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  1. You've never seen a cache with a small history lesson of the area on the cache page? I have a cache that mentions a mine nearby. What's wrong with that? (I already know the answer.....nothing) How far does this commercial thing go? There are plenty of caches near a famous raceway that mention the name of the track. The raceway is a business. Where is the line?
  2. Yeah, I mean, how many people are going to go look for a cache in a year? There's a reason they do not allow this. Groundspeak doesn't want to be known as the site with fake cache listings. And unfortunately, for some reason, we don't get to tell the reviewers how it's going to be. Even if we think our system is superior, we have to play by their rules if we want to play on this website.
  3. What, you never heard of the camo bomb-making outfit called Geocaching.com funded by the terrorist organization Groundspeak?
  4. At this point, no one is really thinking about that question anymore. After hearing you say that the physical cache now belongs to the reviewer, the subject has shifted. And even if we were addressing the original question, in your case, I think your later comments have swayed peoples' views of your specific case. ...in a timely fashion. To many of us, it seemed that you were unwilling to check on it. The line about "hey sometimes life gets in the way" doesn't seem to hold when we learn you have placed a new cache recently. That's just how we're seeing it. Judging by your last post, you seem to be at least thinking about others' POV.
  5. Ummmmmm.......Just put some air in it. TA-DA.....it's fixed. Forget the kids.....we need some grownups......
  6. What? Someone took in from you? Has it been adopted or are you saying because it has been archived it is no longer your responsibility? If it's the latter.........wow.........
  7. Look on the bright side. Keyholders are cheap. Was there anything valuable inside it? Any TB's stolen? Not to downplay a muggled micro, but it should be easy to replace (may not be easy to find a new good hiding spot though).
  8. How is that? If it is Geo-litter now...it was geo-litter before. The OP knows it's there. I suspect he wouldn't knowingly leave it. If the OP picks it up "in the Spring" there will be no litter. From the OP description, it doesn't sound like a catastrophic incident has kept him from maintaining it. It sounds like the cache might have been too far away to maintain. What? Why not. Is he quiting the game? You might not want to speak for the OP......
  9. Ummmmm...if you can't log a DNF for a cache that isn't there....then how exactly did you do it? It's not a competition...unless you want it to be.
  10. To let you know it's not missing. Sounds like the TB hotel that might be the problem. Free the bugs!!
  11. Just think of how he felt after they changed the design......
  12. Sometimes, I grab the one that easiest to carry. Do I want to carry around a big stuffed animal or a key chain I can easily slip in my pocket?
  13. And that's not all of it. Maybe it get slow traffic because, oh....I don't know...you need a PhD to figure it out? Actually, I do have a PhD and I'm still not going to attempt it....
  14. Especially not for those who no longer live in their parents' basement. Yeah, they're called WAYMARKS!! Just kidding....
  15. Is it a joke? Well I see they are a Premium Member with 200+ posts..... My vote is yeah.....I think this is supposed to be some sort of witty satire or...er...something. FAIL!!
  16. You're all looking at it wrong!! Al Qaeda knows America's love for Caddy Shack. It's only through the antics of Chevy Chase and Bill Murray that American can truly heal. OF COURSE they're going to target a random golf course (fence?) in Bull Poo Smell, TX!!!! Mr. Nosey Nelly should be commended!! You sir, saved lives!!
  17. No, it's not from their website, it from Topo USA, a mapping program they sell. The data comes from Geocaching.com.....it is just displayed in a mapping program. What additional information? The info on the page (aside from the maps) come from...you guessed it, Geocaching.com. The maps are "far superior" because Topo USA isn't free. No conduit, no secret...just displaying Geocaching.com data. Other programs can do this too...
  18. Of course, a more important issue: To the OP.: I don't think "sour grapes" means what you think it means. Just saying....
  19. Yeah sort of...at least you can quickly and easily decide which kid you like better. But the number of bugs? Well, that's an important question that will take months of contemplation and soul searching. Even then, asnwering that question may not be possible. Wouldn't want to hurt the bug's feelings, ya know?
  20. Or, as in Back to the Future...."What the h*ll is that?"
  21. Alright so...what have we learned? 1. Not all micros suck. 2. Some do. 3. Not all micros are good hides. 4. It's easier to "hide" a micro then to set up an ammo can full of goodies (maybe that's why there are so many bad micros) 4. Some people like micros, other don't, and for others, it depends. 5. Apparently, different people like different things. 6. Some people like to tell others what they should like. 7. Some people like to argue. 8. Never "hide" a cache by driving through a Wal Mart parking lot and casually tossing it out the window.
  22. If any of you are ever in the Phoenix area, here's a hint for the non-micros...um...look under the rocks . No, the other rocks . That's what we have here and by God, that's what we're gonna use!! I'm guessing other parts of the country you have...you know...trees, manatees, and beavers to hide the caches behind...
  23. Hopefully, the wedding was not called off because of the devastating news of the lost TB!! But seriously, a location goal with the added caveat of a strict time window? The space shuttle has more room for error! Let's all try to limit our expectations from scraps of metal chained to Dollar Store items. Just remember, TB's are not going to cure cancer.......however, they seem to be working on diabetes.
  24. First of all, I totally understand the inappropriateness of hiding a cache on elementary, middle school, Jr. high school, and high school property. Most of these campus are closed in some way during most of the day to protect kids. No need to cause a scare over a Rubbermaid. However, what are the rules on public college and university campuses which are basically open 24/7? Although I have seen some listed in these types of locations, the FAQ also states that there is no precedent in where a cache can be hidden (in other words, just because someone else has done it, that doesn't mean it's appropriate). So...What are your thoughts?
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