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  1. LOL....you actually saw my post within the 1 minute it took me to realize I forgot the link?
  2. Ok, so I'm goofing off on the website, and I stumble upon an (apparently) new virtual that moves around? And it's not even a cache....it's more of benchmark. Just when I think I've figured everything out on this site. What the heck is this? GC43F3
  3. Of course he/she gave you permission. You were doing their job of removing their cache! Back to the OP's question, it could also be for a cache that was set up and not approved....or listed on another site.
  4. These last few posts got me to wondering so I went off to do a brief investigation. Yep, I think I have a perfectly valid reason for someone to not like a cache and log a find. He's not a paying member. He doesn't have the option of putting a cache on his ignore list as he doesn't have one. Also, considering he doesn't have PQs to work off of he has to rely on the Nearest Cache List. If he didn't log a find on that cache it would stare him in the face every time he goes to look for something to hunt. I'd have to say, if I were in his shoes I'd do the same thing. I may or may not have found the cache but I'd not of done the same thing.For one thing bitching about a cache you chose to dislike as you found it is as optional as choosing to find it to begin with. They could have logged differently. "Knocked this puppy off my closest caches list". Doesn't say the cache is good, doesnt' say it's bad. Doesn't call their poor attitude into play either. You missed the point completely. You folks were talking about how much he disliked the cache, had said as much, yet logged his find anyway. I pointed out that he "claimed his smilie" so he wouldn't have to look at it again and that was the only option available as he wasn't a paying member. Additionally, I find that it sours my stomach that you folks want to shut folks up when one's opinion of a cache isn't that favorable, but don't mind glowing reports if it is positive. Yeah, if someone off the street told me my car was a POS, I would be upset. If they said it was nice (and meant it) it wouldn't bother me. Even on the message boards, there is a low tolerance for insults but they gladly allow complements. It's weird how humans are like that.
  5. Where West begins. We have longitude lines that define these things. Yet it does nothing to define the "farthest east" or "farthest west" on earth. Not very useful ides IMO. I won't even point out that the OP used the word fUrthest...oooppsss...there I go again.
  6. As others have stated, even from a fixed point, the furthest East cache would be just west of that point. I'm not sure "furthest E and W" have any useful meaning. Where does East "stop?" The N S idea has possibilities.
  7. Since I grew up in S.D., I occasionally see what going on in the area. I noticed TONS of disabled caches on the maps compared to here in thew PHX area. Maybe I'm spoiled because our local reviewer is very proactive when it comes to disabled caches. Don't see why another check-box can't be added. Many times I use the maps just to browse around the area...don't need to run a PQ. If you want to see them....they're there. If not, hit the check box.
  8. ...He's not a paying member. He doesn't have the option of putting a cache on his ignore list as he doesn't have one...If he didn't log a find on that cache it would stare him in the face every time he goes to look for something to hunt. I'd have to say, if I were in his shoes I'd do the same thing. You see, he CAN'T not find it!! He HAS to find it!! Or....it'll taunt him! Plus, he then HAS to log it....or....yeah, it'll taunt him some more. I mean, if it just happens to help his numbers, he'll suck it up and just accept it! Somehow, in "real life" I'm able to ignore things that bother me without Groundspeak. How did I do it? Ok, snark off. That wasn't directed to you (although I think you might NOT have been joking)....just directed to those who fell they HAVE to find every cache.
  9. But that's how I remember it!! And all those ex-girlfriends? We always had GREAT times, right? Memory is a funny thing. Things always seem better in the good ole days. In about 20 years, be prepared for me to make a statement such as "I remember back in 'ought 8'...there was nothing but great hides as far as the eye could see!! Now all these new PNG cyber-hides are ruining the game!!"
  10. A Bison is the correct name of the large prairie beasts that roam North America that many (most) mistakenly refer to as a buffalo. But I suspect the above references will be better for you....... Exactly what I was thinking before I ever read the thread. Well.....THAT shouldn't be hard to find!!
  11. Wow, luckily the guy who logged it got past his disgust long enough to get his smiley! I can actually see both sides. You thought you had a unique location that others would appreciate. The cacher was expecting a location to take his girlfriend and enjoy the day. There are a couple of options: 1. Teach that guy a lesson...and DELETE his log. 2. Think about why he was upset. Was the location a bit disgusting? 2a. Archive it and place it in a better location 2b. Don't archive it and expect more of the same in the future. Would you want to find similar hides in similar areas? Let that guide you..
  12. Yes, PhOEnix is.....not sure about PhEOnix......
  13. Wow, it's like the same thread........with the same people........not sure how I feel about that.
  14. In more ways than one! Ya' think? I wonder if there are any ankle-biting pooh-pooh'ers out there, like there are for keyholders on transformers? Now wait a second....live power makes the game much more interesting!!
  15. That's what it's there for. That what mentors are. I think many in the thread did want to help you...flexing or not. It is probably also a poor business model to do EVERYTHING any customer asks for. Since no one is currently up to Groundspeak's level (they do a pretty good job), I think we will be waiting for awhile for someone to do it better.
  16. Well, you seem to still be here. Who are the "many" who have been "suspended" for "voicing" their "irritation?" Can you back up this assertion? Let me guess, you were suspended after this post? My best guess was, for the first time, the fairly green OP finally learned what the larger, more-experienced community actually thought. (For full disclosure, I'm also fairly green...)
  17. Just because they can walk a mile without a drink...... He probably wasn't doing the mileage you were....well, without hopping in his car. Hiking here in AZ, it's better to have more water just in case...no matter if everyone else around looks unprepared with no water and wearing flip flops. I'd rather be safe than fashionable. I just use a Camelback-type pack.
  18. Seems like a reasonable request.
  19. Does the U.S. Government know about this travesty? Why haven't the presidential candidates brought this up? I say start congressional hearings....but to some, I suppose that my be a tad "extreme." "Force" is such a strong word for a such an innocuous activity as geocaching....seriously....
  20. You are able to. Just as we're able to point and laugh.....
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