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  1. My husband two daughters and I are looking for four cachers to team up with. We all have different caching name & accounts. We can get the Atlanta part. If you want to team up please contact us. Thanks! Happy Goofy caching! GAGoofy
  2. I logged the day of the event and did not get a souvenir. I did not get one for last years either :-( Happy Goofy caching, Pamela
  3. I did contact him. Sadly no response as of today.
  4. I won this beautiful coin at Going Caching 2015. Is there any way I can be a co-owner so I can get emails when it is discovered? I NEVER let any of my coins or tbs out of my site. I just love to let cachers discover them. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Happy Goofy caching, GAGoofy
  5. How can I get the coin in my name to put with the rest of my treasured coins?
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