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  1. My wife has placed a cache that is dedicated to her mom....someone who is battling cancer. It was originally stocked with all the pink items she could find (for cancer awareness). Does that mean it should be pulled? What if a cancer-survivor didn't like the cache. THEN would it be pulled. Why IS this guy being singled out? Based on this action, a good number of caches would need to be pulled to be consistent. This just doesn't sound right....
  2. What is unique about your cache that would make people less likely to log travelers? What is unique about your cache that would make people less likely to log travelers? Is it too popular? Too many casual cachers, first-timers? Interestingly, certain caches do seem to be black holes for TB's. I've never really understood why. My best guesses would have to be... Location (muggles) and unexperienced cachers who may or may not continue caching.
  3. Not to be a broken record, broken record, broken record... But those "scary words" just don't seem close-down-a-highway scary. Look on the back of a bottle of Drano....it has similar warnings! And, would a bomb actially say "Warning: this is a bomb...it may go boom!?!" Ok, rant over.
  4. Wow, that's just crazy. Thanks for taking the time to come here and see what it's all about. Maybe we have a new geocacher in the making?? I'm guessing that this story will be mentioned on the boards for years to come....
  5. Usually, the pen/pencil in the cace is ever so easier/quicker to use. Yes, I an THAT lazy. Since I sometimes find caches on a hike, I keep my pens/pencils in my backpack. Just easier to grab the one in the cache. If I'm wearing my street clothes, it usually doesn't matter. But I think it's nice to have one there.
  6. The funny thing about the original thread was the OP apparently misinterpreted the wikipedia entry. It's hard to pull a April's fool gag with the information a little off...for example: "President Regan to buy Geocaching.com" Although...his mistake would be more like: "President Lincoln to buy Geocaching.com. Founder Jeremiah English said to be 'ecstatic'"
  7. I never said that we always stuck to topics (when do we ever?) or never question others' motives. Many times, when you start to pull on that little loose thread, the sweater starts to unravel. We see a lot of unraveling on these boards....that's all. But seriously, as I said before....compare this forum to other online forums. We're basically a group hug around here.
  8. The tone in this online community is quite mild as online communities go.
  9. NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO...... Seriously....people do appreciate time put into cache creation, set up, etc. I'd rather see 1 really beautifully executed cache than 100 Altoids tins. Although, depending on the location, Altoids tins can also be done well.....
  10. How is it wrong if they state in their guideline that they can make exceptions? Although, as with everyone else, I would like to know WHY it is an exception. Since their guideline mentions that can make exceptions, they're not really breaking their own rules. But, without any word from....well....ANYONE....we're only left to speculate. Since RoadRunner is also my reviewer, it would be nice to know.....the rest of the....well, you know.
  11. What? You did nothing wrong. As others have said, if the hider puts it in a precarious place, he should expect it to be lost at some point....accidents happen. Something similar happened at one of my caches. It was a magnetic at a picnic shelter (not as dramatic as the edge of a bridge, mind you), and if you tried to feel around for it clumsily, you might push it into an irretrievable area. Well, it happened. The cacher apologized and offered to buy me a new cache. Was he irresponsible? No......my hide was just in a precarious location...my bad.
  12. PhxChem


    What took them so long? The deeper you get into Geocaching, the easier it is with things like, Pocket Queries and notifications of new caches. And for FTF's (if that's yor game) it's almost a must.
  13. Funny thing is, that my GPS gives me reading that are somewhat off from what is stated on topo maps. Not sure which would be more accurate (closer to the "true" value). And, the topo maps are, for the most part, old. Plus I think GPS's may use a different mathmatical model of the earth's shape than what was used at the time the topo maps were created. So, I take elevation reading with a grain of salt.....or a good +/- 150 ft.......if not more.....when trying to correlate it to topo map elevations. Sometimes, even topo maps disagree with one another.
  14. Using the cache page as a discussion forum is also against the rules. So those who want to hider the follow the rules break the rules by making a comment about a cache they didn't find? HHHMMMMM... Although, it does beg the question WHY this one is allowed. Hey, Groundspeak can approve anythig they want....just knowing why might help us understand the rules.
  15. You could have washed it. When I put a whistle type item in the cache, I make sure it's in its packaging. I would not place, nor would I drink from a bottle of water in a cache. Too easily tampered with....
  16. A little off topic, but I did crack your puzzle.......too bad I don't live anywhere near you........ I'm guessing some deleting had already taken place.
  17. That's one of the ugliest things I've ever seen. The one powertrail I've ever done, was the SAME HIDE 4 times in a row.....pretty much spaced exactly to the rules. Why would anyone approve of such as mess anyway? POWER IS INVERSLY PROPORTIONAL TO FUN YOU'LL HAVE CACHING!!
  18. "Sarge, looks like we're gonna have to pull the ammo. The factory seems to have placed toys in out boxes instead of the usual....." Exactly...
  19. Playing favorites? What does that mean. If you're the second to find the cache the experience is less than....than......what? Is it some sort of gift to find it first? There is no "right" to a FTF. It's not a rule, and giving out the coords is not stopping anyone from geocaching, so how can it be "unsportsmanlike?" Geocaching is a perpetual game.....most of the time, you're playing against the hider. After it is found the first time....it can be found COUNTLESS times. Now, if you have some made-up game that you like the play (FTF) but the hider doesn't.......how is that wrong? Would you get mad if I let my friends see my new car first before I posted pictures online?
  20. Well, some people can't log until later in the day. But if they found it at midnight, they had time..... Well anytime you go out to try to get a FTF, there's always a chance it's already found, even if it's not posted online. But even if you're not the FTF, you still found the cache right? No FTF = bum deal? Yes, I know the excitement of getting the FTF, but if it were easy and straightforward, it really wouldn't be that fun anyway. I laugh when I think I'm going to be the FTF and there are THREE NAMES already on the log. It's a game...entertaining. People act as if FTF is some sort of "right." "But it wasn't logged online! They MADE me go all the way out there for a REGULAR cache find. If I wasn't going to be FTF, I wouldn't have gone!" I think that's a bit of a bad attitude. Easy to get burned out that way. And all you have to do to combat that is to...you know....be the FTF!!
  21. Yeah, the only time I've met other cachers in my area was during FTF hunts. We're prettly laid back in our area and joke when the usual suspects AREN'T out looking for it! BTW, in our area, it seems most caches are approved at night during the weekends. Makes for a fun time.
  22. Who said anything about EATING it? There's something about Tulsa.....
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