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  1. such as one devoted only to geocachers who live within 17 miles of Minot, North Dakota and who are of Lithuanian ancestry and who belong to the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Mississippi Synod, Third Congregation, Seventh Convocation, Fifth Revision and who wear hats on Sundays. Man...2 outta 3 aint bad! (Minot... hats on sunday...) DLMR
  2. Got my DeLorme GPS PN-20 a couple days ago and have no complaints so far. Amazon.com $289.00 w/Topo USA 7, 1 gig memory card, card reader, and $100 voucher for maps etc.. This is my first gps so I really have nothing to compare it to but from what i have seen it is a good unit. Download cache .locs from geocaching.com and load it on your pn-20 along with the provided maps and you are out looking for caches! We found 3 today and 1 yesterday. Autorouting seems to work fine and we drove straight to the first cache (GC11GRM) Trolls Toy Box! Very Cool! DLMR
  3. I have heard a lot of good things about this unit . The only drawback i have heard of is a slow processor. When you say its slow, how slow are you talking about? Thanks for the info
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