainer looking for the next crappy product to buy so you can post how bad it is? If you're looking for something small and compact then look at the Etrex or if you want something a little more look at the 60CSx. Heck a couple of extra pounds shouldn't be an issue for you since you're a fitness hiker. If nothing else why not look into the new crop of Cellular phones that have GPS built-in like the Motorola Q9 from ATT? With an all-in-one unit you'll have music, camera, web browsing and even a video camera so you can record your dieing words as the phone battery dies and the gps becomes useless.
  7. It would appear that Costco has restocked the Crossover. It's back on the web site at $229. I wonder what maps and firmware are coming on it now?
  8. What happens when you remove the Invisible Shield protector? Being a wet appliation does it leave a residue on the screen? Can that be easily removed?
  9. That's interesting. I know there were on there within the last 7-10 days. Oh well. I'll wait for Magellan to bring out the Crossover 2 before I reinvest in that model. I had such high hopes for it too.
  10. I agree that not all updates should be free but if there are new maps I would assume that buying a unit today I would get the newest maps available. This is one reason I took back the Crossover because the maps weren't as current as were available on the Maestro models. I think the main issue with any GPS from any manufacturer is that all too often these units are a "work in progress". I don't wany to buy something and hope that there will be firmware updates somewhere down the road. I undestand that there needs to be "bug" fixes but in the case of the Crossover I think there are more than bug fixes that need to go into that product.
  11. You have to go to Products then Maps & Software. It's labelled "New" in the Street Maps section. I agree that it should be in the support section for the CrossoverGPS as well. JetSkier It's interesting but it would appear, from my limited knowledge, that the firmware update is not much different than the 2.14 which you can download. Personally I wouldn't pay the $79 for new maps I would expect those maps to be loaded onto any new Crossover purchased now or offered for free for purchases in the last 30-60 days. At $229 (Costco Price) the Crossover is a good deal but with the additional $80 in maps that puts the Crossover at just over $300 and IMHO not as good of a deal. The Crossover is a great concept in mobile GPS but I feel that is just falls a little short of what it could be. It could be a great device if Magellan would work on getting a consistent GUI across all navigation modes and the maps need to be up to date.
  12. This is all very strange. Where did you order the CD for new maps. If I go to the Magellan support page and enter Crossover I am directed to this support page https://www.magellangps.com/support/product.asp where there is no mention of a CD for updates. That would be really sad if Magellan required the SD card for new maps. I guess it's better than no maps but why not overload the internal maps? I guess it's possible the internal maps are not in flash memory and cannot be over written.
  13. I had a Crossover for a while. It's not a bad unit. I traded mine in for a Garmin because the current map set on the Crossover is about 4 years old whereas the Garmins are about 1-2 years. When I updated the Crossover with the latest firmware update the Vehicle Nav system was very similar to the Maestro line of Magellan GPSr. The Vehicle Nav was as good as anything else I have used (Garmin 650 and Garmin 360). The graphics are very much updated compared to the original firmware. The Offroad and Marine Nav have not been updated yet, although I have been advised of a firmware update coming in March. If you have Topo maps you'll want to load them as the base map is just OK, not great. All in all I think if Magellan would update the Offroad and Marine portions and put the latest maps onboard I think they would have a winner and I would certainly consider buying another one. Costco had these at $229 and at that price it's a great Vehicle nav unit and an OK geocache/boating unit. To answer your questions: 1. Yes, much improved 2. Yes load them, but you may need some assistance in getting these loaded 3. Didn't have a screen shield but if you're going off road with it I would recommend one. Lots of places make them. 4. The rubber sports guard, well, it was OK but I don't think it would really give you a lot of protection. It will protect against basic scratches to the case and all that. There are probably better cases you could get for that. 5. Yes
  14. This may have been a "canned" response, not sure. The problem was when trying to download the firmware update on the web site entering the firmware revision number from the Crossroad would not produce the download. The tech explained that I needed to enter a different version number to get the latest download. So in that respect this was not a "here's a page from the manual" type of response. Most customer service responses are pretty much canned unless the customer is actualy reporting a bug that has no immediate fix. I can also tell you when I asked Garmin for a "canned" answer on how to restore the map files on a Nuvi 650 it took 3 emails to get any sort of answer that made sense. Not to be a Magellan fanboy but my point was this. Not all Magellan customer service requests are horror stories. I am sure there are plenty of them as reported here and on other forums. Likewise not all Garmin service requests result in an immediate and satisfactory answer. Just look at the many many posts about the Colorado.
  15. I don't know about the firmware or why it was pulled but my personal experience with Magellan support was quite excellent. I sent an email on Christmas day about updating a Crossover unit I recieved as a gift. I got an email response the next day explaining how to do the firmware upgrades for the Crossover.
  16. It is rare that Tech Support will know anything about unreleased products even in Companies that are know for great tech support. Tech support is about supporting what is known, not that which may or may not become available in the future. If you want product information you need to contact the sales and marketing department. As for no bugs with your Colorado, interesting. That seems to be contrary to what many of the posts are about on this forum, although maybe what some people think is a bug is simply a feature that does not exist.
  17. Git 'em out by Friday, the Tritons well on it's way! . . . So to speak. Taking little editorial license w/a lyric from an early Genesis tune. Norm Let there be no Misunderstanding, I'm not Counting Out Time for these units in the bargain bin; it's clearly Fading Lights for them. I Know What I Like and this is an OK unit for $58, though it's pretty clearly Driving the Last Spike into the coffin of the Explorist product line in favor of Triton. It has a track up mode, so you can configure it in Your Own Special Way so the world is facing the way that you're going. Like It Or Not, it's no more likely to route you into Another Cul De Sac than The Brazilian - you know, Illegal Alien Man On the Corner that doesn't know where you're going, either. If you have DirectRoute on it, it'll tell you that There Must Be Some Other Way, but only if you press goto-goto to force a route recalculation. My take is that the 210 for $58 is a bargain. The 200 for $58 isn't. The 200 and the 210 are very different. The 200 has no supported computer connection, while the 210 can have detailed street maps, deliver turn-by-turn directions, and has a reasonable USB connection. It's not a fantasy GPS unit, but for $58, you could do a LOT worse. The reception on both is very good - even in the Congo. The Explorist 210 takes AA batteries, so Please Don't Ask how to Turn It On Again until after Supper's Ready. That's All. P.S. I just finished reading Chapter & Verse last night. As Tom Petty once sang. It's the end of the line.... for the Explorist. That's somewhat odd given that it seems to be a decent unit and fairly well recieved by those who have them. Some questions I had, it appears that the 210 cannot take SD (or any external) memory cards. That leaves you with 22M of internal storage. First, is that really enough to load decent Topo or Road maps and second, does Magellan still sell updated maps that can be loaded onto the 210? Also, does anyone know if you buy Magellan's Topo maps for the 210 can they later be used on a Triton? The web site is full of misleading information so it's hard to tell what might work on the Triton. I know they are pushing the National Geo. maps which won't load on the 210 but why wouldn't they have their own Topo maps for those people that don't really need or want the NG maps?
  18. Dude, try reading and writing a floppy disk...then USB will SCREAM, or at least appear to.
  19. If you're not that certain about it I would consider getting a lower cost unit as a "trial" and if you stick with it then upgrade down the road. You can get a Magellan 210 at Walmart for under $100 ($59 in my area). Act fast, however, because they are closing them out and the stock won't last long. For $59 you'll get a decent unit that will work for geocaching without making a serious financial investment.
  20. No. Navteq updates the maps (at least for the US) and Garmin and Magellan incorporate those updates into their products. From what I have seen Garmin and Magellan are working off relatively new map sets. It would appear, from looking at some things in my local area, that the maps are no older than 2006 but it's hard to be sure. And yet there are still errors. What I don't understand is why, in this digital day and age, does it take 2 years to bring maps to the GPS. Can't we figure out a way to incorporate near real-time updates as they become available? Instead of yearly updates why not quarterly or even monthly? Can you imagine what it would be like if the phone company said it would take 2 years to update directory assitance?
  21. Some Walmarts have the 200 and others have the 210. The one I went to in Lynnwood WA had the 210 for $59.
  22. First off it's not a $58 GPS, it's a $150 GPS that's being discontinued and available stock is being reduced for probably somewhere near cost. There is NO reason a GPS has to cost $500 to be useful. So in your book, a GPS for $5000 must be the best GPS on earth since it cost so much. I've read all the posts on how "great" the Colorado is (including yours) and all I can say is you must feel real proud to own a $500 brick.
  23. I've seen the 210 in the N Seattle area for that price. I am tempted to get one since at that price it's almost a throw away.
  24. All phones built after a certain time have to have basic GPS capability for the E911 law. Most have utilize a triangulation method from the cell towers to locate you but several new phones actually have GPS chips built in. For those phones you don't need an external GPS device but some providers are locking the functionality to their gps "service".
  25. Greetings, I am looking at the new crop of GPS enabled cellular phones and am wondering what the consensus is on products like Garmin's Mobile-XT? I suspect these are really optimized for street routing but how are they "off-road"? Can you use other Garmin map products with Mobile-XT? I see posts about Cachemate which looks interesting for geocaching. Does Cachemate have mapping capabilities or do you need something in addition to Cachemate to actually display map info? Are there any other cellular packages that I should look at? I am looking for something that works but is not too expensive (say under the $100 mark).
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