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  1. I second the use of Geocache Navigator on my BB.....very useful.
  2. So the fact that there is an entire event dedicated to hiding boxes and moving toys from box to box (some attached to military-style dog tags) didn't give you pause? Even though I wasn't there, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the sermon on the Mount.....
  3. But do serious geocachers want a "PQ" with only coordinates, difficulty rating, terrain rating, and a GC code? I think this "PQ Hack" is being a little overblown. Did anyone have any questions for the Geomate Jr. Guy.....I mean, someone is finally here to answer questions and all......
  4. Until Groundspeak implements that third classification (which was the default option until two days ago), all my caches are now Premium Members Only. Apologies to Regular Members, but Groundspeak has just lumped you in with people who can't even be bothered to visit the website, where they might learn about how geocaching works. Even if you change all of your existing caches to PMO, if they are already in the unit, your problem isn't solved. I am almost tempted to move my hides 100 feet and change the coords on GC... Of course, if they buy the update.....
  5. So then why doesn't G.S. have one dedicated server for each member? Gosh I pay like $30 or some such..............
  6. Just like everyone else said, "kid friendly" caches are probably your best bet. I would also double-check terrain and hiding difficulty just to be sure it's what you're looking for.
  7. Perfectly acceptable practice. I initially did this to one if my cache because it had a swag theme and I wanted to make sure it wasn't going to be raided my any local riff-raff. However, after thinking about it, I think my fears were overblown since the location is just difficult enough to get to that other caches would be more inticing for ner-do-well before mine ever is. So, it's a normal cache now, and I haven't had any problems with it. And....more people are now able to enjoy it!
  8. At least you know who has it. If someone wanted to be really sneaky and keep it, they would have "placed" it in a cache (virtually) and kept it. Or placed it in their own cache and marked it as missing. Doesn't end the frustration, but it might be good to know that it is probably not malicious. A couple of good-natured emails are in order.
  9. That is correct. What was the question again?
  10. That's the point, if they can't spring 30 bucks for a Premium Membership in order to answer the questions which will put an end to this thread so I can go caching, how did they get a 250K PQ as a regular member? Hey, sun's shining GONE CACHING !!!! Riiight...an end to this thread......LOL....... Just answer a couple of simple questions and everyone will me satisfied, right? And they paid for the use of a database....much more than $30 I am sure.
  11. Thanks for that helpful post......really got the ball moving......
  12. PhxChem

    DNF caches

    Actually, I've always wondered why this wasn't implemented. Seeing the frownys on the maps would be useful.
  13. Not in England that I am aware of It isn't. It is was strictly a Canadian holiday. (Had to edit my post since the holiday was actually several days ago.) Hard to imagine some countries would dare to be different than the Canada....... Seriously, what's with all the angst? Everyone could run the site better.....you did an update on my IMPORTANT day.....doesn't anyone in the US know that this is an important day in (select your country)...oh wait, or was that yesterday? I can just hear people developing ulcers! Thanks Groundspeak (Nate and everyone) for all the updates and ignoring all the angst..even though I KNOW you want to say something......and you just might from behind your screen. Every time "something" happens around here, you pretty much know who is going to show up to make a ruckus....and I was actually right on at least one account! Plus, didn't anyone else get the memo about reporting bug elsewhere?
  14. The fact that he found it with a crane tells me it wasn't camoed well enough. Besides, a film canister would have floated much farther..... Crazy story!!!
  15. You realize that Groundspeak doesn't build or design GPS units, right? All they did was supply a filtered data base to another company. I do. And the time they spent filtering, which was either superficial at the expense of Geomate or complex at the expense of us, could have been spent replacing this forum software, improving the stability of the website etc. OK, exactly how much time did they spend Mr Grumpy Pants? Since I haven't seen any website "stability" problems lately, I am a happy customer.
  16. Yes, that one. The perfect way to go "under the radar"....send it out to everyone!! And allow you to purchase it on their website!! They almost make it look like they are actually promoting it (when in fact, we all know they want to walk away from this inferior product. They way we know it's inferior, of course, is that they are not promoting it....except where they make it look like they are promoting it by promoting it....wait, what?). Very sneaky! The frog has outdone himself this time!!
  17. And for multis, only the first stage is published in the website. BTW, did you follow to coordinates to see where it took you? I'd be intrigued!
  18. Maybe we can just make up a story to fit the title? Probably more interesting!
  19. Do you really think that this product will suddenly and violently mainstream geocaching to the point that a Toys R Us corporate buyer will place orders for 10 million of these in this economy? I share your concern for the Travel Bugs and Geocoins, but... Did you not release those thousands of dollars worth of geocoins into the wild knowing that there was the possibility that they might come up missing anyway? I'm sure they didn't develop this product with a mind to only sell a few thousand. They will try to sell millions. Yes, there is always a chance that Coins will go missing, but giving the locations so easily will even increase the chance. Look, these thingas are clearly not aimed at existing players. They are aimed at people who know kids who have expressed an interest in Treasure hunting, and will mostly likely be bought and handed off to the kids who will them be Caching with much less understanding of the etiquite, and less close supervision than kids who are playing now. What I see happening is an adult taking the kids to the park, and staying on the trail while the kids runn off into the woods a hundred feet or so, and either taking the Ccahe, if taking the swag. I really hope it doesn't happen this way, but I fear that it will. Good for GS, they will get to sell more coins to replace all those that get stolen(with the theives not even knowing that they have not played right) So now caching has an age limit? Why are people so afraid of new (and perhaps, GULP, younger) cachers? I'm pretty sure TB and geocoins have done a great job of walking away on their own way before this device was even a twinkle in someone's eye. And those were done (accidentally or otherwise) by people who **GASP** registered on the site!! So let's recap. This is bad because: New geocachers don't know enough about geocaching since they are new They're not geocaching "the way we learned!" Jeremy didn't ask me for my permission Nobody will like these units anyway...will just frustrate people. Kids don't geocache. Everybody will LOVE these units....and the millions upon millions of the "unwashed masses" will be allowed to play our once-restricted members-only GeoPolo Geocaching. Hoards of kids with toy GPSr will ravage the streets upturning cars, uprooting trees, and causing mass riots to look for glorious the box o' treasures. Kids steal stuff. Whatch out for kids! Too MANY kids will geocache. Stuff....um...grumble, grumble...this is new.....grumble.....back in the old days.....grumble Did I miss anything? As a father will kids who do join me for a bit of Geocaching, it seems like a great idea. I just don't seeing this one unit changing the sport...
  20. But did you read the contract? "By submitting any Submission to Groundspeak, You grant Groundspeak a worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable, perpetual, irrevocable, fully-paid royalty-free license and right to use, reproduce, distribute, import, broadcast, transmit, modify and create derivative works of, license, offer to sell, and sell, rent, lease or lend copies of, publicly display and publicly perform that Submission for any purpose and without restriction or obligation to You." How was your "certain understanding" different from this contract?
  21. Yes, do something they want to do. Find something that interests them. Oh, you mean geocaching... Truth is, it's probably a losing battle. Kids like what they like. I don't assume that my kids will be interested in everything I am (they are only 3 and 1.5...they love geocaching now) But I cannot even remember being interested in anything that my parent were interested in. Fighting a battle just to keep your kids interested in geocaching may not be worth the effort.
  22. By niche did you mean exclusive? Yeah, that band was so cool until everyone else found out about them....now they are sell outs MMMMAAAAAAANNNNN. I would think that in this case, Groundspeak is mainly a data provider (unless you have other info). But for those who feel like Groundspeak is neglecting them, it's just one more piece of "proof."
  23. Especially a voluntary attribute... I will say that I've also noticed the small/micro shift. I don't think it's intentional, I just think if someone just learning fins a couple of keyholders and the hider listed them small, they'll think that's what small means. Not to make it more complicated, but why aren't there pictures of common cache containers with their associated size somewhere on this site in an conspicuous place? Is it because....well, no one has the temerity to designate "official" sizes? While size is not an exact science, it may help those just starting.
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