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  1. Another in Alabama: The Alabama State Parks Challenge kicks off April 14th. Find 22 state park caches to receive a geocoin. Kick off event
  2. Two more in Florida: The Salty Geocoin Challenge Cache GC369DD DARC Geo-Trail link
  3. I like that idea! Now, we just have to agree on colors...and metals...oh boy
  4. I wanna be in for Georgia, too. I just need someone to tie AG down in South Carolina 'til the end of the world hits LOL Janet
  5. I just placed a re-order of the Georgia version for folks who attended but were unable to get the coin. If anyone here is interested in one of these, please send me an email fatkidsotwunite@yahoo.com thanks! Janet
  6. Our Georgia event was held in Savannah in conjunction with "Going Coastal...arrggh" which became the first Georgia Mega event the day after our event (yay!). I had multiple folks with bags of coins in the crowd and BAM! they were gone. We sold out 100+ coins in about 4 minutes flat. Wow! Cachers were happy to see AtlantaGal show up with her coins the next day. I have a couple of attendees who REALLY want one so if anyone has one they're willing to sell back to me, or trade for something else, please contact me. Congrats to all of the successful events! can't wait for 12-12-12 but what the heck are we gonna do in 2013?? Janet EDIT: If someone wants to TRADE a Going Coastal coin for a Georgia 11/11/11 coin, I can do that too!
  7. Yes it makes sense Come join us in November for Going Coastal GC2V68Q at Skidaway Island State Park in Savannah and enjoy the live oaks lined roads!
  8. Those sound like live oaks, which are very abundant coastal Georgia.
  9. Do you have a site set up already? Please invite me? Janet
  10. I'm sure we can work it out if you wanna do something in Savannah. Send me a PM? Janet
  11. We're in for Georgia. This year we're hosting in Savannah in conjunction with the Going Coastal weekend of events. Since it's also Veteran's Day, we are planning a 'salute to veterans' regardless of the coin theme. I'm looking forward to seeing the design! Janet
  12. So how does this work without a postmark?
  13. I echo that sentiment. I've never received a mystery coin in the mail until today. I saw the envelope and although I recognized the fact that it was addressed TO me and FROM me, it was a regular little envelope so my excitement was a bit diminished. Then I felt the contents. A shape! I tore it open and WOW! It's GORGEOUS!! And I was humbled. On a more personal note, this has been a very trying year with family death, feline death, finding a dead body and then 3 days ago someone very close to me experienced near death. Good news came today for the latter and then I came home to find someone had so generously shared Jedi Mickey with me - I'm so touched by the gesture! You have no idea how well-timed this surprise was for me. Huge THANKS to the coiner who thought enough to send me one of these beauties. Now, can someone please explain the postage? Janet
  14. I'm in. Can't wait to see some designs. Janet
  15. Exactly what I'm looking for - a trail to hike, cache and backpack camp for a couple of days (at least).
  16. I've recently been searching for caches involving trail hikes in the Georgia area. There are several nice caching hikes on or near the Florida Trail but if anyone can suggest some in Georgia I would appreciate it. Friends and I are setting up a trail in SW Georgia with 8 caches on a 1.25 mile trail but those won't be available until May in conjunction with an event. I'd love to find some that others have hidden on a trail! Janet
  17. Hey I'm curious. Did we miss the boat on the upcoming new year date of 1-1-11?
  18. I have been quietly watching this thread and of course anticipating the outcome but I had no idea of the magnitude of this project, until today... Gotta love my cacher/coiner friends who continue to impress me! Janet
  19. Check out the October GGA Newsletter for haunted hides in Georgia. http://www.premiergeocoinrace.net/GGAnewsletter.html Have fun! Janet
  20. Ours came in yesterday as well and I'm loving them - just wish we had ordered more.... Not a great pic but you get the idea
  21. Invoice received and paid (yippee) As a certified mammographer, I have to agree - don't forget your annual mammograms ladies! Just last week we diagnosed a 35 year old who asked for a baseline mammogram herself. Her cancer is TINY and her prognosis is very good. If she had not requested this early mammogram, it would have been several years before this could have grown large enough to feel and then only if she was doing regular self-exams would she have found it before it had a chance to spread. Of course, by then her prognosis wouldn't be so good. Glad to watch the mail for these beautiful coins. They will be near and dear. Janet
  22. When will the Geoswag versions be available? Are they taking pre-orders?
  23. oops looks like I may have done the same thing a while back (and wondered why I haven't received a message). So here goes again! Janet
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