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  1. I was going to add a cheap shot about being busy, and figuring that was the reason no was able to contact Groundspeak to clear this up. But that would just be wrong...... ...since someone had the time to post about it here.....after the fact.....when nothing can be done. I imagine that since the sport has grown quite a bit since 2001, there is probably a NEED for things to change since the sepia-toned days of yore. More events, more reviewers, more caches, more cachers...many more things to keep track of. Alarms generally go off in my head when anyone talks about "the way it used to be" when discussing any topic. If cachers cannot simply clear up a matter to get an event approved IF it is denied, you have to wonder about how driven they really are to put on an event.
  2. Yes I'll have to take your word that this is indeed a skirt-lift-type LPC and that any "shock" would be confined to the area under under the skirt. Any other cachers might be skeptical.... As for me, I'm trying the new "New born baby head" cache. I hope it doesn't send the wrong message......
  3. Well, if I saw that on one of my cache pages.......it wouldn't be there for long. I seriously don't think that would make someone want to hide a more thoughtful cache.
  4. Or selective email answering.... To insist that "selective persecution" exists, shouldn't you at least present a reason why Groundspeak would want to persecute you? I mean besides getting the forums in a frenzy.....
  5. Well, the great city of Gary, IN seems to have around 10 or so within its city limits. That's a city ~100,000! If you've ever been to Gary.....you'll understand why. Of course, one you get outside of the city, there are 2880 within 50 miles.... Gallup, NM.....~20,000.....48 caches within 50 miles...... Even Death Valley has 297 within 50 miles.....
  6. Some owners don't check or respond to email in a regular basis. I would think that a reviewer is much more diligent in that respect.
  7. By "somewhat reminiscent of" do you mean "looks absolutely nothing like"? Either that, or you don't understand what a pyramid marketing scheme is....
  8. Those map nerds!! Actually, Topozone was an early addiction of mine. I knew something was up the "map of the day" on the home page didn't change in quite awhile.....
  9. Technically....you're promoting a money-making property....Survivor. That's obviously commercial...which is against the rules. I don't believe they are trying to "cut down" on themed caches. Unless you have been told otherwise. My wife and I have some themed caches.....they seems to be working so far. Guess it might depend on how narrow your theme is. A theme of "Boy's stuff" may be more doable than "James Madison."
  10. Why not contact Groundspeak to get this figured out? Seems the OP had onus settle any possible commercial issues. Could it be the reviewer made a mistake? Sure. But how would the OP (or anyone) ever know if they never contacted Groundspeak?
  11. While you may indeed be the law (moderator) on this board, you are not the "support the troops" police.....are you? Has the illusion of power gone to your head? Yeah, that's against the law, you see. There I killed your straw man for you. That was easy...but that's the point...a straw man isn't a real argument....you didn't seriously think that's what the poster meant, right? Sounds like something a kid might say to "win" and argument. The unprofessionalism you have shown in this thread is astounding. You said this topic was an embarrassment, then you went on to comment over...and over....and over. Apparently participating in the embarrassment. Instead of stating things manner-of-factly...you decided to get personal. Why? Because they did? Keystone on the other hand....class act. And he kicks butt when it's needed....but always a class act. All moderators are not created equal.
  12. You cannot claim this location......Groundspeak indeed has these coordinates. If you were to attempt to hide one here...it wouldn't have been approved. Unfortunately, the only way to know is to solve all the puzzles near where you want to place a cache. A couple of different other ideas have been floated around here (some fairly recent), but none of them seemingly would satisfy everyone.
  13. Not ammo cans....those are like tanks. It was mostly (flimsy) plastic containers that probably used to be waterproof when placed. But after a couple of summers in the AZ sun, the plastic breaks down and it cracks...and lets water in when it rains. But maybe that only here on the West-siiiiide. Haven't found any of yours yet. Not on that side of town that often.
  14. Try putting a cache where there aren't many caches around. Be a leader!!
  15. Is that the Slippery Slope I see? Oh Yes, the next thing you know, there will be caches dedicated to Osama Bin Laden himself!!! Maybe a micro to Hitler (Godwin)....meh.....that reasoning seems a little off. As long as you don't create a cache that shoves it down our throats, you'll be fine. But if they find out you have an A-G-E-N-D-A Signal will come get you with his (her) GPS mind bullets . Unless you change a word here or there... Plus, I'll just tell on you.
  16. But really, the cache would have the same "agenda" even if it had different wording. That's why I find this whole episode a tad silly. I see Keystone's POV....but truth be told....even if you thought the rule was silly, you probably really couldn't say it. Just as a professor, I can't tell my students how silly/wrong another perfessor within my department is....even if I think it. Although I always appreciate Keystone's POV because it seems he's the only one who will talk with us, give use the insider's angle, and straighten us out!!
  17. I've been caching for 5 months and placed 18 caches......and that's the first time I've heard of it. Guess it makes sense now....I'm a dummy. I figured most people went back to their cache or something. There's my way....then there's the easy way!
  18. The problem I find here in AZ, is that people think, "Hey, it doesn't rain that much here...." So, for a long time....the non-water-tight cache will be fine. Then the monsoons hit (think: lots of rain at once!). Then I'm find soggy moldy caches for the next month. And I'm talking about regular-sized caches. I always thought that if the AZ cachers lived in a rainier state, they might give more thought to the contains. But as I read the OP's post....this might not be so. Just for the sake of disclosure....I do have one hide-a-key hide. It's in a great location (I think) and is sheltered from the elements...rain will never touch it. If you're going to use those types of containers, at least think about placement.
  19. I think it was just to save face. Look...with all these warnings!! Plenty of non-military item have been blown up by bomb squads. I'm not sure how "corrosive materials," or "toxic" would make anyone think it was a bamb....
  20. Keystone seems to indicate that just having a "support the troops" cache is enough to get it denied. It's possible that the American Legion stuff had nothing to do with it. Either way, at least we have an answer...unacceptable IMO....but it's an answer.
  21. If you're talking about the boards, just remember that people are much more likely to come here and complain than to just say they had a good day. If I came by here every time I had a good day cacheing.....you'd really start to get tired of me!! The Getting Started board is usually a little more positive....first time cachers very excited about starting out.
  22. I'm not trying to be rude here. But if you read the entire thread....it's really not about you. The OP could have been wrong about your comment starting a re-review of the cache. I think that was the only reason it was added. But at this point, the OP has bigger fish to fry (the whole "agenda" issue...you might have noticed it). No big deal....it's just not really about you anymore. So, Godspeed!
  23. Well, then get to it...you have my support (whatever that may be worth). I normally agree with TPTB when someone comes to the boards "complaining." But in this case, I don't see how the description is pushing an agenda any more than placing ANY cache pushes some agenda.
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