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  1. Does a giant sping snake pop out? It's cool.......me want one!!
  2. I guess someone could place a new cache in the same spot and list it under the same name, but that would be pointless because then finders wouldn't get credit for a year 2000 cache. Just sounds like a way to get rid of older caches, which will make the "Fizzy" challenges that much harder. Groundspeak's getting too "corporate". Sorry for hijack attempt, back your regularly scheduled topic. Do you really think that Groundspeak instituted that policy to "get rid" of older caches? What purpose would that serve? Corporations tend to be corporate...with all that legal liability and such.... The OP seems to have done the right thing. Or, one of the possible right things.
  3. Another reason, a Land Owner contacts Groundspeak to complain about a cache on his/her land without permission. And requests removal not only of the container but all details removed off the site. Groundspeak acting responsibly to the Landowners request will of course remove all details from view. Riiiiiiiiiiggghhhhhht.........that seems a little over-the-top for a permission issue. Not that I have a problem not knowing. What's that nagging feeling?
  4. Hey, it might blend in better if you hide it OUTSIDE of your house!! Nice cache....
  5. There are no attributes "missing" because they were never there......
  6. Because it wouldn't be geocaching. It would be Waymarking. A rose by any other name.....
  7. I tinkerd with it, but it won't recognize my GPS I get numerous error messages about it not being able to claim the interface. Seems other zumo users are having issues with MacCaching Now that would make an interesting Mac commercial......
  8. Two independent statements, right? Another pet peeve..."All natural" and what people think it means and what advertisers want you to think it means...which is probably about the same. Arsenic? All natural.........
  9. From the cache page. So, just make it stage in a multi. Seriously. Vandalism? :) Let's see...Police will go out of their way to catch taggers. Now, call the department and tell them about the phone book with an "x" on it....let's see their reaction. Are police allowed to laugh in civilians' faces? There is a way to use your cache as a stage in a multi to meet all of the requirements. Do it that way. I think many cachers would enjoy the change of pace.... HHMMMM.......might have an idea......
  10. Like a housing development? Not to be picky with the use of "chemicals," but every cache is "chemicalized." Sorry, as a chemistry professor, it's a little pet peeve of mine. I live in AZ.....you might have heard that we have snakes, scorpions, etc. around our parts. I have never heard of someone trying to place any chemical on the cache for the express purpose to keep anything away (except muggles maybe). I mean, what's the point? Of all the caches I've found out in the desert, none of them just happen to have a poisonous snake on them (of course, by chance, I COULD find one someday). I did meet a rattler on my WAY to the cache......now why didn't they spray down the trail? If you play in the wilderness, you get to see the wilderness....and that's good! Let the "pests" roam where they belong.
  11. For SOME cachers....well even MANY cachers. But not all. Some people, like me, would be uncomfortable with skydiving. So I don't do it. There is a local one here that you can do without leaving the sidewalk. Also, in the description, the owner explained that the neighbors know. Of course I didn't find it right away, and actually looked in the wrong area of the yard. Got to talk to the owner....it was pretty comical. Other home caches have the house number or other obvious clue in the hint. Of course, I don't think I'd want one in my front yard....but, for the most part, I don't mind looking for them in others' yards (especially since most of them I've seen are TB hotels....always a good incentive). Now, if the coords take me to a place where it can be in one of two possible yards....I usually drive on.
  12. Well, I dropped off two travel bugs hundreds of miles from each other...one in Colorado (I give it to my brother to drop off) and one in Kansas. One moved around for awhile and one sat idle for awhile. Recently I checked on the bugs that had been in my possession. Those two traveled independent paths and ended up in the SAME CACHE!!! Spoooky.......
  13. Correct, that works for Google MAPS........I don't that works in Google EARTH.
  14. So to show your contempt for this type of hide you're going to.....hide ANOTHER one? Another way you could do this is find a lamp post near a location that has 50,000 other hiding places. Then you could actually place a LARGER cache. No need to fudge the coords since the lamp post will probably be "calling" to them them anyway. Come to think of it....5 feet may not make much of a difference anyway. You would probably get the same effect by taking the coords directly above the cache.
  15. It probably was a little...and I'm Ok with that but my points still stand. I look at hints sort of with a "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" mentality. To me an unhelpful hint is the same as no hint. And since hints are not required, what can I really do? Should I be upset over something trivial or find the cache? I think in most cases, even hiders that write "no hint needed" aren't being jerks...they probably think they are being helpful. In the woods looking for a cache, deciphering a hint, getting frustrated, things may seem a little different on the other side.
  16. Go for it. Maybe chuck a few 35mm can under some lamp posts first. Apparently, some think this might help you understand what a good cache find is. People are really vocal around here....don't let it get you down.
  17. I'm pretty sure I know where this thread is headed. I'll take the bait. #1. A hint is not required. #2. Hiders get to decide how much of a hint to give since it is their cache listing. #3. As of now, there really aren't any hard and fast rules about hints (besides being short enough to be decrypted while caching). There is no rule that says 90% of cachers should be able to understand it. #4. Some hiders don't want to make the hide too easy. So, the hint may indeed be riddle of some sort. #5. If the hint doesn't help, ignore it and continue on your way. Pretend there wasn't a hint! #6. You could always contact the cache owner if you really need/want a hint. And when all else fails... #7. You can ignore the cache. No one says you HAVE to find them all.
  18. How "old" are we talking?
  19. That could have been outside my house... Saguaros don't just grow in National Monuments named for them, you know. Just don't trying that with a Teddy Bear Cholla......
  20. Ya, that is what I try to do. I think that sometimes they are too easy though if you set the waypoint right on top of the cache (so to speak). Then there is not that much challenge to the cache. There are other ways to increase the challenge....purposely giving the wrong coordinates isn't the best way to do it.
  21. Are people really this upset about the names of the zoom levels? Make them Greek letters for all I care! Lets me know that Geocachers are living pretty comfortably (<--definition may be different in different English-speaking countries).... What's next....a "shopping cart" being called a "trolley?"
  22. I think the OP was right on actually. The image they used was an unlicensed copy. The OP was correct. Now if Trimble would learn to dot their "i's" and cross their "t's" lest they give an impression that they are being run completely by "amateur enthusiasts."
  23. When you live and cache in AZ....it's a bit of a given...
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